If you are interested in participating at the Imperial Valley 250 race as a vendor, either displaying, selling or promoting your product or service, please contact;
Oscar Ramos at (619) 778-1815 or via e-email at; if you are a Contingency Sponsor and want to register or are already registered and need a space to display your product, please contact Charlie Engelbart at (562)889-3757 or via email at If your business is located in Imperial Valley or are a food vendor, please go to and select ‘Vendor Info’.



Must have at least 3 entries except as noted


ACE Uniforms

$200.00 to 1st-TT/$100.00 to 1st-1/TT Spec-$150.00 to 1st- 8/SF-All events


Advanced Air cleaners

$100.00 off product to 1st-All car/truck classes-All events



$250.00 to 1st-$150.00 to 2nd-$100.00 to 3rd-Class 1/1-2 1600/10(10 entries)-All events



$100.00 gift certificate to 1st-All car/truck classes-All events


Azteca Motorsports

$100.00 to 1st-sportsman M/C”s/class 24/25/26/SP’S-All Events


Baja Pits

Various amt’s in pit to 1st-All SP M/C


BFGoodrich tires

Various $’s to 1st-All car/truck classes-NO TT Spec/T-Lites/Heavy Metal/2-0 or SP’S-All events


Bilstein Shocks

$300.00 to 1st/$200.00 to 2nd/$100.00 to 3rd-All car/truck classes exp PT-All events


Canidae Pet Foods

$100.00 cash to 1st-/$50.00 to 2nd-/35lb of dog food to 3rd-All car/truck classes-All events


Coast Powder Coating

$300.00 to 1st-$200.00 to 2nd-$100.00 to 3rd-in services-All car/truck classes/inc UTV-All events


DeNunzio Racing

Various $’s to 1st-2nd-3rd-All car/truck classes-All events


Dirt Bagz

$50 .00 product to 1st- Class TT/1/1-2 16/3/5/5-16/7/8/10/11/SL/SF-All events       


FAT Performance

$100.00 to 1st-1-1+2/16-5-5/16-10-11-SL-All events


Fibertech Off Road

$100.00 Gift Card to 1st-All car/truck classes inc UTV-All events(10 entries)


Fortin Racing

Various amt’s to customers w/product for 1st-All car/truck classes ex 3-7sx-7.2-8-9-SM-SF&Spts


Fox Shox

$100.00 to 1st-All car/truck classes ex SP’s-All events


General Tires

$500.00 to 1st-$250.00 to 2nd-$100.00 to 3rd-All car/truck classes except PT-All events


Howe Performance

$100.00 off labor to 1st-All car/truck except 9-11-All events


Instant Mexico Insurance

$100.00 to 1st-All classes(5 entries)-All events


Jamar  Brakes

$500.00 in product to 1st- TT/1/2/TT spec- All events


KC Hilites

$500.00 product/$250.00 cash to1st-All car/truck classes-All events


King Shocks

$300.00 to 1st- All car/truck classes-All events


Lightforce Lights

$250.00 to 1st-All car/truck classes ex SP’s-All events


Lothringer Eng

$100.00 to 1st-1/1-2 16/5/5-16/7s/9/10/SL/All events



Mastercraft seats or belts

See Contingency Director


McKenzies Performance

$100.00 to 1st-All Classes-All events


Mobile Race Radios

$100.00 to 1st-TT/1/5/7-All events


MSD Ignitions

$100.00 to 1st-All car/truck classes-All events



$100.00 in services to 1st-TT-1-17-All events


Optima Batteries

$100.00 to 1st-All car/truck classes-All events



$1000.00 to 1st-TT-1-3-5-6-7-7sx-7:2-8-SM-SF-All events



$100.00 to 1st-$50.00 to 2nd-$25.00 to 3rd-All car/truck classes-All events


Parker Pumper

$100.00 to 1st-All Score car/truck except -SP’s-All events


PCI Race Radios

$100.00 to 3rd-All car/truck classes-All events


R2C Performance

1st place Class TT/1/1600/5=See Contingency Director


Race Ready Products

$100.00 to 1st-All car/truck classes-All events


Rigid Industries
See Contingency Director



$100.00 to 1st-in product and labor-All classes-All events


Sign Pros

$100.00 to 1st -All car/truck classes-$50.00 to all M/C’and ATV/UTV-All events



$100.00 in product to 1st-All car/truck classes-All events


UPR racing supply

$100.00 certificate or $50.00 cash to 1st-$50.00 certificate or $25.00 cash to 5th place all 4 wheel classes and SP Buggy and truck-All events


US Wheels

 $100.00 to 1st-1/2 16-5-5/16-10-SL-All events


Vision X

Various amt”s-1st/2nd/3rd-All classes-All events


Walker Evans Racing Wheels

$300.00 in product to 1st-All car/truck classes-All events


Weddle Transaxle Product

$500.00 to 1st-1-$150.00 to 1st-1/2 16-2-4-5-5/16-9-10-SL-All events


Yokohama Tires

Various product-1st-2nd-3rd-1-1+2/16-5-5/16-9-10-SL-All events