Final entry list for 52nd SCORE Baja 500 |
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    Final entry list for 52nd SCORE Baja 500

    SCORE MEDIA CONTACT: Dominic Clark,

    September 25, 2020

    Presented by 4 Wheel Parts

    Final entry list shows 131 vehicles, from 20 States, 7 countries,
    for Saturday’s BFGoodrich Tires 52nd annual SCORE Baja 500

    493.00-mile race being held in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico,
     Round 1 of the two-race 2020 SCORE World Desert Championship;
    No spectators allowed at start/finish line area at El Dorado Ranch
    Saturday–motorcycles/quads start–3 a.m. PT, cars/trucks/utvs–7 a.m. PT

    LIVE streaming, vehicle tracking at;
    Rat Sult, Karolina Hirales return as SCORE LIVE announcers
    NOTE: Start order list by class and numerical Expanded Entry below text

         SAN FELIPE, Baja California, Mexico—Following the conclusion of late on-site registration Friday, 131 total vehicles have been processed as official entries for Saturday’s internationally televised BFGoodrich Tires 52nd SCORE Baja 500, presented by 4 Wheel Parts.
    Opener of the pandemic abbreviated two-race 2020 SCORE World Desert Championship, the race will start and finish with no spectators allowed in the s/f area at El Dorado Ranch in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.
    It will be held over a radically rugged race course of 493.00 miles. San Felipe is the serene village on the Sea of Cortez, 125 miles south of the U.S. Border at Calexico, Calif.
    With classes for Pro and Sportsman cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and quads, racers have come from 20 U.S. States and seven countries. The elapsed-time race will start at 3 a.m. PT on Saturday for the motorcycle/quad classes followed by the start of the car/truck/UTV classes at 7 a.m. PT.  While the fastest finishers are expected to finish in approximately 10 hours, all vehicles will have a 20-hour time lime to become an official finisher in the epic event.
    The iconic race will start and finish for just the second time in San Felipe. It will air at a later date as a one-hour special on ABC’s World of X Games.
    The race includes 19 entries in the marquee SCORE Trophy Truck division (Including five SCORE TT Legend vehicles for SCORE Trophy-Truck drivers over 50 years old). SCORE Trophy Truck is in its 27th season as the marquee racing division in the sport for high-tech, 950-horsepower unlimited custom trucks.
    Internet streaming from the start/finish line as well as vehicle tracking will be available at SCORE LIVE announcers from the start/finish line is once again the ever-popular Rat Sult. Assisting him is Karolina Hirales.
         Below are two versions of the final entry list. First is the number/driver-rider of record in start order by class. The second is the expanded entry list, numerical by class with ages, hometowns, drivers of record/riders of record, co-drivers/co-riders, vehicle make and vehicle engine…

    BFGoodrich Tires 52nd SCORE Baja 500
    presented by 4 Wheel Parts

    Round 1 of the two-race 2020 SCORE World Desert Championship
    Sept. 22-27, 2020—493.00 miles –San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico
    Total Entries: 131 (as of 9/25/20)
    (from 20 U.S. States, host Mexico, Bolivia, Canada,
    Denmark, Netherlands and New Zealand)

    Pro Cars, Trucks & UTVs

    (Number, driver/rider of record/additional drivers/riders, vehicle, engine)
      SCORE TROPHY TRUCK (Unlimited Custom Trucks including Builder)–
    10 Alan Ampudia, 29, Ensenada, Mexico/Aaron Ampudia, 27, Ensenada, Mexico, Ford Raptor (ID)
    11 Rob MacCachren, 55, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (Geiser)
    17 Josh De Jong, 31, San Jacinto, Calif./Louis Zavas, 35, Hemet, Calif., Chevy Silverado (Zavas Eng.)
    19 Tim Herbst, 57, Las Vegas/Pat Dean, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (Herbst-Smith)
    23 Dan McMillin, 32, San Diego/Justin B. Smith, 36, Las Vegas, Chevy C1500 (Mason)
    35 Carlos Perununiri Ibarra, 39, Canada/J. Ivan Sanchez, La Paz, Mexico, Chevy C1500 (Custom)
    38 Eric Hustead, 49, St. George, Utah, Ford F-150
    40 Chris Miller, 46, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif./Christian Sourapas, 24, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., Chevy Silverado (Mason)
    41 Justin Lofton, 34, Brawley, Calif., Ford Raptor (Jimco)
    43 Larry Roeseler, 63, Boulevard, Calif., Toyota Tundra (ID)
    54 Ed Herbst, 59, Las Vegas/Brent Bauman, 46, Tustin, Calif., Ford F-150 (Herbst-Smith Fab)
    70 Harley Letner, 36, Corona, Calif., Ford F-150 (Herbst-Smith Fab)
    77 Robby Gordon, 51, Charlotte, N.C./Steven Stahovich, 30, Calif., Chevy Silverado (Custom)
    83 Luke McMillin, 27, San Diego, Ford F-150 (Racer)
      SCORE TT LEGEND (Unlimited Production Trucks, Drivers over 50 years old)– 
    1L Nick Vanderwey, 53, Phoenix/(DOR-Clyde Stacy, 75, Bristol, Va.), Chevy V-16 (Geiser)
    20L Bobby Patton, 56, Fort Worth, Texas/Robbie Pierce, 61, Alpine, Calif., Chevy Silverado (Jimco)
    25L Mark Winkelman, 61, Cedar Hills, Texas/Lawrence Barbella, 56, San Jose, Calif./Charles Manchester, 55, Stateline, Nev., Chevy Silverado (Custom)
    47L Jim Bult, 59, Monee, Ill./Dan Vroom, Hebron, Ind., Dodge Ram2500 (Walker Evans)
    55L Jose de Jesus Flores, 57, Culiacan, Mexico/Oskar Slingerland, Netherlands, Chevy Silverado (Jimco)
      CLASS 1 (Unlimited open-wheel single or two-seaters)–
    103 Gabriel Torres, 27, San Luis Potosi, Mexico/Erick Avalos, 32, Ensenada, Mexico/Felipe Martinez, 40, Monterrey, Mexico/Agustin Moreno, 40, La Paz, Mexico, Alumi Craft- Chevy
    114 Al Torres, 35, Imperial Valley, Calif./Alfredo Torres, 54, Calexico, Calif./Alberto Sornia, 26, El Centro, Calif./Rogelio Ruiz, 49, Mexicali, Mexico, Jimco-Chevy
    123 Broc Dickerson, 19, Brawley, Calif./Jeff Dickerson, 45, Brawley, Calif., Jimco-Ford
    127 Cody Parkhouse, 33, Long Beach, Calif./Brian Parkhouse, 60, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy
    162 Brendan Gaughan, 45, Las Vegas/Buddy Feldkamp, 42, Redlands, Calif./ Mike Montes, 52, Las Vegas/Billy Goerke, 46, Las Vegas, HMS-Chevy
    163 Rubben Torres, 22, San Luis Potosi, Mexico/Enrique Avalos, 32, Ensenada, Mexico/David Mason, 27, Encinitas, Calif./Matt Nelson, 42, Valley Center, Calif., Alumi Craft-Chevy
    179 Mario Fuentes, 49, El Paso, Texas/Armandino Fierro, 47/Robbie Pierce, 60, Alpine, Calif., Jimco-Chevy
      TROPHY TRUCK SPEC (unlimited Truck/SUV, stock, sealed engines)–
    210 Ted Moncure, 51, Austin, Texas/Nick Moncure, 42, Austin, Texas/Jorge Lameda, 38, Tijuana, Mexico, LBR-Chevy
    211 Pat Sims, 53, Eunice, N.M./Tim Wilson, 22, Boulder City, Nev./Jeffrey Wilson, 25, Boulder City, Nev., ESM-Chevy
    225 John McNeil, 29, Mesa, Ariz./Scott McNeil, 32, Mesa, Ariz., BMS-Chevy
    238 Billy Goerke, 46, Las Vegas (DOR-Eli Kiger), Dallas Luttrel, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado-Mason
    241 Chase Laven, 33, Corpus Christi, Texas/Chad Bunch, Corpus Christi, Texas, BajaLite-Chevy
    260 Santiago Creel, 34, Mexico City, Mexico/Jorge Sampietro, Ensenada, Mexico/Jose Castelan, Ensenada, Mexico, Jefferies-Chevy
    264 Pierce Herbst, 18, Las Vegas/Ryan Millen, 36, Huntington Beach, Calif. (New Zealand)/Thor Herbst, 20, Las Vegas, Herbst/Smith-Chevy
    285 Clay Lawrence, 58, Banning, Calif./Brad Manka, 43, Perris, Calif./Costa Gialamas, 41, Aguanga, Calif., LMS-Chevy
    294 Vincent Munoz, 33, Yucaipa, Calif./Roy Tompkins, 34, Redlands, Calif., ODR-Chevy
    295 William Hedrick Jr, 24, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico/William Hedrick, 54, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico/German Encinas, 44, Ensenada, Mexico, ID-Chevy
      CLASS 10 (Limited, sealed engine, single or two-seaters)–
    1000 Hiram Duran, 42, Tecate, Calif./ Evan Duran Jr., 17, San Diego/Eric Fernando Duran, 19, San Diego/Francisco Arriaga, 34, Guadalajara, Mexico/Marco Duran, Tecate, Calif., Jimco-Chevy
    1001 Oliver Flemate, 42, Ensenada, Mexico/Gerardo Sepulveda, 27, Ensenada, Mexico/Israel Arce, 43, Ensenada, Mexico, Alumi Craft-Chevy
    1013 Harley Meservey, 49, Coos Bay, Ore., Fusion-Chevy
    1051 Adam Gonzalez, 42, Seattle/John Warren, 41, Seattle/Michael Mullen, 41, Seattle/Craig McGuire, 41, Austin, Texas, Alumi Craft-Chevy
    1078 Augie Cortez, 42, Colonet, Mexico/Kia Khoda, 40, Los Angeles, Wicked-Chevy
    1087 Ivan Tagle, 31, Chula Vista, Calif./Joaquin Ramirez, 26, Chula Vista, Calif., Alumi Craft-Chevy
    1088 Chase Warren, 30, Phoenix/Martin Richardson, 41, La Mesa, Calif./Cody Robinson, 28, El Centro, Calif., Alumi Craft-Chevy
      PRO UTV FI (two-seat Forced Induction, OEM engine UTVs)–
    2903 Juan Martinez, 41, Nuevo Leon, Mexico/Jose Cruz, 24, Chapas, Mexico, Polaris RZR Turbo
    2910 Scott Trafton, 39, Alpine, Calif./Gabe Seebold, 39, Calif., Polaris RZR Turbo
    2914 Martin Christensen, 52, Escondido, Calif. (Denmark)/Mark Smith, 54, San Diego, Can-Am X3
    2917 Jason Murray, 37, No. Tustin, Calif./Derek Murray, 39, Yorba Linda, Calif., Can-Am X3
    2918 Justin Lambert, 45, Bakersfield, Calif./Jesus Navarro, 35, Bakersfield, Calif./Victor Herrera, 49, Menefee, Calif., Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo S
    2920 Robert Ruiz, 46, El Centro, Calif./Oscar Ruiz, 24, El Centro, Calif./Rodolfo Navarro, 48, Mexicali, Mexico/Jorge Navarro, 49, Guadalajara, Mexico, Can-Am Maverick
    2927 Justin Smith, 49, Wittman, Ariz./Jeff Day, 48, Peoria, Ariz., Can-Am X3
    2930 Sean Cook, 54, Twain Harte, Calif./Matt Davis, Twain Harte, Calif./Brendan Cook, Plymouth, Calif./Carlos Diaz, San Diego, Can-Am X3
    2931 Craig Scanlon, 46, Yorba Linda, Calif./Keith Redstrom, 51, Glendale, Ariz., Polaris RZR Turbo
    2940 Erick Korzin, 41, Yorba Linda, Calif./Manuel Carazana, 44, Ensenada, Can-Am X3
    2948 Matt Burroughs, 51, Norco, Calif./Zachary Burroughs, 22, Norco, Calif./Bradley Howe, 34 Leona Valley, Calif./Cody Beeson, 34, San Clemente, Calif./Mitchell Alsup, 30, Bakersfield, Calif./Drew Stanton, 22, Ventura, Calif., Can-Am X3
    2949 Alonso Lopez, 46, Murrieta, Calif./Leobardo Gomez/Mario Amezcua/Leobardo Gomez Jr, Polaris RZR Turbo
    2971 Wayne Matlock, 42, Alpine, Calif., Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo
    2974 Jorge Cano, 45, Culiacan, Mexico/Abelardo Ruanova, Mexico, Can-Am X3 Turbo SRX
    2975 Mike Cafro, 50, Fallbrook, Calif./Jamie Kirkpatrick, 39, Olympia, Wash., Polaris RZR Turbo S
    2977 Justin Ellenburg, 43, Mesa, Ariz./Ernesto Taylor, 32, Mesa, Ariz./Michael York, 50, Gilbert, Ariz., Can-Am X3
    2978 Jose Juarez, 36, Chula Vista, Calif./Rene Gutierrez, 35, Tijuana, Mexico/Ricardo Canseco, 28, United States/Alex Zuniga, 38, United States/Marco Valenzuela, 32, Mexico, Can-Am X3
    2983 Nicholas Gurries, 36, San Jose, Calif./Kyle McClaflin, 34, Reno, Nev./Kory Town, 40, Hollister, Calif./Kent Gurries, 49, Hollister, Calif., Polaris RZRXP1000
    2988 Brian Cyrus, 47, Charleston, W. Va./Adam Field, Charleston, W. Va/Juan Olmos, Yuma, Ariz./Julio Banda, Mexicali, Mexico, Polaris RZR XP1000
    2989 Wes Miller, 50, Las Vegas/Donny Powers, 32, Morgan Hill, Calif., Polaris RZR XP Turbo
    2999 Bob Jablonsky, 48, Mesa, Ariz./Jack Torkkola, 60, Mesa, Ariz./Brady Whitlock, Phoenix, Can-Am X3
      SCORE LITES (VW-powered, Limited single-1776cc-or two-seaters-1835cc)–
    1201 Mario Alcala, 39, Mexicali, Mexico, Seagrove
    1205 Miguel Cortez, 51, San Diego/Cesar Quirate, Mexicali, Mexico, Curry
    1211 Oscar R. Alvarez, 44, Rio Grande Valley, Texas/Cisco Bio, 37, Spring Valley, Calif./Adrian Guerrero, 30, Ensenada, Mexico, OSO
    1218 Gustavo Pinuelas, 44, Mexicali, Mexico/Cesar Castillo, 33, Mexicali, Mexico/Jose Robles, 30, Mexicali, Mexico, Jimco
    1229 Doug Satterfield, 43, San Diego/Black Roberts, 37, Santee, Calif./Kevin Fox, 32, Santa Rosa, Calif./Miguel Viveros, 27, Sacramento, Calif./Kevin Mack, 40, Philadelphia, Meco
    1247 Wes McKenzie, 59, Dallas/Ramon Martinez, Ensenada, Mexico/Rick Boyer, Bakersfield, Calif./Julie Boyer, Bakersfield, Calif., Raceco
      PRO UTV NA (two-seat Normally Aspirated, OEM engine UTVs)–
    1911 Scott Bergen, 39, Ramona, Calif./Greg Row, 49, Alpine, Calif., Polaris RZR XP1000
    1912 Rickey Arslanian, 38, Livermore, Calif./Brian Cooper, 37, Santa Rosa, Calif./Kevin Fox, 32, Santa Rosa, Calif., Polaris RZR XP1000
    1954 Kristen Matlock, 39, Alpine, Calif., Polaris RZR XP4 1000
    1957 Joe Bolton, 63, Corona, Calif./Dana Jones, 62, Scottsdale, Ariz./Steve Buckley, 59, Canyon Lake, Calif./Matthew Banuelos, 40, Whittier, Calif./Mark Vanscourt, 60, Norco, Calif., Polaris RZR XP1000
    1995 Kaden Wells, 21, St. George, Utah/Travis Wells, 49, St. George, Utah/Alonso, 22, Ensenada, Mexico, Mexico/Rory L’Hommedieu, 37, Mesquite, Nev./Michael Wells, 33, Idaho Falls, Idaho/Corbin Wells, 21, St. George, Utah, Polaris RZR XP1000
      CLASS 1/2-1600 (VW-powered, single or two-seaters to 1600cc)–
    1616 Eli Yee, 46, Tijuana, Mexico/Angel Barajas, 43, Ensenada, Mexico/Alejandro Corona, 25, Ensenada, Mexico, Krager
    1662 Julie Boyer, 47, Bakersfield, Calif./Lothringer
    1696 Chris Racan, 39, Oceanside, Calif./Enrique Guerrero, 46, Ensenada, Mexico/Gilberto Cervantes, 46, Chula Vista, Calif./Luis Guerrero, 25, Ensenada, Mexico/Brian Salmon, 43, San Diego, Custom
      PRO UTV STOCK (Stock UTVs, FI or NA)—
    3930 Douglas Cornwell, 55, Haslet, Texas/Erik Cornwell, Spring Valley, Calif., Polaris RZR XP1000 Turbo
    3933 Randy Emberton, 61, El Cajon, Calif./Mark Liening, 39, Spring Valley, Calif./, Polaris RZR Turbo S
    3955 Mike Cafro, 50, Fallbrook, Calif./Adan Leggs Ibarra, Ensenada, Mexico/, Polaris RZR Turbo S
    3957 Torey Rush, 30, Gillette, Wyo./Clint Petersen, Gillette, Wyo./Ryan Birdick, Deadwood, S.D., Polaris RZR Turbo S
      CLASS 8 (Full-sized two-wheel drive truck/SUV, no displacement limit)–
    828 Jesus Beltrones, 38, Mexicali, Mexico/Victor Noriega, 57, Mexicali/Felipe Herrera, 45, Mexicali/Julio Banda, 46, Mexicali, Ford F-150
      CLASS 7 (unlimited, six-cylinder, production appearing trucks or SUVs)–
    700 Dan Chamlee, 58, Montecito, Calif./Kurt Kimball, 57, Santa Barbara, Calif., Ford Ranger
    709 Jeff Proctor, 41, Glendora, Calif./Pat Dailey, 44, Vista, Calif., Honda Ridgeline
    713 Mario Murillio Jr, 43, Fort Worth, Texas/Jorge Flores, 44, Fort Worth, Texas/Van Smith, 61, Fort Worth, Texas, Chevy truck
      CLASS 1700 (Jeepspeed Challenge)
    1755 Bruce Geveden, 61, Red Bluff, Calif./Ben R. Phillips, 60, Colusa, Calif./Jack Shaeffer, 41, Red Bluff, Calif., Jeep Cherokee
      HAMMER TRUCK UNLIMITED (unlimited, 4-wheel drive Rock Crawler)—
    4421 Mike Hales, 40, Rogers, Ark./Jack Hales, 66, Rogers, Arkansas/Jesus Quezada, 43, El Paso, Texas, Jeep Wrangler
      PRO UTV UNLTD (two-seat unlimited UTV open-displacement)–
    1850 Jesus Mendez, Jr, 22, Mexicali, Mexico/Felix Garcia, Mexicali, Mexico/Jorge Vigil, Mexicali, Mexico/Jesus Mendez Sr, 52, Mexicali, Mexico, Can-Am Maverick XRS
    1851 Herman Johnson, 48, Rio Rancho, N.M./ Austin Johnson, 23, Rio Rancho, N.M./Chris Whelchel, 41, Rio Rancho, N.M., Can-Am XRS Turbo X3
    1855 Blade Hildebrand, 22, Yucca Valley, Calif./Marco Gutierrez, 23, Overdrive OT3
    1869 Mike Lesle, 49, Wildomar, Calif./Dustin Miller, 40, Salt Lake City, Utah/Marshall LoBo, 40, Hemet, Calif., Polaris XP Turbo
    1893 Eliott Watson, 20, El Centro, Calif./Quintin Tucker, 28, Imperial, Calif./Ben Ward, 35, Hemet, Calif., Honda Talon 1000R
    1894 Christopher Polvoorde, 20, Hemet, Calif./Jimmy Davidson, 40, Hemet, Calif./Wayne Lambert, 45, Canyon Lake, Calif., Honda Talon 1000R
       CLASS 5 (Unlimited Baja Bugs, VW concept engines allowed)–
    500 Gerardo Ibarra, 50, Calexico, Calif./Manuel Ibarra, 52, Mexicali, Mexico/Manuel Mayoral, 39, Rosario, Mexico/Claudio Pasillo, 49, Rosario, Mexico/Martin Medina, 44, Mexicali, Mexico/Felipe Mojica, 40, San Diego
    501 Trey Hernquist, 21, Encinitas, Calif./Austin Ashe, 28, Oxnard, Calif./Bill Hernquist, 58, Encinitas, Calif.
      CLASS 3 (Short wheelbase 4x4s)
    313 David Orzolek, 44, Coppell, Texas/Kyle Bennett, 20, Coppell, Texas, Jeep Wrangler YJ
      CLASS 5-1600 (1600cc VW Baja Bugs)–
    553 Cesar Iniguez, 36, Mexicali, Mexico/Miguel Estinos, 29, Mexicali/Victor Tamuno, Mexicali/Victor Iniguez, 30, Mexicali/Emilio Saludo, 43, Mexicali/Omar Arellano, 35, Mexicali
      BAJA CHALLENGE (Spec, Subaru-powered Baja Touring Cars equipped with BFGoodrich Tires)—
    BC4 Edward Muncey, 49, San Diego/Roger Norman, San Diego/Joe Duryea/Todd Hodnett/Jason Abraham/Eddie Abraham
      CLASS 7F (Stock frame, 2 or 4-wheel drive mini or mid-size trucks)–
    714F Justin Park, 44, Encinitas, Calif./James Tiglio, Oceanside, Calif./Josh Tieman, Carlsbad, Calif.
    720F Doug Siewert, 54, San Marcos, Calif./Bruce Landfield, 58, Yorba Linda, Calif./Darren Wells, Santa Ana, Calif., Jeep Gladiator
      CLASS 7SX (2 or 4-wheel drive mini or mid-sized trucks)–
    742 Brandt Anderson, 40, San Juan Capistrano, Calif./John Holmes, 65, Cardiff, Calif./Scott Anderson, 43, San Juan Capistrano/Brian Newbery, 44, Vancouver, Wash./James Masters, 50, San Juan Capistrano, Calif./, Ford Ranger
      CLASS 11 (stock VW sedans, safety modifications)–
    1108 Luis F. Garcia, 38, Mexicali, Mexico/Luis Fco. Garcia, 42, Calexico, Calif./Jose Montano, 47, Chula Vista, Calif./Oscar Angulo, 33, Mexicali, Mexico/Marco Hernedez, 34, Mexicali, Mexico
    1147 Francisco Valdez, 33, San Diego/Pavel Ramirez, Ensenada, Mexico/Martin Casillas, Rosarito Beach, Calif./Ralphael Contreras, Mexicali, Mexico

    1404 Jessalyn Sells, 35, Sun Valley, Idaho/Steve Sells, 58, Sun Valley, Idaho, Blitzkrieg-Chevt
    1501 Christian Courtney, 53, Mexico City/Marco Valenzuela, 32, Mexico City/Christian Courtney Jr, 19, Mexico City/Cesar Arballo Segura, Mexico City, Currie-Chevy
      PRO MOTO UNLIMITED (400cc or more)–
    1x Mark Samuels, 30, Yucca Valley, Calif./Justin Morgan, 30, El Cajon, Calif./Justin Jones, 29, Murrieta, Calif., Honda CRF450X
    5x Colton Udall, 34, San Clemente, Calif./Nic Garvin, Ladera Ranch, Calif./Derek Ausserbauer, Santa Ynez, Calif., Honda CRF450L
    66x Santiago Creel, 34, Mexico City, Mexico/Brandon Prieto, 34, Ensenada, Mexico/Sammy Mantalvan, Ensenada, Mexico/Eric Yorba, Rosarito Beach, Mexico/Miguel Cordovez, Quito, Mexico, KTM 450XCF
      PRO MOTO 30 (Riders over 30 years old)–
    370x Francisco Septien, 45, Ensenada, Mexico/Shane Esposito, 45, Temecula, Calif./Roberto Villalobos, 30, Tecate, Mexico, Honda CRF450X
      PRO MOTO LIMITED (less than 400cc)–
    180x Fernando Beltran, 43, Ensenada, Mexico/David Zarate, 30, Los Cabos, Mexico/Rodolfo Patron, 40, Tijuana, Mexico/Rigoberto Gomez, 30, Ensenada, Mexico/Adan Garcia 21, Ensenada, Mexico/Michel Valenzuela, 32, Ensenada, Mexico, Yamaha YZ250F
     PRO MOTO 50 (Riders over 50 years old)–
    500x Giovanni Spinali, 54, El Cajon, Calif./Troy Pearce, 52, Ramona, Calif./John Griffin, 53, Julian, Calif./Jim O’Neal, 73, Santa Barbara, Calif., Yamaha YZ450FX
    514x Lawrence Janesky, 56, Middlebury, Connecticut/Oscar Hale Jr, Ensenada, Mexico/James Sones, Honda CRF450X
    522x Vance Kennedy, 50, Peoria, Ariz./Dennis Belingheri, 50, Reno, Nev./Dave Mayer, 50, Reno, Nev., KTM 500XCW
      PRO MOTO IRONMAN (Solo Riders)–
    725x Juan Carlos Salvatierra, 39, Bolivia, KTM 500EXCF
      PRO QUAD (Open engine displacement)–
    1a Adolfo Arellano, 37, Tijuana, Mexico/Edwin Lopez, Juarez, Mexico, Honda TRX450R
    10a Javier Robles Jr, 30, Mexicali, Mexico/Felipe Velez, San Felipe, Mexico/Jose Meza, San Felipe, Mexico/ Said Sanchez, Tijuana, Mexico/Christopher Avalos, Yuma, Calif., Honda TRX450R
    37a Ricardo Villafana, 44, Calexico, Calif./Saul Borjoquez, Mexicali, Mexico/Fernando Gomez, Mexicali, Mexico/Carlos Chong, Mexicali, Mexico/Gilberto Lopez, Mexicali, Mexico/Manuel Mayoral, Rosarito Beach, Mexico/Danet Espiniza, Yamaha Raptor
      SPT M/C–
    200x Carlos Silva, 43, Mexicali, Mexico/Oswaldo Moncada, 28, Ensenada, Mexico/Joel Leal, 46, Mexicali, Mexico/Luis Flores, 22, Mexicali, Mexico/Javier Salazar, 22, Tijuana, Mexico/Phillip Herrera, 22, Tijuana, Honda CRF450X
    203x Giovanni Aviles, 29, Tijuana, Mexico/Mauricio Ramirez, 28, Tecate, Mexico/Ricardo Montano, 29, Tijuana, Mexico/Geovany Rodriguez, 28, Tijuana, Mexico/Ruben Lujan, 19, Tijuana, Mexico, Honda CRF450X
    213x Scott Borden, 48, Steamboat Springs, Colo./Casey O’Donnell, 35, Steamboat Springs, Colo./R. Hank Salyer, 49, Steamboat Springs, Colo./Dan Mastrude, 35, Steamboat Springs, Colo., Yamaha YZ450F
    221x Ana Rivas, 26, Mexicali, Mexico/Jorge Rivas Jr, 24, Mexicali, Mexico/Nestor Curiel, 18, Ensenada, Mexico/Larry Serna, 24, Tijuana, Mexico/Brayan Avalos, 19, Palm Springs, Calif./Roberto Armenta, 24, Erendira, Mexico/Brandon Dudlley, 26, Mexicali, Mexico, KTM 350XCF
    299x Shane Redline, 44, Amarillo, Texas/Chris Phillips, 21, Tucson, Ariz./Jax Redline, 15, Amarillo, Texas/Arnulfo Verdugo, 21, San Felipe, Mexico, Honda
      SPT QUAD–
    100a Jovani Marquez, 37, Cabos San Lucas, Mexico/Mario Alberto S., 21, Los Cabos, Mexico/elly Ramirez, Tecate, Mexico/Ramon Marquez, 37, Los Cabos, Mexico/Gary Gonzalez, 38, Mexicali, Mexico/Arturo Martinez, 29, Tijuana, Mexico/Pedro Gomez, 23, Constitucion, Mexico/Rodrigo Mora, Honda TRX450R
    105a Francisco Valle, 34, Tecate, Mexico/Norberto Arce, 36, Ensenada, Mexico/Alexis Murillo, 21, Tecate, Mexico/Jose Murillo, 30, Tecate, Mexico/Fernando Arredondo, 31, San Diego/Efron Montoya, 26, Tecate, Mexico/Carlos Montoya, Tecate, Mexico, Honda TRX450R
    106a Imanol Gomez Fierro, 19, Mexicali, Mexico/Ery Sandoval, Brawley, Calif./Nicolas Ibarra, San Diego/Jesus Osuna, Mexicali, Mexico/Jesus Torres, Mexicali, Mexico, Honda TRX450R
    112a Daniel Gaytan, 50, Heber, Calif./Alex Camacho, 26, Heber, Calif./Carlos Servando, 47, San Felipe, Mexico/Jose Enriquez, 41, Mexicali, Mexico/Eddie Bareno, 36, Mexicali, Mexico/Gilberto Perez, 41, Mexicali, Mexico, Honda TRX450R
    114a Luis Ortega, 35, Tijuana, Mexico/Hendel Rodarte, 37, Rosarito Beach, Mexico/Edgar Munoz, 22, Rosarito Beach, Mexico/Edgar Marquez, 17, Tijuana, Mexico/Erick Talamantes, 20, San Diego/Julian Zepeda, Honda TRX450R
    119a Esteven Ramirez, Tecate, Mexico/Gustavo Torres, 33, Tecate, Mexico/Alexander Lopez, 33, Tecate, Mexico/Pedro Montes, 25, Tecate, Mexico, Honda TRX450R
    123a Hector Camacho, 22, Rosarito Beach, Mexico/Zachary Hayward, 41, San Diego/Cristobal Quezada, 45, Tijuana, Mexico/Jorge Carbajal, 45, Rosarito Beach, Calif./Ismael Hernandez, 41, Escondido, Calif., Honda TRX450R
    129a Sergio Gutierrez Jr, 22, Mexicali, Mexico/Luis Delfin, 40, Mexicali, Mexico/Juan Gonzalez, 40, Ensenada, Mexico/Hector Chavez, 24, Tecate, Mexico/Ramon Torres, 24, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico/Jesus Gutierrez, 21, San Felipe, Mexico/Angel Perez, San Felipe, Mexico, Honda TRX450R