Driver Safety Workshop On July 30 at SCORE Tech Shop –

Driver Safety Workshop On July 30 at SCORE Tech Shop


SCORE International and the Stand 21 Safety Foundation will host a driver safety workshop on July 30th, at the SCORE Tech Shop to discuss multiple safety issues affecting off-road motorsports. This joint partnership will be led by SCORE International’s CEO/President, Roger Norman and Stand 21’s Safety Foundation and Stand 21 Safety Equipment President, Yves Morizot.

Created five years ago, the Stand 21 Safety Foundation is an extension of the Stand 21 brand created in 1970 after Morizot witnessed a friend’s fatal car accident during a race in France.
The continued pioneering achievements Stand 21 has made, leads it to be just one of three companies authorized to manufacture the HANS device. Complete with its own dedicated engineering R&D activity and production facilities, Stand 21 is truly a leader in motorsport safety equipment.

Current IndyCar safety consultant, Dr. Terry Trammell will join the workshop to discuss his role as an orthopaedic spine surgeon for the last 32 years in Indianapolis and his close affiliation to the Indy 500. Previously he served as an orthopaedic consultant to CART and is a founding member of both the International Council of Motorsports Science (ICMS) and the FIA Institute for Motorsport Safety.

Trammell continues to actively research safety in the form of spinal biomechanics; preventing injury, heat stress and kinematics.

Recently retired NASCAR Senior Director, Tom Gideon, PE joins the workshop to discuss his new role of motorsport safety consultation and in-house NASCAR safety program.
Prior to NASCAR, Gideon served as Safety Manager for 12-years within the GM Racing group; researching HANS, seats, belts and “black box” data recording. The off-road racing industry was examined as part of his accident investigation research.
Gideon serves as a board member of the International Council of Motorsports Sciences (ICMS); with his primary role to improve driver safety across all motorsport categories.

Don Taylor serves as the Director of the Stand 21 Safety Foundation; organizing safety seminars similar to that of SCORE’s to ensure education. Previously Taylor advised the Hyundai Motorsports program through his company Eclipse Management and was a technical consultant for the Automotive X Prize competition before commencing as a technical writer for Racecar Engineering.
Before that, Taylor was Senior Director, National Technical Services for the NHRA and Group Manager at GM Racing; working on various programs throughout the NASCAR series and racing safety programs.

Ivan Stewart is the final keynote speaker within the safety workshop and will discuss his experiences of safety innovations during his time as a multiple overall champion within off-road racing.

All Racers and Race Teams are welcome to attend the workshop, to be held at the SCORE Tech Shop, 9434 Bond Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92021.
Lunch will be provided, plus an opportunity for all to be heard during this casual event.
Please register prior to attending by visiting Racing Goes Safer.