240 official entries from 34 U.S. States, 17 countries ready to start 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Thursday – SCORE-International.com

240 official entries from 34 U.S. States, 17 countries ready to start 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Thursday

SCORE MEDIA CONTACT: Dominic Clark, dominiccnv@aol.com

November 12, 2014

Televised on CBS Sports Network
1,275-mile odyssey down Mexico’s magnificent Baja California peninsula from Ensenada to La Paz;
motorcycles/ATVs start at 6 a.m. (PT), cars/trucks 12:30 p.m. (PT) on Thursday,
streaming of start, finish, LIVE vehicle tracking on SCORE Dirt LiveHD at www.score-international.com;

Grand Marshal is legendary racer Malcolm Smith as SCORE completes its 41st year

     ENSENADA, Mexico—Pre-running, planning and all preparations are completed as 240 official entries from 34 U.S. States and 17 countries are ready for the green flag to drop Thursday for the 47th annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 desert race.
This year’s legendary desert classic, the final event of the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship, is being held in Mexico on a brutally-rugged race-record 1,275-mile SCORE signature desert race course.
Motorcycles and ATVs will begin their journey starting at 6 a.m. (PT) Thursday and after a break of five and one-half hours, the cars and trucks will start receiving the green flag at 12:30 p.m. (PT).47th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 includes 104 racers who have combined for 318 class wins in the Granddaddy of All Desert Races.
With the rugged course traveling on both sides of the peninsula, the world’s most famous desert race will be a peninsula run, starting in Ensenada, Baja California Norte and finishing in La Paz, Baja California Sur. With 10 checkpoints along the way, it is the longest course in race history for the race when it starts in Ensenada and finishes in La Paz. This is the 40th time the iconic race has started in Ensenada and 20th time it will finish in La Paz.
While the fastest vehicles in the elapsed-time race are expected to complete the course in approximately 24 hours, the time limit to become an official finisher in the prestigious race is 49 hours.
As the celebration continues throughout Thursday night, all day Friday and until the course closes on Saturday afternoon while official finishers cross the line and tales are added to the legacy of the event, the post-race awards fiesta will be held on the Malecon in central La Paz starting at 6 p.m. (PT) on Saturday. The finish line are in La Paz is located on the Trans Peninsular Highway 1 on the outskirts of the city across of the Baja California Sur Secretary of Tourism office.
The BFGoodrich Tires/Baja California Sur Secretary of Tourism SCORE Media Center is located in the Emperor’s Ballroom at the Grand Plaza Hotel in La Paz, adjacent to the finish line area. It will be open from 1 a.m. (PT) on Friday until 4 p.m. (PT) on Saturday.
SCORE is privileged to have legendary desert racer Malcolm Smith serve as Grand Marshal for this year’s 47th running of the world’s most famous desert race. Starting with the first race in 1967 where he teamed with J.N. Roberts to win the overall title on a motorcycle, Smith is one of only two racers (Larry Roeseler is the other) who has earned the overall victory in the SCORE Baja 1000 on both a motorcycle and in a four-wheel vehicle.
A star of the iconic ‘On Any Sunday’ feature film, Smith fashioned eight class wins in his SCORE Baja 1000 career including five overall titles. His last overall was in a race car with Bob Gordon in 1987 and his last class win was on a motorcycle team in 2004.
Spending much of his racing career in Baja, Smith also founded the prominent El Oasis Orphanage in Valley de Trinidad to help give something back to the people that have appreciated SCORE Baja racing so much.
All races in the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship series, along with the special SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience and qualifying for the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 from Las Vegas Motor Speedway, are televised on a delayed basis in the USA and Canada as a one-hour special on the CBS Sports Network. The shows, produced by SoCal’s acclaimed BCII TV, air a minimum of two times on the CBS Sports Spectacular show.
All shows are scheduled to premier in the next month following the event. The success of the productions has enabled CBS Sports Network to air multiple airings of the first three 2014 races.  The SCORE San Felipe 250 had 17 extra airings, the SCORE Imperial Valley 250 had five extra airings, and the SCORE Baja 500 garnered seven hours of extra airings in CBS Sports Network.
Following the CBS Sports Network telecasts in the US, the SCORE races air worldwide in over 100 countries through international distribution.
Following are the air dates for the debut of the remaining 2014 SCORE shows on the CBS Sports Network…
•    Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge, presented by the city of Imperial (debuted Sunday, Nov. 9, 9 p.m. ET) with repeat airings ongoing.
•    Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 qualifying from Las Vegas Motor Speedway/SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience (Sunday, Dec. 21, 9 p.m. ET)
•    Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 (Sunday, Dec. 28, 9 p.m. ET)
CBS Sports Network is available across the country through local cable, video and telco providers and via satellite on DirecTV Channel 221 and Dish Network Channel 158. For more information, including a full programming schedule and how to get CBS Sports Network, go to www.cbssportsnetwork.com.
In addition to 34 U.S. States and the U.S. Territory of Guam, racers have entered from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Columbia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Thailand.
Following is the final entry list, by starting order within each class, for the 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 desert race being held on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula…
47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000
Nov. 11-15, 2014—approximately 1,275 miles
Ensenada, Baja California, to La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Total Entries: 240 (as of 11/12/14)
(from 34 U.S. States and Guam; Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Columbia,
Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand)
(By start order within class)
Pro Cars & Trucks
(After Qualifying-first 20 qualified, draw for balance)
77 Robby Gordon
11 Rob MacCachren
70 Bryce Menzies
1 B.J. Baldwin
80 Dale Dondel
83 Luke McMillin
15 Armin Schwarz
5 Clyde Stacy
21 Gus Vildosola Jr
16 Cameron Steele
19 Tim Herbst
9 Mark Weyhrich
7 Steven Eugenio
59 Craig Potts
91 Troy Herbst
14 Heidi Steele
72 Robert Acer
58 David Kleiman
26 Jay Reichert
84 Nick Vanderwey
29 Andrew Hendricks
34 Ken Losch
66 Harry Hepler
23 Mark McMillin
27 Enrique Murillo
57 Mike Palmer
45 Gary Magness
50 Zak Langley
36 Glen Greer
32 Rob Reinertson-2nd RS
75 Mike Cook-1st RS
CLASS 1 (19)
(After Qualifying-first four qualified, draw for balance)
129 Scott Bailey
185 Justin Davis
115 Todd Tuls
152 Mark Hutchins
135 Augie Cortez
101 Justin Matney
102 Jaime Huerta
161 Chris Western
168 Shelby Reid
121 Damen Jefferies
189 Jon Walker
111 Morgan Langley
180 Jim Anderson
154 Andres Ruffo
100 Cody Parkhouse
138 Randy Wilson
103 Wayne Schlosser
145 Nils Castillo-RS
147 Pat McCarthy-RS
CLASS 1/2-1600 (12)
1615 Jesus Velez
1647 Wes McKenzie
1605 Miguel Cortez
1614 Hiram Duran
1630 Kevin Smith
1636 Christian Celaya
1609 J. David Ruvalcaba
1699 Hector Olmos
1611 Roberto Rabago
1698 Adolfo Arambula-3rd RS
1617 Sean Yudice-2nd RS
1607 John Witchel-1st RS
CLASS 3 (1)
300 Donald Moss
CLASS 5 (4)
500 Kevin Carr
509 Jose Lopez
511 Drew Belk
506 Fernando Hoyos
CLASS 5-1600 (6)
575 Erich Reisen
572 Oreany Rojas
553 Armando Garcia
556 Emilio Salcido
587 Trevor Anderson-3rd RS
597 Enrique Zazueta Jr-2nd RS
579 Mary Crouch-1st RS
CLASS 7 (8)
706 Gary Hull
712 Ikuo Hanawa
717 Pat Sims
700 Dan Chamlee
704 Aaron Celiceo
722 Pete Sohren
715 Francisco Chavez
701 Brandon Walsh
741 James Burman
758 Ricardo Vindiola
753 Rodrigo Martinez
CLASS 8 (4)
807 Noah Ostanik
814 Alfredo Carballo
824 Mike Meeks
839 Chris Wilson-1st RS
CLASS 10 (24)
1047 Tim Carolan
1077 Randy Ellis
1066 Mike Shaffer
1023 Lee Banning
1042 Lars Ferry
1080 Peter Hajas
1089 Arnoldo Gutierrez Jr
1045 Patrick Dailey
1033 Miguel Tornel
1031 Mike Johnson
1055 Kash Vessels
1068 Cody Reid
1050 John Langley
1062 J.J. Schnarr
1002 Mark Lawrence
1006 Mike Lawrence
1075 Eliseo Garcia
1017 Jesus Gonzalez
1049 Ty Godde-6th RS
1087 Stuart Breckon-5th RS
1096 Oscar Arambula-4th RS
1058 Clay Lawrence-3rd RS
1057 Brant Pinvidic-2nd RS
1051 John Rhymer-1st RS
1223 Christopher Saenz
1221 Matt Drever
1206 Luis Martinez
1287 Doug Maxwell-3rd RS
1249 Hector Garcia-2nd RS
1220 Jeremy Sundt-1st RS
CLASS 11 (5)
1137 Matt Fisher
1121 Dennis Hollenbeck
1107 Jim Graham
1189 Martin Gill
1111 Eric Solorzano-1st RS
8155 Marc Van Tassell
8101 Rod Hall
8161 Phil Anderson-2nd RS
8199 Andrew Bell-1st RS
CLASS 3000 (2)
3000 Reid Rutherford
3002 Paige Sohren-1st RS
1350 Chelsea Magness
872 Jonathan Brenthel
841 Taylor Mills
871 Larry Connor
848 Billy Wilson
845 Willie Hedrick
8036 Carlos Fonseca
CLASS 19 (19)
1921 Jamie Kirkpatrick
1947 Levi Gilkison
1904 Cory Sappington
1919 John Angal
1948 Kevin Fuller
1942 Scott McFarland
1930 Sean Cook
1908 Justin Lambert
1905 Marc Burnett
1932 Matt Parks
1945 Jeffrey Scolman
1907 Eric Pucelik
1938 George Felix
1949 Terry Hui
1917 Derek Murray
1903 Jose Romero
1927 Frank Bushman
1943 Tom Longshore-2nd RS
1923 Benjamin Bischoff-1st RS
BC4 Bill Apgood
BC2 Antonio Marmolejo
BC3 Jon Largent
BC1 Bud Brutsman
Pro Motorcycles
OPEN M/C (7)
4x Ricky Brabec
22x Brady Welton
1x Colton Udall
10x Nathan Sharp
77x Ray Dal Soglio
26x Jim Owens
33x Gabriel Castro
140x Boe Huckins
128x Wananyu Tanjaroen
107x Philip Kegel
125x Fernando Beltran
CLASS 30 (6)
310x Mark Winkelman
321x Leon Dando
349x Francisco Arredondo
329x Brad Baker
309x Todd York
315x Jeff Benrud
CLASS 40 (5)
403x Oscar Fazz
410x Giovanni Spinali
400x Mike Prunty
404x Jano Montoya
434x Patrick Christensen
CLASS 50 (4)
510x Earl Roberts
508x Akira Miyuki
503x Russell Daman
516x Scott Atchison
CLASS 60 (2)
604x Bill Nichols
611x Jim Dizney
701x Alexander Smith
716x Geoffrey Gerbrandt
702x Tony Gera
706x Kevin Daniels
730x Francisco Septien-2nd RS
727x Christopher Parr-1st RS
Pro ATVs
Pro ATV (4)
3a Joe Ramos
1a Adolfo Arellano
16a Sergio Valverde-2nd RS
10a Javier Robles-1st RS
1501 Dean Acton
1515 Derek Fletcher-1st RS
1401 Hector Cazares
1408 Spencer Morgan
1443 Ben Phillips-2nd RS
1444 Jim Bunn-1st RS
2001 Mark Luhtala
2003 Glenn Tanizawa
1957 Michael Carufel
SPT M/C (18)
279x Tomoki Hayashi
232x Jesse Williamson
223x Tetsuya Hirasawa
269x Ryan Kaza
259x Mike Kaplan
266x Olaf Satre
236x Kris Williams
224x Dennis Law
233x Ko Matsui
235x Fernando Barbosa
275x Zentaro Katsuno
219x Francisco Gonzalez
202x Aki Polvikoski
298x Gerardo Suarez
282x Talya Martin
247x Raul Hernandez-3rd RS
285x Shawn Evans-2nd RS
297x Carlos Sanchez-1st RS
SPT ATV (15)
101a Colin Maloney
140a Don Higbee
150a Jeffrey Albert
105a Jorge Magana
112a Oscar Ruiz
124a Rigo Gonzalez
123a Isai Campos
109a Juan Dominguez
111a Fidel Gonzalez
180a Heriberto Marquez
196a Edwin Sanchez
106a Said Yadala
117a Daniel Montano-3rd RS
199a Paul Marcotte-2nd RS
189a Kane Fraser-1st RS