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48th Annual SCORE BAJA 500 Final Results Story

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2-hour show to air on CBS Sports Network
Vildosola Jr. blasts to overall, SCORE Trophy Truck victory
R. Wilson captures Class 1 at 48th annual SCORE Baja 500

Ox Motorsports’ Udall/Samuels top motos, Robles Jr first quad, Matlock first UTV
Winkelman captures two moto classes, other class winners include Eugenio, Dunne,
Montoya, Eugenio, Dailey, Ampudia, Bio, Flemate, Lutrell, Estrada, Cesena, Martinez, Hawley
236 starters in Rd 2 of four-race 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship in Ensenada, Mexico


ENSENADA, Mexico—Running his race with a different strategy after opening the season with a did-not-finish, Mexico’s Gus “Tavo” Vildosola Jr thrilled his home country fans with a consistent charge through the northern part of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula to earn the overall and SCORE Trophy Truck win at the internationally-televised 48th SCORE Baja 500 desert race. Starting and finishing in Ensenada, Vildosola bounced back from a rare DNF to scratch out the victory in Round 2 of the four-race 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship.
The challenging international race was stunned by the loss of three lives during the race–two motorcycle riders and one spectator (see inset box below).
The start/finish line for the popular early summer race was once again adjacent to the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center on Blvd. Costero in the heart of Ensenada. Entries came from 24 U.S. States and 12 countries.
Vildosola Jr, of Mexicali, beat a field of 236 total starters including 31 vehicles in SCORE Trophy Truck, the sport’s marquee racing division for high-tech, 850-horsepower, unlimited production trucks. Defeating of field that included the virtual who’s who of desert racing, Vildosola covered the blistering hot 477.52-mile Baja course in eight hours, 20 minutes and 55 seconds, averaging 56.86 miles per hour in the No. 21 Vildosola Racing Ford Raptor.
After qualifying 13th for the race, it was Vildosola’s sixth career FIVB SCORE Trophy Truck race win, his second class win and first overall victory in the SCORE Baja 500.
The race will be televised on the CBS Sports Network with the premier showing at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, July 24. The show, produced with SCORE by award-winning BCII TV of Los Angeles, will be a two-hour special, marking the first time this popular SCORE race has been broadcast in a presentation longer than one hour.

Regarding the three fatalities during the race, SCORE officials released the following information:
The closing time on the race course was delayed by one hour, 10 minutes as SCORE and local officials worked on the aftermath of an accident early during the start of the cars, trucks and UTVs involving a race truck within a half mile of the start. Racer Todd Pedersen, Orem, Utah, while negotiating a turn entering the Ensenada wash and attempting to avoid some fans, eventually hit three spectators. An eight-year old boy was fatally injured in the accident, according to police on the scene. He was transported to an Ensenada hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
The boy’s mother was hospitalized and is reported in stable condition at a hospital in Ensenada with head and leg injuries. The identities of the two victims were not released.
In the first racer fatality, Pro Moto Unlimited rider Travis Livingston, 34, of Palmdale, Calif., crashed at race mile 288.9. When SCORE medical personnel arrived, while attempting to stabilize him, Livingston went into cardiac arrest and could not be revived.
In the second racer fatality, Sportsman Moto rider Noah Evermann, 34, of Alaska, was found dead near his motorcycle at race mile 180.9 by another race team.
No further information was released regarding all three accidents as all three are still being investigated by Ensenada Municipal Police.

Keeping it close to the very end of the rugged race, Vildosola Jr was the third SCORE Trophy Truck to cross the finish line but on elapsed time earned the victory with a common narrow margin.
The top eight overall finishers in the race were all SCORE Trophy Trucks and all ran penalty-free races.
Finishing second overall for the third time after crossing the finish line physically first in this race was Las Vegas’ Rob MacCachren in the No. 11 Rockstar Energy MacCachren Motorsports Ford F-150 in a time of 8:23:52. After winning last year’s race by just 51 seconds over MacCachren, third overall and in SCORE Trophy Truck was Mexico’s Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez (Tecate) with a time of 8:25:22 in the No. 1 RPM Racing Chevy Rally Truck.
Finishing fourth overall and in SCORE Trophy Truck was Las Vegas’ Troy Herbst, who with co-driver Ryan Arciero, finished in 8:40:21 in the No. 91 Monster Energy Terrible Herbst Motorsports Ford F-150.
Completing the top five overall finishers and fifth in SCORE Trophy Truck was Andy McMillin, San Diego, in the No. 31McMillin Realty Ford Raptor in 8:45:15.
Sixth overall and in SCORE Trophy Truck Saturday was Las Vegas’ Bryce Menzies with a time of 8:46:28 in the No. 7 Menzies Motorsports Ford Raptor. Menzies, who had won this race overall three times in the last six years, qualified second and passed fast qualifier Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C. around race mile 20 until relinquishing the physical lead around race mile 300 and falling back briefly before finishing four.
Seventh overall and in SCORE Trophy Truck was Andy McMillin’s cousin Dan McMillin, La Mesa, Calif., in 8:48:10 in the No. 23 McMillin Racing Ford F-150.
This year’s SCORE San Felipe 250 winner Billy Wilson, Corpus Christi, Calif., finished eighth overall and in SCORE Trophy Truck with a finishing time 9:02:14 in the No. 15 Bevly Wilson Motorsports Chevy Silverado.
Following complete data tracking review of the vehicles, BFGoodrich Tires, major SCORE sponsor for 41 years, were the tires of choice for seven of the top 10 overall finishers in the race.
When the race course officially closed on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m., 137 of 236 starters (58.1 percent) completed the course within the 21-hour time limit to become official finishers. Both the start and finish line were located in the heart of Ensenada on Boulevard Costero adjacent to the historic Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center.
For the second straight race, the Wilson family race team of Long Beach, Calif., led by Ronny Wilson defeated a talented group of 18 starters to win the unlimited Class 1 for open-wheel desert race cars in their Chevy-powered Jimco driven on BFGoodrich Tires, finishing ninth overall in the grueling race in 9:20:25.
Riding the No. 1x Ox Motorsports Honda CRF450X, Colton Udall, Yucca Valley, Calif., roared to his second straight overall motorcycle victory this season. Riding the first and last thirds of the race with teammate Mark Samuels, also from Yucca Valley, riding the middle third, they finished the grueling race in 9:18.11, averaging 51.33 mph. The team started the year by winning the season-opening SCORE San Felipe 250 in February.
The win was also the 18th overall motorcycle victory for Honda in the SCORE Baja 500.
The fastest overall quad for the second straight year was the team led by Javier Robles Jr, Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico on the No. 1a Honda TRX450R in a penalty-free time of 10:51:21. His co-riders were Josh Row, El Cajon, Calif./Felipe Velez, San Felipe, Mexico/Jose Meza Velez, San Felipe, Mexico.
Nearly exhausted at the finish line after diligently negotiating the challenging course, Vildosola Jr reflected, “In the first 100 miles we were just navigating by instruments. We couldn’t see anything and we were behind a bunch of trucks. I knew I had to be very patient and thankfully I was. I wasn’t pushing hard in the dust and I was waiting for my moments. We had a couple of good ones and passed a couple of guys running and a couple of guys in the pits and finally we got in some clean air.”
“The competition is amazing. Apdaly (Lopez, No. 1) started third, Rob (MacCachren, No. 11) started fourth and we started 13th and getting through the pack was difficult especially because the trucks in the (top starting positions) tens, elevens and nines aren’t as fast as these guys so they held us up a little bit. We were able to get around them but after that, the heat down in the desert was absolutely ridiculous.”
“We survived the heat and I might be a little bit dehydrated and I’ve got a headache but we are good. We never got out of the truck and only stopped for 27-second pits three times. We had absolutely no issues and as a result of being a couple of pounds lighter we were able to push a little bit in the desert and make up time.”
Winning his second straight overall motorcycle titles to start the 2016 season with teammate Samuels, Udall had plenty to say following his team’s victory. Udall said, “The heat was extreme. I’ve never really raced in anything hotter than that before in my life. I pretty much just raced 250 miles of 115-degree weather and my brain feels like it is cooked. The San Felipe section of the course is always the toughest and it was anything you could do to just get through the section in the heat. The most important thing about a SCORE Baja race is knowing the course really well. You have to prepare and you have to ride the course a bunch and that’s the only way you’ll be able to hold it wide open. For me (in preparing for long mileage) I just do a lot of cycling. It helps me think. I have a lot of time to train and it keeps my heart really strong. When your body starts breaking down then your mind controls it. As long as you don’t run into a ditch you can cover a SCORE Baja race at the highest level if you’re fit.”
“We had a really good race going on with the 45x bike (Francisco Arredondo.) They had a three-minute gap when I got on the bike and I pulled up alongside of Ryan Penhall (co-rider 45x) and we were racing down the whoops in 115-degree weather and they are the gnarliest whoops in Baja. He hit a rock or something and took a pretty bad digger so I had to turn around and help him out a little bit. In the SCORE Baja 500 the bikes usually win the overall but we’ve had some unfortunate stuff happen to us in the the last couple of races.”
“We finally have something going that is really awesome and Mark Samuels and I built this (motorcycle). He rode an amazing race also. It feels really good to win and in some of the races I’m not so confident that we will win but in this one I’m for-sure confident. I started eighth off the line and just pounded through the dust. We had so much dust for what seemed like 100 miles.”
Mark Winkelman, Cedar Hill, Texas and Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif., had double the fun leading teams to win class motorcycle wins. The daring duo won both the Pro Moto Limited and the Pro Moto 50 (riders over 50 years old), rode Husqvarna 350 bikes to the two class wins.
Joining Winkelman and O’Neal in Pro Moto Limited were Max Eddy Jr, Barstow, Calif./Austin Miller/Scott Myers, Encinitas, Calif./Grant Stanley, Alpine, Calif. Joining the pair to ride to win in Pro Moto 50 were Louie Franco, Sherman Oaks, Calif./Jeff Kaplan, Thousand Oaks, Calif./Brian Campbell, Bakersfield, Calif.
The wins give O’Neal a race-record 19 class wins and sixth for Myers,
In winning the Pro UTV FI class Wayne Matlock, Alpine, Calif., started first in a field of 14 starters and earned his fifth class win in the SCORE Baja 500 in a Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo with a penalty-free time of 12:48:03. In a unique family racing effort, Matlock’s wife Kristen Matlock finished third in the Pro UTV (naturally aspirated) class in a Polaris RZR XP1000.
With their class wins in the SCORE Baja 500, in addition to R. Wilson, Winkelman, Udall and Robles Jr, remaining undefeated after their second wins in the 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship were Victor Cesena, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico/Gerardo Iribe, Santa Ana, Calif., (Class 5, VW Baja Bug), Aaron Ampudia, Ensenada, Mexico/Alan Ampudia, Ensenada, Mexico, Ford F-150) and Noe Gutierrez, Ensenada, Mexico (Class 11, VW Sedan).
Several racers won for the first time in 2016. Besides Vildosola Jr, and Ronny Wilson, other first timers included Patrick Dailey, Bonsall, Calif./Travis Clarke, Encinitas, Calif., who won Class 10 over a field of 26 starters in the class in a Raceco-Chevy, Steven Eugenio, Carlsbad, Calif./Larry Connor, Miamisburg, Ohio (Trophy Truck Spec, Mason-Chevy), Ramon Bio, Spring Valley, Calif./Viry Felix, Ensenada, Mexico/Cisco Bio, Spring Valley, Calif. (Class 1/2-1600, Tubular Design-VW), Oliver Flemate, Ensenada, Mexico (SCORE Lites, Downing-VW), Jeff Proctor, San Dimas, Calif./Jason LaFortune, Upland, Calif. (Class 2, Honda Ridgeline), Dallas Luttrell, Las Vegas/Billy Goerke, Las Vegas (Class 7, Chevy S-10), John Estrada, Glendale, Ariz. (Pro UTV, Polaris RZR XP1000), Carlin Dunne, Santa Barbara, Calif. (Pro Moto Ironman, Honda CRF450X), Rodolfo Martinez, El Cajon, Calif. (Class 5/1600, VW Baja Bug) and Jano Montoya, Winter Garden, Fla./Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico, (Class 40, KTM 450XCW).
Most the world’s best desert racers competed in this year’s 48th anniversary of the SCORE Baja 500, the first Baja desert race produced by SCORE on July 26, 1974.
The SCORE Baja 500 is one of the top motorsports events in the world. It was started originally in 1969 by the NORRA organization.
Ensenada has been the heart and soul of the SCORE Baja 500. This year marked the 43rd time it has started and 39th time it has finished in Ensenada in its 48-year history.
The loop race featured a 477.52-mile race course developed by SCORE CEO/President Roger Norman and SCORE Race Director Abelardo Grijalva.
The historic race course was another memorable example of all that Mexico’s Baja California has to offer, including high-speed dirt trails, sandy, rocky and silty natural terrain, majestic Baja washes and canyons with elevations from sea level to over 4,000 feet. The course is another jewel reflecting the stark beauty of Baja California. Temperatures ranged from the low 70s up to over 110 degrees on the San Felipe side of the race course.
The race started and finished in Ensenada and has four physical check points and over 60 virtual check points. It travels out through Ojos Negros to Tres Hermanos, Pino Solo, Catarina, Nuevo Junction (Checkpoint 1), The Summit, Cohabuzo, Laguna Salada, Saldana, Tres Pozos, Borrego (CP 2), Three Poles, Zoo Road, Huatomote Wash, Morelia Junction, Diablo dry lake bed, San Matias pass (CP 3), Mike’s Sky Rancho road, Kiliwas wash, the Goat Trail, Jamau and Km 33 crossing of Highway 3 (CP 4).
All races in the four-race 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship, along with the special SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience and qualifying for the SCORE Baja 1000 from Las Vegas Motor Speedway are once again airing in the USA and Canada on the CBS Sports Network. The spectacular shows feature not only SCORE Trophy Truck coverage, but also top action and highlights from many other classes of trucks, cars, UTVs, motorcycles and quads – making sure that the most exciting footage and most compelling stories continue as part of each race event broadcast.
Capping off the 2016 broadcast season, the SCORE Baja 1000 broadcast on CBS Sports Network will air as a full two-hour special for the second straight year.
2016 CBS Sports Network Original Broadcast Schedule (subject to change, check local listings)
· SCORE San Felipe 250 (first telecast-Sunday, April 17, 9 p.m. ET)
· SCORE Baja 500 (two hour special) (first telecast-Sunday, July 24, 9 p.m. ET)
· SCORE Desert Challenge presented by Rosarito Beach (first telecast-Sunday, Nov. 13, 9 p.m. ET)
· SCORE Baja 1000 Qualifying @SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience (first telecast-Sunday, Dec.18, 9 p.m. ET)
· SCORE Baja 1000 (two-hour special) (first telecast-Sunday, December 25, 9 p.m. ET)
CBS Sports Network is available across the country through local cable, video and telco providers and via satellite on DirecTV Channel 221 and Dish Network Channel 158. For more information, including a full programming schedule and how to get CBS Sports Network, go to www.cbssportsnetwork.com.
From award-winning documentary filmmaker Dana Brown, Dust2Glory will chronicle each of the four races in the 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship. Now, D2G, which began shooting at last year’s SCORE Baja 1000, continued at this year’s SCORE San Felipe 250 will be up close and personal in capturing the robust racers in their amazing adventures in Mexico’s majestic Baja California peninsula through all four spectacular 2016 races.
The four-race 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship will include four special events and for the first time all four will be held in Baja California, Mexico. Here is the complete 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship schedule:
· 30th SCORE San Felipe 250, Feb. 25-28, San Felipe, Mexico
· 48th SCORE Baja 500, June 1-5, Ensenada Mexico
· 20th SCORE Desert Challenge, presented by Rosarito Beach, Sept. 14-18, Rosarito Beach, Mexico
· 49th SCORE Baja 1000, Nov.16-20, Ensenada, Mexico
Official SCORE Sponsors: Bud Light-Official Beer, Monster Energy-Official Energy Drink, BFGoodrich Tires-Official Tire, King Shocks-Official Shock Absorber, Vision Wheel – Official Wheel, Axial R/C-Official R/C Vehicle, Muck Daddy-Official Hand Cleaner, CBS Sports Network-Official Television Partner, Wide Open Excursions- Official Arrive and Drive Company, Crystal Bay Casino-Official Casino.
Official SCORE Partners: 4 Wheel Parts, Coca Cola, The Satellite Phone Store, PCI Race Radios.
Additional SCORE Partners: Proturismo Ensenada, Visit Baja California Sur, Baja California Secretary of Tourism, Baja California Sur State Government, Mexicali Ayuntamineto, COTUCO Mexicali/San Felipe, Cruz Roja Mexicana, Corporate Helicopters, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance, GoPro, McKenzie’s Performance Products, Advanced Color Graphics.
For more information, visit the official website of the SCORE World Desert Championship at www.SCORE-International.com.

SCORE Baja 500 – Ensenada, Baja California Mexico
All-Time Overall 4wheel & 2wheel champions (1969 through 2015)
1969—Bud Ekins/Guy Jones, Baja Boot-Olds
Doug Douglas/Jim McClurg, Ducati
1970—Parnelli Jones, Ford
Bill Silverthorn/Gene Fetty, Husqvarna
1971—Bobby Ferro, Funco-VW
Malcolm Smith/J.N. Roberts, Husqvarna
1972—Bobby Ferro, Sandmaster-VW
Gene Fetty/Bill Silverthorn, Honda
1973—Parnelli Jones, Ford
Howard Utsey/Mickey Quade, Husqvarna
1974—Bobby Ferro, Sandmaster-VW
Mitch Mayes/A.C. Bakken, Husqvarna
1975—Ivan Stewart, Funco-VW
Larry Roeseler/Bruce Ogilvie, Harley-Davidson
1976—Bobby Ferro/Ivan Stewart, Funco-VW
Larry Roeseler/A.C. Bakken, Husqvarna
1977—Ivan Stewart, Chenowth-VW
Larry Roeseler/Jack Johnson, Husqvarna
1978—Bud Feldkamp/Malcolm Smith, Funco-VW
Brent Wallingsford/Scot Harden, Husqvarna
1979—Malcolm Smith/Bud Feldkamp, Funco-VW
Jack Johnson, Husqvarna
1980—Bob Gordon, Chenowth-Chevy
Bruce Ogilvie/Chuck Miller, Yamaha
1981—Malcolm Smith/Bill Newbury, Chenowth-Chevy
Larry Roeseler/Bruce Ogilvie, Yamaha
1982—Larry Ragland, Funco-VW
Larry Roeseler/Chuck Miller, Yamaha
1983—Corky & Scott McMillin, Chenowth-VW
Dan Ashcraft, Husqvarna
1984—Larry Ragland, Chaparral-VW
Dan Smith/Dan Ashcraft, Husqvarna
1985—Ron Gardner/Bud Feldkamp, Funco-VW
Kurt Pfeiffer/Scot Harden, Husqvarna
1986—Corky & Scott McMillin, Chenowth-Porsche
Garth Sweetland/Scot Harden, Husqvarna
1987—Bob Gordon/Tim Crabtree, Chenowth-Porsche
Larry Roeseler/Ted Hunnicutt Jr, Kawasaki
1988—Mark McMillin, Chenowth-Porsche
Dan Ashcraft/Kurt Pfeiffer, Yamaha
1989—Robby Gordon, Ford
(no motorcycles)
1990—Robby Gordon, Ford
Larry Roeseler/Danny LaPorte, Kawasaki
1991—Ivan Stewart, Toyota
Garth Sweetland/Paul Krause, Kawasaki
1992—Ivan Stewart, Toyota
Larry Roeseler/Ted Hunnicutt Jr/Paul Krause, Kawasaki
1993—Ivan Stewart, Toyota
Danny Hamel/Larry Roeseler/Ted Hunnicutt Jr, Kawasaki
1994—Ivan Stewart, Toyota (SCORE Trophy Truck)
Dave Ashley/Dan Smith, Ford
Paul Krause/Ted Hunnicutt Jr, Kawasaki
1995—Curt LeDuc, Jeep (SCORE Trophy Truck)
Mike Julson/Bob Lofton, Jimco-VW
Paul Krause/Craig Smith, Kawasaki
1996—Rob MacCachren, Ford (SCORE Trophy Truck)
Troy Herbst, Smithbuilt, Smithbuilt-Porsche
Paul Krause/Ty Davis, Kawasaki
1997—Ivan Stewart, Toyota (SCORE Trophy Truck)
Mark McMillin, Jimco-Porsche
Johnny Campbell/Bruce Ogilvie, Honda
1998—Ivan Stewart, Toyota
Johnny Campbell/Bruce Ogilvie, Honda
1999—Ivan Stewart, Toyota
Jonah Street/Torsten Borstrom, Honda
2000—Larry Ragland, Chevy
Jonah Street/Steve Hengeveld, Honda
2001—Mark McMillin, Jimco-Chevy
Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell, Honda
2002—Troy Herbst/Larry Roeseler, Smithbuilt-Ford
Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell, Honda
2003—Troy Herbst/Larry Roeseler, Smithbuilt-Ford
Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell, Honda
2004—Alan Pflueger, Chevy
Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell, Honda
2005—Robby Gordon, Chevy
Mike Childress/Mouse McCoy, Honda
2006—Brian Collins/Larry Ragland, Chevy
Robby Bell/Kendall Norman, Honda
2007—Larry Ragland/Brian Collins, Chevy
Robby Bell/Kendall Norman/Steve Hengeveld, Honda
2008—B.J. Baldwin, Chevy
Robby Bell/Kendall Norman, Honda
2009—Harley Letner/Kory Halopoff, Tatum-Chevy
Bill Boyer/Donnie De Arman/Nicholas Blais/Rudy Iribe, Honda
2010—Andy McMillin/Scott McMillin, Ford
Kendall Norman/Quinn Cody, Honda
2011—Bryce Menzies, Ford
Kendall Norman/Quinn Cody, Honda
2012—Bryce Menzies, Ford
Robby Bell/David Pearson/Steve Hengeveld, Kawasaki
2013—Robby Gordon, Chevy
Timmy Weigand/Colton Udall/David Kamo, Honda
2014—Bryce Menzies, Ford
Ricky Brabec/David Pearson/Max Eddy Jr, Kawasaki
2015—Carlos Lopez, Chevy
Ricky Brabec/Max Eddy Jr/Justin Morgan/Ian Young, Kawasaki
2016—Gus Vildosola Jr, Ford
Colton Udall/Mark Samuels, Honda

SCORE Baja 500 Overall Champions
Cars & Trucks
*Larry Roeseler
Ivan Stewart
Larry Ragland
Bobby Ferro
Robby Gordon
**Malcolm Smith
Bud Feldkamp
Troy Herbst
Mark McMillin
Scott McMillin
Bryce Menzies
Brian Collins
Bob Gordon
Parnelli Jones
Corky McMillin
**Dan Smith
Dave Ashley
B.J. Baldwin
Bud Ekins
Ron Gardner
Kory Halopoff
Guy Jones
Mike Julson
Curt LeDuc
Harley Letner
Bob Lofton
Carlos Lopez
Rob MacCachren
Andy McMillin
Alan Pflueger
Gus Vildosola Jr

*9 on motorcycle
**1 on motorcycle

Steve Hengeveld
Johnny Campbell
Paul Krause
Bruce Ogilvie
Johnny Campbell
Kendall Norman
Robby Bell
Ted Hunnicutt Jr
Scot Harden
Jonah Street
Dan Ashcraft
A.C. Bakken
Ricky Brabec
Quinn Cody
Max Eddy Jr
Gene Fetty
Jack Johnson
Chuck Miller
David Pearson
Kurt Pfeiffer
Bill Silverthorn
Craig Smith
Colton Udall
Torsten Borstrom
Mike Childress
Cameron Corfman
Ty Davis
Doug Douglas
Danny Hamel
David Kamo
Jim McClurg
Danny LaPorte
Mitch Mayes
Mouse McCoy
Justin Morgan
Mickey Quade
J.N. Roberts
Mark Samuels
Garth Sweetland
Howard Utsey
Brent Wallingsford
Tim Weigand
Ian Young

Overall 4wheel Vehicle Trucks/SUVs*
*Includes 1993-97 (51 Total)
Baja Boot
*Includes 1993-97 (51 Total)

Overall Engine Winners
Cars & Trucks
*Includes 1993-97 (51 total)


4wheel vehicles
(missing 4 years)
BFGoodrich Tires
Western Auto Tires
Firestone Tires
Goodyear Tires
Toyo Tires
Yokohama Tires