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2nd Annual SCORE BAJA 400 – Post-Race Quotes

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September 19, 2021

2nd SCORE Baja 400 Presented by VP Racing Fuels

Post-Race Quotes
(Finish line – Interviewed by Paul Hanson, Jose Vazquez; transcribed by Cindy Clark)
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SCORE TROPHY TRUCK (Unlimited CustomTrucks)
BRYCE MENZIESNo. 7 (First overall. First in class. Bryce Menzies drove solo.) – – We came away from San Felipe with a win and then we had some issues leading the SCORE Baja 500.  We have qualified first every time this year and our game plan was to play it smart. We put a little gap on Luke (McMillin) and I just wanted to keep it there all day, but then towards the finish I started making small mistakes. I don’t know what was going on; I just wasn’t in it, and he started catching me. I actually got stuck in a really tight section and had to back up. When you back up a four-wheel drive vehicle, it only goes into two-wheel drive, so I almost got stuck and I started to panic.  But my main man over here (navigator Willie Valdez, Jr.) called every single corner, every single note, really coaching me and helped me get to the finish line.  This one was technical. A lot of turns, a lot of technical sections, I really had to pay attention to every single corner.  My hats off to my team, AmSoil, KMC Wheels, RedBull, Fox Shocks, Toyo Tires. We never got one flat. Epic day.

LUKE McMILLIN, No. 1 (Second overall. Second in class. Luke McMillin drove solo.) – – It was a good day. We came into this hoping for a good starting position for the SCORE Baja 1000. We followed Bryce and were hoping he would make a mistake, but he is an awesome driver. We suffered one flat tire, so that was unfortunate.  But Jason did an amazing job changing it; I think he changed it in under one minute. We had a couple other little gremlins pop up that didn’t cost us a lot of time, but then we got eight minutes behind. We made up five of those, but it wasn’t enough. It’s an amazing truck and bullet-proof somehow. Overall it was an amazing race.  Second race in this all-wheel drive. Thank you to the entire McMillin Racing team, BFGoodrich tires, my co-rider, Jason Duncan, STG Suspension, Method Race Wheels, 4WP, our pit crew and 40-50 volunteers that help us. We are thankful for that. I’m grateful for my wife, Jen, my parents, my entire family, they are amazing. On to the SCORE Baja 1000.

ROB MACCACHREN, No. 11 (Third overall. Third in class. Rob MacCachren drove solo.) – – It went well. We didn’t have any problems. We qualified fifth and that’s what we needed to do to have a hunt and go up against these guys. No flat tires. I have to thank BFGoodrich tires, Fox Shocks, Vision Wheel, KC Lights, Moto Gear, FKBearing, everyone that is a part of this team.  Baja Fuel and my fuel guys who have been pitting me since 2013.  I can’t thank SCORE enough for giving us these courses that make us be so excited about our efforts during the day and our accomplishments. We got caught up behind Robby Gordon’s dust at first but the truck was flawless. I’m excited about teaming with the McMillin team. Luke reminds me of myself – motivated.  We will start preparing for the SCORE Baja 1000.

ALAN AMPUDIA, No. 10 (Fourth overall. Fourth in class. Alan Ampudia drove solo.) – – It went well. I started off ninth. We just followed Ricky Johnson all the way. We were close to making a pass, but I knew there were a lot of fans along the course, so I didn’t want to risk it, so I fell back in line until he pitted and I passed him. Then, we changed a tire in the pits and Ricky got by us again.  We followed him all the way back over to the coast.  But I’m happy with this finish and for a good start for the SCORE Baja 1000.

DAN McMILLIN, No. 23 (Fifth overall. Fifth in class. Dan McMillin drove solo.) – – I hit a big bush, and it made the hood floppy. Then it started to get in my vision. So we had to stop and take it off over by the coast, and that’s where Alan and Jax got by us.  Other than that we had a good day, just one flat tire, that was my bad. I have to thank 4-Wheel Parts, BFGoodrich, Method race wheels, STG Suspension, Piston Pete’s, VP Racing Fuel, McMillin Racing team and my whole family. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible.

CAMERON STEELE, No. 16 (Sixth in class. Ryan Arciero started the race and drove to race mile 230.  Cameron Steele drove from race mile 230 to the finish.) – – It went good. Having Ryan Arciero as a team-mate and adding Bobby Pecoy and Rhys Millen for the SCORE Baja 1000 will be an awesome team.  Our navigators, Cody and Travis, nailed it. Everyone at our shop, Desert Assassins, gave us a great truck.  I think we ran a conservative race because we are racing for starting position. We had a good clean race, no flat tires, no issues.  Not trying to go too fast, just raced smart. I want to thank Mike Craft and say I love you to our wives. And a shout out to our friends that are no longer here with us, like John Langley and Dave Ashley, Pistol Pete and our passed-on loved ones. But they would tell us to go on, so we have to just go on. CO-DRIVER RYAN ARCIERO said: It was one of the most challenging courses I have done technically.  It was a real drivers course.  Jose G and his team at SCORE laid out an incredibly technical course. We got stuck in some dust early on. No flats, the truck ran perfect. The team did an awesome job. I have to thank Cameron for having faith and believing in me and bringing me onto this team last week and wanting me to do the SCORE Baja 1000 with him. That was really cool; we will be teamed up and I’m super excited about it. We have an incredible truck that can go to the Peninsula and be ready to win the SCORE Baja 1000.

GUSTAVO VILDOSOLA, SR., No. 12 (Seventh in class. Ricky Johnson started and drove to race mile 330. Gustavo Vildosola, Sr. drove from race mile 330 to the finish.) – – We had a good day. Just a couple of flats and a lot of dust. Can’t complain. It’s a brand new truck. First time out.  Couldn’t be prouder of our team. I want to thank the Mason boys that build this truck and our sponsors and family. Ricky Johnson is my partner this year, next year and hopefully the year after that. It has been great to watch him do what he does. We are happy to have him. We had a strategy to get a good starting position for the SCORE Baja 1000.

LARRY ROESELER, No. 43 (Eighth in class.  Larry Roeseler drove solo.) – – I tell you what, this was a butt-kicking race course. We ran good at the beginning.  I knew there was a rocky section but there wasn’t much dust so I tried to make a pass and made a mistake and got a flat. So couple trucks passed me. I made another mistake trying to catch back up and pushing hard, hit a big tree and it flattened the exhaust so we had no power. We made it to Mike’s (Sky Ranch). Thank you, Baja Pits. They had a die grinder and a generator and Justin cut a big hole to let the exhaust out.  We lost two more positions there.  Andy made a mistake and went flying off a cliff. We picked up two more positions and then just held our ground and we made it.  I don’t think we finished too far behind Tavo, so maybe a top ten. Always want a better finish, but it’s always nice to make it to Ensenada, to the finish. You win some, you lose some. It’s awesome because it’s racing. It was a great, technical course. I can’t thank SCORE and Jose G. enough. We had a lot of new sections. It was awesome to be coming here for so many years and yet we still had new sections to race on.

TAVO VILDOSOLA, No. 21 (Ninth in class. Tavo Vildosola drove solo.) – – It was an interesting day.  At first we were having a clean run, just one flat, didn’t lose a position. We pushed as hard as we thought we could for a good, smart pace, for 370 miles. Then the tranny started getting hot, and then we lost a couple more tires. Then the jacks didn’t work so we had to drive on the flat for a little while and stopped at a couple tents to borrow one and finally found one but it was a skyjack so it didn’t go up high enough so we had to use rocks. It was a nightmare. But that is Baja – the highest highs and the lowest lows, all within the same hour. We are happy to be here and happy to start in the top ten for the SCORE Baja 1000. I am proud that my dad and I are doing another SCORE Baja 1000 together, with Ricky Johnson. My dad and I won it eleven years ago. The first Mexican team to do so. We would be very proud to repeat that. This peninsula run is the run you want to win. That’s our goal and we are going to prepare to achieve that.

JAX REDLINENo. 22 (Tenth in class. Jax Redline drove solo.) – – Oh man! That was a long, very eventful, day. All these guys are drivers I have looked up to forever – Rob MacCachren, Alan Ampudia – but we were pushing hard. We had some problems, maybe running down on power, so I had to downshift to keep the rpm’s up to get the truck to go.  But overall, the truck felt nice, they guys did awesome in the pits. I have no idea how these Toyo tires held together because I was beating on them so hard, King shocks, Geiser brothers, my dad. I can’t wait for the SCORE Baja 1000. We are excited for our team for that race, Ken Block, Alan Ampudia and myself. So it will be a really, really cool team.

JUSTIN LOFTON, No. 41 (Eleventh in class. Justin Lofton drove solo.) – – I’m getting seat time for the SCORE Baja 1000. I lost my hood out there. Mechanically the truck ran great though.  Thank you to my crew, Mario Fuentes, and Derek, Hyper Gas, Yokohama tires, Method race wheels, Mason, it takes a lot of people to put this together.

KYLE JERGENSEN, No. 27 (Twelfth in class. Kyle Jergensen drove solo.) – – It started OK, we started fourth. We all got held up by Gordon’s dust until he pulled off. Then we got two flats and that’s how we got behind. We were happy with the rest of the program. The pit crew did great, the Brenthal truck did great; it’s just me, I need to take better care of the tires.

MICHAEL LAWRENCE, No. 85 (Thirteenth in class. Michael Lawrence drove solo.) – – There are a few body parts missing but overall everything worked great. It was all good. No flats. We only stopped twice for fuel. We will tear her apart and prep for the SCORE Baja 1000.

MADIX BAILEY, No. 29 (Fifteenth in class. Madix Bailey drove solo.) – – We took the hood off at pit one.  We had two flats, one of which took out the brake line, but other than that, we didn’t have any other issues. I want to thank Stronghold Motorsports, MavTV, Lucas Oil, Toyo tires, my co-driver, Joe Clark, Matt Selgado, our crewchief, the whole team, there are so many people to thank. We will be racing the truck – Me, my dad and grandpa – will all race the same truck for the SCORE Baja 1000, so that’s going to be awesome – 3 generations in one entry.

ROBBY GORDONNo. 77 (Sixteenth in class. Robby Gordon drove solo.) – – Not the end result we wanted. We got a pin hole in a hard line in the power steering and it was unfixable. Good course, fun course, fast, rough, very silty at the end.

DAVE TAYLOR, No. 26 (21st in class. Dave Taylor started and drove to race mile 242. Sara Price drove from race mile 242 to the finish.) – – We were doing well, having a good day, trying to have a good result so we can have a good starting position for the SCORE Baja 1000, and at about race mile 205 we got stuck on the side of the course. When they came to pull us out, they didn’t just pull us out, they pulled us over on the roof. So that became about a four-hour ordeal. We had to deal with that, in a bad spot. Then we checked everything out to get it over to Sara. I’m super excited to team up with her. She is an amazing person, an amazing driver. We are teaming up again for the Peninsula run. It great to have her on our team. We will start where we start. That is a long race. Mid-field starts are fine with me. It’s perfect. We are happy with that.
CO-DRIVER SARA PRICE said: Our race didn’t go as planned. We had a mishap at the beginning, Dave went off on the cross-over and was in a bad spot, stuck. He eventually got out and didn’t give up and got me the truck. We kept her alive. We didn’t have reverse all day and lost the brakes on one wheel, but other than that, just wanted to survive and finish. Coming back to Baja feels amazing like coming home and to be in a SCORE Trophy Truck is even better. It’s a true blessing and to see all the people that I consider to be family in the racing world. The truck did amazing. It got put through it. For the SCORE Baja 1000, Dave and I will be teaming up again. It will be a long haul down the Peninsula. I am excited.

*SCORE TT LEGEND (Unlimited Production Trucks, Drivers over 50 years old)—
ROLF HELLAND, No. 37L (First in class. Rick Johnson started and drove to race mile 235. Rolf Helland drove from race mile 235 to the finish.) – – Rick qualified us and got us a good starting position and had a great run. He took it to about race mile 230 without any issues. We had to put in a little bit of oil. I took it to the finish and had a pretty clean run overall. It got a little dicey at the end with the fog and the dust and it was tight and technical, but we brought it home in one piece.  A pretty solid run.

WADE PORTER, No. 53L (Second in class. Wade Porter drove solo.) – – Jason did a good job navigator. We maintained a constant pace and hit all our notes from pre-running.  Everything went perfect for a change.  All our crew are volunteer, and we can’t thank them enough, and KMC Wheels, Toyo tires and VP Fuels.  We look forward to the SCORE Baja 1000.

  CLASS 1 (Unlimited open-wheel single or two-seaters)–
CODY PARKHOUSE, No. 100 (First in class. Cody Parkhouse started and drove to race mile 195. Brian Parkhouse drove from race mile 195 to the finish) – – We stopped for gas and when we did the right rear started to go down, so we changed that.  So that’s it, just needed gas and a tire. Good day. It was pretty non-eventful. We just stayed in our lane and kept moving forward. We will be getting ready for the SCORE Baja 1000 and are looking forward to it.  Our pit guys were spot-on.  Raceline Wheels, Fox Shots, Maximo fluids, Kroyer Racing engines, BFGoodrich tires, they all help us get here and we appreciate it.

BRENDAN GAUGHAN, No. 162 (Second in class. Brendan Gaughan started and drove to race mile 230.  Buddy Feldkamp drove from race mile 230 to the finish.) – – It was a long day. We caught the first trophy truck at mile seven, so we spent the whole day in the dust. I blew Walker curve. My father is in Ireland and is making fun of me for blowing that corner. At least my Walker Evans wheels and BFGoodrich tires held up. I’ve been with Walker Evans since I was in diapers. Collins Motorsports just has to buff it out for our second starting spot at the SCORE Baja 1000. RJ Anderson will be co-driving with us in that. So we will have three great racing families teamed up for the SCORE Baja 1000. It will be fun. CO-DRIVER BUDDY FELDKAMP said: Brendan did a great job bringing me the car in one piece and we drove it home. Collins Motorsports and the Goerke boys did a great job prepping the car. Glen Helen, Southpoint are awesome partners. Our co-drivers, Mike Montes and Chad Tucker did a great job navigating.

  TROPHY TRUCK SPEC (unlimited Truck/SUV, stock, sealed engines)
JASON MCNEIL, No. 234 (First in class. Jason McNeil drove solo.) – – It was an exciting race.  We started second and followed in Christopher Polvoorde’s dust until about Mike’s and then I never saw him again, I don’t know what happened to him. We got around all the Class 1 cars and were fortunate to have clean air all the way to about race mile 330 and had about seven minutes on second place.  But then I see they finished right behind us so it will be close on time. It was a great day overall. We didn’t have one flat tire, never had to get out of the car.  We hit a tree, we need luck on our side, and we had the Lord riding with us. We got a solid finish and this should keep us up in the points.

RYAN HANCOCK, No. 228 (Second in class. Brock Heger started and drove to race mile 230. Ryan Hancock drove from race mile 230 to race mile 330. Heger drove to the finish.) – – CO-DRIVER BROCK HEGER said: It was a good day. I had a ton of fun trying to make up time.  We were seven minutes down when Ryan gave me back the truck at race mile 330. They told me to go for it and we did.  I think unofficially we got the win. We have been trying to get a win from these guys and hopefully today is the day.

BRYCE SWAIM, No. 242. (Third in class. Swaim drove solo.) – – The course was rough.  Every rock that was out there. It was dusty, there were holes, big ones, wash outs, silt.  It had it all. We got held up by slower guys in slower classes. We are looking forward to a good starting spot for the SCORE Baja 1000.

JEFF BADER, No. 261 (Fourth in class. Jeff Bader drove solo.) – – This course was great until about race mile 330. Then it became a white-out dust storm. Luckily all our pre-running paid off and we knew the course fairly well. Erica (Sacks) did a great job calling it out. We didn’t hit anything, no flats.  BFGoodrich tires came through again. I think this is our sixth race without a flat. This is about getting ready for the SCORE Baja 1000.

CLAY LAWRENCE, No. 285 (Sixth in class. Clay Lawrence drove solo.) – – It was super technical and bringing it home, we were being super cautious.  Trying to avoid sharp rocks, especially aluminum covered ones. This is what a 400-mile race should be. There were still big challenges. There can’t be too many easy miles and there weren’t. It was hot, the temperature was high, about right.  The courses are coming up to the level of the equipment. The equipment is getting better, which means you have to find narrower and narrower goat trails to throw us out there on, to separate the chaff from the wheat. Back in the day, we would just go down Highway One in a Bronco until something breaks, now we have to cross over mountain ranges and have greater challenges. It is what makes it fun.

  CLASS 10 (Limited, sealed engine, single or two-seaters)
ETHAN HAGLE, No. 1046 (First in class. Ben Hagle started and drove to race mile 228. Ethan Hagle drove from race mile 228 to the finish.) – – I found my groove and pushed and got a good lead going.  My co-driver, Tyler Daniel, this is his first race.  I think he had a pretty good time. I had a fantastic time.  I want to thank my dad, Gary Johnson, AlumiCraft race cars, BFGoodrich tires, we hit a ton of rocks that should have shredded these tires, but these tires did not go flat. We haven’t had a single flat yet. Baja Designs for great lights, Erica Sacks for great notes. We worked really hard to get to this point.

MATT WINSLOW, No. 1081. (Second in class. Matt started and drove to race mile 230.  Todd Winslow drove from race mile 230 to the finish.) – – CO-DRIVER TODD WINSLOW said: Matt got us the car in physical first place and we maintained the front. Now we have to wait and see on time, where we end up. The course was pretty rough. We did some of this section during the SCORE Baja 500, but today was rougher than it was two months ago. The car did great and the tires held up, no flats. We brought it to the finish.

HIRAM DURAN, No. 1016 (Third in class. Eric Duran started and drove to race mile 185. Hiram Duran drove from race mile 185 to the finish.) – – Eric had some issues, they started eighth and got some barbed wire in their tires. After we fixed it, they were 15 minutes or so behind the leader. When I got in, I passed three or four cars, but then we got hit in the back and it bent a shock and got a flat tire.  We fixed the flat but lost the GPS mount so he had to hold it for the last 150 miles.  We are ready for the SCORE Baja 1000.

BRITNEY MYERS, No. 1023 (Eighth in class. Britney Myers started and drove to race mile 260. Tamara Myers drove from race mile 260 to the finish.) – – CO-DRIVER TAMARA MYERS said: My section was rough, but it went well. But no problems, no flats. We finished strong. We finally did a finish. Thanks to all of our pit crew, and our families back home.

  CLASS 7 (unlimited, six-cylinder, production appearing trucks or SUVs)
DAN CHAMLEE, No. 700 (First in class. Dan Chamlee drove solo) – – The truck wasn’t 100% but it was good enough and was making decent time.  We ended up in the front at the end where it counts.  No flats thanks to our BFGoodrich tires, King Shocks out there smoothing the bumps. Thanks to Full Throttle batteries and Rod End supply, can’t thank these guys enough.  Amy and I were in the truck the whole time and we had one person in one chase truck. Good thing we didn’t need him. I usually just hose it off and change the oil, but in preparation for the SCORE Baja 1000 I think we will do a little more preparation.

  PRO UTV FI (two-seat Forced Induction, OEM engine UTVs)
AUSTIN WEILAND, No. 2954. (First in class.) – – It went good. I’m tired. We hit some bushes, but no flats or belt issues. I got to thank Can-Am, Weiland Associates, my dad, Maxima, XTG Suspension, Evolution Power Sports, Raceline wheels, TSCO. We are going to rebuild everything and get ready for the SCORE Baja 1000. We are excited and looking forward to it.

PHIL BLURTON, No. 2944. (Second in class. Phil Blurton drove solo.) – – It was a fairly uneventful day.  Just a couple fuel stops. No flat tires. We started in the back and worked our way towards the front, just not all the way. The course was rough.  We got stuck in the dust a lot.  I want to thank my dad, my crew, Can-Am, BFGoodrich, Monster Energy, Vision Wheels.  This is our first year with SCORE and now we’ve done the whole series we are looking forward to the SCORE Baja 1000.

JUSTIN LAMBERT, No. 2918 (Third in class. Justin Lambert started and drove to race mile 235. Victor Herrera drove from race mile 235 to the finish.) – – I gave it to Victor in fifth place and it looks like he brought it back in third place. It’s 100 miles shorter than the SCORE Baja 500 but they sure made up for it with the terrain. We had a belt issue, an axle problem, and a tire and a wheel and got stuck in a log jam around race mile 205, but still made it back in third.  I want to thank everybody and Monster energy drink and Cognito Motorsports, Polaris, we have one of the best cars out there.  We are going to prep for the SCORE Baja 1000.

FRANCISO BELTRAN, No. 2970. (Fourth in class. Francisco Beltron, Jr. started and drove to race mile 230. Francisco Beltran drove from race mile 230 to the finish.) – – We are physically in fourth. We had an excellent race, no mechanical issue. Not even a flat tire. I didn’t even drink water. I want to thank all my crew, my wife, all my family and thank God.  We are really excited for the SCORE Baja 1000. We live in La Paz so we are excited that it is going there. We will be prepared.

EDGAR GARCIA LEON, No. 2987. (Fifth in class. Edgar Garcia Leon drove solo.) – – This course was tough and challenging, like the SCORE Baja 500. We had no problems with the course, but a few problems with the vehicle. The alternator and some pulleys and we killed the shocks. We will come back for the SCORE Baja 1000.

  PRO UTV (two-seat Normally Aspirated, OEM engine UTVs)
KADEN WELLS, No. 1995 (First in class. Kaden Wells drove solo.) – – The first half of the race, we took the lead.  At the crossover road, we got bottlenecked and they caught back up with us. Then it was kind of like a restart and we ended up making some passes.  Had a pretty good race, no issues, no flat.  I want to thank my parents, my co-driver, Arnie, our pit crew, Method, Polaris, Tensor tire. We have a good car for the SCORE Baja 1000.

PAUL BARNHART, JR., No. 1919 (Second in class. Paul Barnhart Jr. started and drove to race mile 128. Chapman Ducote drove from race mile 343 to the finish) – – CO-DRIVER CHAPMAN DUCOTE said: The race was amazing. Paul gave me the car at race mile 128 in fifth place. Neither one of us put a wheel wrong. We continued, no tire problems. We took fuel at race mile 268, then splashed again at 343. It was a very technical course. The last 60 miles were super technical and tricky. The last ten miles were incredibly tricky. Matlock was chasing us, and then I got stuck on a hill and she passed us, then something happened and we passed her, and then two hours later we made a wrong turn with twenty miles to go and then she passed us, and then she made a wrong turn with ten miles to go and we passed her. It was insane. We were racing! That last thirty miles, my road-racing skills came back and I felt like I was back at Sebring and I was on it, like hard, for the last twenty miles. I don’t know if it was for first, second or third, but I thought we were fighting for the win, so I was driving hard.

  CLASS 1/2-1600 (VW-powered, single or two-seaters to 1600cc)
KEVIN SANCHEZ, No. 1621 (First in class. Fernie Padilla started and drove to race mile 242. Kevin Sanchez drove from race mile 242 to the finish.) – – FERNIE PADILLA said: I had a flawless run. The plan was to run as hard as we could, which we did, but then we got caught up in two log jams, allowing all the other competitors to catch back up. We had a twenty-minute lead, which we lost. But I drove hard and got an eight-minute lead back up and Kevin kept up the lead. We had no issues with our BFGoodrich tires, no flats. Great run all day. The Sanchez family, here in Ensenada, they treat me like family. I drive down from Las Vegas and this is such a fun thing for me.

  PRO UTV OPEN (two-seat unlimited UTV open-displacement)
JUSTIN ELENBURG, No. 1870 (First in class. Mike York started the race and drove to race mile 239. Justin Elenburg drove from race mile 239 to the finish) – – We had a fun ride in Can-Am, Lone Star suspension, Shock Therapy shocks. We may have hit a rock and got a ding in one of the tires, but besides that we had a flawless race, with the BFGoodrich tires. We had one axle issue that we replaced quickly. It was a fun rollercoaster ride. We want to thank our wives and our families, so we can shoot for this dream of winning the SCORE Baja 1000. We want to thank Ernesto Taylor, UpTag Auto for prepping the car, Factory UTV for making an awesome skidplate, protecting the undercarriage, EVO Power Sports, KWI, Rugged Radio, VitaMiracle, making awesome supplements, Adrenaline Motorsports, Baja Designs, Method race wheels, Patriot Supreme CBD and Chapo Race Team for putting it all together! Our car is absolutely ready for the SCORE Baja 1000. We already have our pre-running schedule! It will be a fun ride all the way down to La Paz.


  PRO MOTO LIMITED (less than 400cc)
FERNANDO BELTRAN, NO. 100x (First in class. Fernando Beltran started and rode to race mile 15. Arturo Salas rode from race mile 15 to race mile 60. Luis Flores rode from race mile 60 to race mile 120. Salas rode from race mile 120 to race mile 160. Salas rode from race mile 160 to the finish.) – –  CO-RIDER ARTURO SALAS said: We got passed when we were pitting. But then made some good passes. Really fun stuff.  We are looking forward to the SCORE Baja 1000.

JORGE RAMIREZ, No. 106x  (Third in class. Riding duties were shared with Sergio Garza and Daniel Reynoso. Jorge Ramirez rode to the finish) – – I ran out of fuel and had to push the bike to the finish line.  A couple other guys gave me a little push. The locals didn’t have any fuel, just beers.

PRO MOTO 40 (Riders over 40 years old)
RYAN LIEBELT, No. 408x (First in class. Steve Tichner started and rode to race mile 130. Ryan Liebelt rode from race mile 130 to race mile 235.  Greg Bardonnex rode from race mile 235 to race mile 340. Liebelt rode to the finish.) – – It was a good race. I expected it to be faster and smoother but it was very rough and beat up. It was an exhausting day. We are looking forward to the SCORE Baja 1000.

  PRO MOTO 30 (Riders over 30 years old)
JANO MONTOYA, No. 325x (Second in class. Kyle Tichenor started and rode to race mile 66. Jano Montoya rode from race mile 66 to race mile 130.  Tichenor rode from race mile 130 to race mile 195. Alberto Ruiz rode from race mile 195 to race mile 230. Bryce Stavron rode from race mile 230 to the finish.) – – CO-RIDER BRYCE STAVRON said: Kyle started the race for us and did a great job, considering he had food poisoning the day before. Jano Montoya kicked butt, did a great job holding our pace. It was really fast. A lot of chopped bumps from the four-wheel vehicles. It’s hard to conserve energy when you get no rest spots. Hopefully we got the win today and hopefully we will get the win at the SCORE Baja 1000 and our first Championship.

JUAN CARLOS SALVATIERRA, No. 725x (First in class) – – This SCORE Baja 400 to me was tougher than the SCORE Baja 500, I don’t know why but the last part really wore me out; it was gnarly. The course was entertaining, some whoops, some technical, some sand, rocks, mountains, obstacles.

FABRICO FUENTES, No. 785x (Second in class) – – The race was wonderful, but very defiant. I had to prepare myself physically and mentally. It helped me finish the very challenging course. We have to applaud how SCORE put all this together and congratulate this organization. I came to the SCORE San Felipe 250, the SCORE Baja 500 and the whole series and there is always a new challenge thrown to us racers. I just came from racing Dakar and every time I come back to race in Baja, I enjoy it more and more. We are from Bolivia, and it takes a lot of resources and we are looking for more sponsors. We always try to come because we love the sport and the people of Mexico, very charismatic and very noble people. We will come back for the SCORE Baja 1000 because we want to finish the season, all four races. The only obstacle is that it is much longer race and I’ve never been to La Paz. I am not a professional rider, we go back to work and our daily routines, but I love being a part of the sport and it’s been a dream of mine to race the SCORE Baja 1000.

  PRO MOTO 50 (Riders over 50 years old)
GIOVANNI SPINALI, No. 510x (First in class. Giovanni Spinali started and rode to race mile 230.  John Griffin rode from race mile 230 to the finish.) – – The course was rough. We had some issues in the first thirty miles, maybe some water in the fuel, it was popping. But then we pulled about a twenty mile lead and we maintained it. I plan on iron-manning the SCORE Baja 1000.

  PRO MOTO 60 (Riders over 60 years old)
SCOTT MCINTOSH, No. 628x (First in class. Scott McIntosh started and rode to race mile 35. Don Whittington rode from race mile 35 to race mile 120. McIntosh rode from race mile 120 to race mile 230. Bob Kimber rode from race mile 230 to the finish.) – – I had my best day ever riding today.  Don had a great day. At this age we are still getting better. It’s such a great sport where you can do that, you never peak out. We had a ball. It’s frustrating though when you have your best day ever but you are still back there in the pack. But we are having fun and we are finishing and feeling good about it. CO-RIDER BOB KIMBER said: It was an incredible day. I did get off in the silt. We love SCORE and are looking forward to the SCORE Baja 1000.


   PRO QUAD (Open engine displacement)
JOSE LUIS VELEZ, No. 1a (First in class. Jose Luis Velez started and rode to race mile 77. Eduardo Rojas, Nicolas Velez and Felipe Velez shared riding duties to race mile 250. Jose Luis Velez rode from race mile 250 to the finish.) – –  CO-RIDER FELIPE VELEZ said: A lot of big rocks. It was a very difficult course. There was a lot of silt and dust. The competition was tough, we were being challenged the whole day. We will be back together with the same team for the SCORE Baja 1000.  CO-RIDER NICOLAS VELEZ said: Very cool race, very technical race. I had a great time.