Finish Line Quotes from the 52nd BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 500 presented by 4 Wheel Parts –

Finish Line Quotes from the 52nd BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 500 presented by 4 Wheel Parts


September 27, 2020

BFGoodrich Tires 52nd SCORE Baja 500,
presented by 4Wheel Parts
Sept. 26-27—493.00 miles–San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico


Finish Line Quotes
(Finish line—interviewed by Paul Hanson & Jose Vazquez, t
ranscribed by Guilherme Torres)
Pro Cars, Trucks & UTVs

SCORE TROPHY TRUCK (Unlimited CustomTrucks)
DAN MCMILLIN, No. 23 (First overall. First in class. Dan McMillin started and drove to race mile 329. Justin B. Smith drove race mile 329 to the finish.) –- CO-DRIVER JUSTIN B. SMITH said: Dan McMillin started the race and Roger and him did a phenomenal job and got us the truck in the top-five. They did great, so when we got in we just tried to play it smart, push what we could push and bring it to the finish. We tried to go fast when we could go fast and just save the truck when we had to do it. Our goal here was to get a good spot for the SCORE Baja 1000 and it looks like we’re there. We played it smart and hopefully we start the SCORE Baja 1000, the granddaddy of them all, on a good spot. The whole team did awesome and I’d like to thank all of them for the great job and also to thank SCORE for making this happen. There were a lot of doubts out there and they put us on a great race in the lovely town of San Felipe, so it was good.
TIM HERBST, No. 19 (Second in class. Pat Dean started and drove to race mile 280. Tim Herbst drove race mile 280 to the finish.) –- It went pretty well. Obviously we had a good day. We didn’t have to get out of the truck once, no flat tires or anything. Pat Dean did a great job in the first half and put us on a great position, so all I had to do was to hold it and the race came to us. We spent a good four, five days here pre-running, so we knew where we could have a tough time. In the last part of the race we were dust-free, so we knew our way around the course, we had it pretty well-marked and there were no surprises. There were some new parts of the course that were rocky, but we made it through them pretty well.
LUKE MCMILLIN, No. 83 (Third in class, drove solo.) –- It went all right, but not perfect, that’s for sure. We were chasing Robby Gordon in the first half, but then we got a second flat tire and it went down immediately in a super soft session and we couldn’t get it going again. We were stuck for 20 minutes around mile 335 and they went by us. The goal is always to win, but made it all the way to the end and the big picture goal was to get a good spot for the SCORE Baja 1000 and both of our trucks did it today, so overall it was a good day.
ALAN AMPUDIA, No. 10 (Fourth in class. Alan Ampudia started and drove to race mile 280.  Aaron Ampudia drove race mile 280 to the finish.) — CO-DRIVER AARON AMPUDIA said: Alan had a great start, he made his way up quick to third and gave it to me. I had some issues during our pits and on race mile 360 we had some problems with our pressure pro tank. We had called it off already, I had my helmet out and everything, but then the Team Jimco with Robbie Pierce (No. 20L) helped us out and gave us their gas because they were out of contention already. We lost a bunch of time there, so we just ran and cruised to the finish. The truck was getting very hot from race mile 400 all the way to the finish, the converter, the motor oil, everything was over 300, and I had to baby it to the finish. If we get a podium or a top-five, we’ll be stoked. And most importantly we can get a good spot and some points for the SCORE Baja 1000.
ROBBY GORDON, No. 77 (Fifth in class, drove solo.) –- It was a really tough race. That’s probably the gnarliest 500-mile event I’ve ever seen. It was nothing but bumps the whole time. We were doing really well until mile 350, but then we got a flat tire around 425 and basically gave up the lead at that point. We struggled getting the SCORE Trophy Truck up in the air, it fell off the jack twice and we probably got that flat tire in the worst area, we got stuck in a sandy wash and that was a huge bummer. To finish 500 miles with a four-wheel drive is pretty gnarly. We’re pretty happy about where we are at, but we’ll go back and do some more work to figure out what to make with our converter because it got really, really hot and in those last two washes I had to baby it, so we’re lucky we brought it home.
LARRY ROESELER, No. 43 (Sixth in class, drove solo.) –- The SCORE Baja 500 never disappoints us. The course was great because it had a lot of new sections that I’d never even been on. But it just deteriorates. Even with a few trucks in front of me, it just gets crazy. We had some ignition problems and the motor shut down on us over halfway through and we lost a lot of time there. The jack also flew off, so when I left the pit they told me I couldn’t have a flat tire and, guess what, I got one. We got it done, got it going again and just brought it home. We didn’t win today, but making it to the finish line is a victory in itself. Baja never disappoints the challenge of man and machine. This course is probably one of the toughest ones because it’s all in desert. There are technical sections, but it’s just relentless San Felipe desert. It’s softer dirt here, so it just tends to make bumps really easy.
JUSTIN LOFTON, No. 41 (Seventh in class, drove solo.) –- It was going well, but we had a wheel coming loose on us. We were still on the hunt but when we got to pit around mile 245 we had to stop and fix it. We just retreaded the wheel studs when we should have taken them out because not much after that it came loose again and ended up breaking. Luckily we had some with us and we were able to get them knocked out. We lost about one hour and a half there and we couldn’t get them all out, so when we got to pit three at mile 360 we stopped, got out and really fixed it. After that we had a clean day. It was a lot of fun, it was really hot out here and I’m really happy with my SCORE Trophy Truck.
CARLOS PENUNURI IBARRA, No. 35 (Eighth in class, drove solo.) –- This wasn’t an easy race. We had a lot of issues. We rolled over once and had problems with the transmission and the oil. It was too hot, but I promised to my family that we’d meet at the finish and I’m glad we did. I’m really tired, but also very happy. Now I’ll prepare for the SCORE Baja 1000.

  *SCORE TT LEGEND (Unlimited Production Trucks, Drivers over 50 years old)
NICK VANDERWEY (DOR – CLYDE STACY), No. 5L (First in class. Nick Vanderwey started and drove to race mile 360. Jeff Geiser drove race mile 360 to the finish.) –- CO-DRIVER JEFF GEISER said: We had a clean day. We lost our front outer CV at mile 130, but we were lucky that it was at the pit so we could get it changed out. We lost a couple of spots and some time, but were still able to bring it back up. Other than that, it was a clean day, with no issues. We didn’t have many problems and just kept pumping along. It takes the whole team to get it going and that’s exactly what happened today. Also, thanks Clyde Stacy for giving me this opportunity.

  CLASS 1 (Unlimited open-wheel single or two-seaters)
CODY PARKHOUSE, No. 127 (First in class. Cody Parkhouse started and drove to race mile 335. Brian Parkhouse drove race mile 335 to the finish.) –- We had a great run today. This car works really well and especially after the start, which is always rough, we were able to put a pretty big gap early on everybody. From there we were able to not push quite as hard and just maintain our space. Towards the end of the race a couple of the guys we were battling dropped off, so we were looking like we were doing pretty well there. CO-DRIVER BRIAN PARKHOUSE said: It went perfect. The car ran great all day and we had a flawless run. We were running up front and trying to keep pace with some of the SCORE Trophy Trucks and that was a lot of fun. The washes are a little bit narrower right now, so there was some brush. Cody also got a cactus which we had to sweep out before I got in. It was typical San Felipe, rough, hot and fast.
BRENDAN GAUGHAN, No. 162 (Second in class. Brendan Gaughan started and drove to race mile 280. Buddy Feldkamp drove race mile 280 to the finish.) –- It feels like SCORE just pulled the band aid off. We came down, we aced the SCORE Baja 500 and hopefully now everybody will be comfortable to come back for the SCORE Baja 1000. With all we went through this week, it’s just unbelievable what we did. We blew both our racing and our pre-running motors and ran with a backup motor which we didn’t own until four days ago. Being top-ten overall, we did a great job and it’s a great day. We got a great spot for the SCORE Baja 1000 and we’ll try to win it for two years in a row. We couldn’t be any happier. CO-DRIVER BUDDY FELDKAMP said: The course was awesome, we had a great time and the car worked perfectly. Collins Motorsports guys have put together a car than ran perfectly. Brendan got the first part and had no issues, so I basically brought it home. It was a great course, it was very different. It mixes some of the classic San Felipe whoops, but it also had some washes in there and it’s clear someone really took some effort to come up with something different. We could have just run the classic stuff and it would not have been that much fun. It was awesome.
RUBEN TORRES, No. 163 (Third in class. Ruben Torres started and drove to race mile 278. David Mason drove race mile 278 to the finish.) –- CO-DRIVER DAVID MASON said: It was a wild ride. Ruben had a nice run. They had a little bit of a downtime losing a belt, so they had to stop and fix that, but overall they got it to me in good shape. We had the spare tire fall off and unfortunately that smashed all of the rear of the engine and broke off the main battery lead to the alternator, so we had to stop a couple of times to fix that and patch it up a little bit and we lost a lot of time on that. Overall it was a smooth run and the car went perfect besides that. We’re just glad to get it here. Ruben and I have enjoyed the success we’ve had together and we’re planning on returning for the SCORE Baja 1000 and to do well.

  TROPHY TRUCK SPEC (unlimited Truck/SUV, stock, sealed engines)
SANTIAGO CREEL, No. 260 (First in class. Santiago Creel started and drove to race mile 280. Jorge Sampietro drove race mile 280 to the finish.) –- Everything went just as planned. We didn’t have any issues and didn’t have to make stops besides of the scheduled ones. It was a really tough course and I got a lot of dust in the beginning and went a little bit off-road in some turns, but we had a lot of fun and we got the win, so we’re really happy. CO-DRIVER JORGE SAMPIETRO said: It was gnarly. Santiago did a great job as he started fifth and he put us in third place. We started passing other vehicles in the second half of the course and we managed to pass the last one around mile 400. It was pretty intense and we were lucky to not have any problems. We put our tires through rocks, sand, trees, everything and they just continued running.
WILLIAM HEDRICK JR., No. 295 (Second in class. William Hedrick started and drove to race mile 236. William Hedrick Jr. drove race mile 236 to the finish.) –- It was tough. My dad started the race and he hit a car at 100 miles/hour, which broke our front. We fixed it and kept going. Once I got in we tried to push the car and it was going really well. We passed some cars, but we had two flat tires and rolled the car 50 miles from the finish. We were lucky that we landed on four wheels and got to continue and finish. We’re happy to have finished the race. It’s the first race of the year and we missed doing it. CO-DRIVER WILLIAM HEDRICK said: I was at 100 miles per hour on a flatbed behind what I think was a Class 1 car and I hit a SCORE Trophy Truck that was being towed. I saw it, but couldn’t stop on time. Luckily we were all fine and we were able to fix it and continue the race, so it was a good day in the end.
CLAY LAWRENCE, No. 285 (Third in class. Ray Griffith started and drove to race mile 350. Clay Lawrence drove race mile 350 to the finish.) –- CO-DRIVER COSTA GIALAMAS said: It could have been better, for sure. We had a reasonably clean run going with a good start and some battles for the first couple hundred miles, then we had an incident very close to the finish which caused an anomalous end to our race. We decided to come back and get a finish for our driver, Clay Lawrence. Something on the car caught on fire and he had some injuries and burns, so we wanted to make sure we’d get the truck across the finish line for him at the very least. We’re worried about him now.
PIERCE HERBST, No. 264 (Fourth in class. Ryan Millen started and drove to race mile 280. Pierce Herbst drove race mile 280 to the finish.) –- Ryan ran great the entire time, I think we were running first. I got in, made a mistake, we ended up on our side and got stuck out there for two hours. We managed to flip it back over and decided to take the body panels off and bring it back in because when we start one of these races we intend to finish it. Our BFGoodrich Tires ran great all day, our King Shocks got us through everything and the car did really well. We’d like to thank everyone that made this race possible, especially SCORE. It’s great to be out here.
VINCENT MUNOZ, No. 294 (Fifth in class, drove solo.) –- It was a really hot day out there. We rolled the truck around mile 240 and broke up our link. We were able to limp it back to our chase team, make the repairs and finish the race. We had no flats on our BFGoodrich tires and outside from a couple of mistakes that threw us off our rhythm, it was an awesome day. We’re back driving, we’re down here in Mexico and that’s what matters.

  CLASS 10 (limited Open Wheel race cars)
IVAN TAGLE, No. 1087 (First in class, drove solo.) –- The SCORE Baja 500 was a very difficult race. It was harder than any other I’ve competed at. It’s great to see the work SCORE did to have this race with the pandemic and I’m already looking forward to the SCORE Baja 1000 later in the year.

  PRO UTV FI (two-seat Forced Induction, OEM engine UTVs)
MATTHEW BURROUGHS, No. 2948 (First in class. Matthew Burroughs started and drove to race mile 80. Mitchell Alsup drove race mile 80 to race mile 280. Bradley Howe drove race mile 280 to the finish.) –- CO-DRIVER BRADLEY HOWE said: We were down in the first section of the course, but Mitchell did a killer job getting us within the top-five. We were doing well and at mile 480 we had some issues and started getting a little nervous. SCORE did a fantastic job, I’m so happy that they were able to pull it off this month. It’s hot, it was super rough, but all of us racers are incredibly grateful and looking forward to the SCORE Baja 1000 in November.
JASON MURRAY, No. 2917 (Second in class. Jason Murray started and drove to race mile 283. Derek Murray drove race mile 283 to the finish.) –- We had a good race. We started ninth or tenth off the line and about a hundred miles into the race we had the physical lead. Our truck was running awesome. It was super hot out there and super rough and we were able to keep our temperatures down and our Fox Shocks just ate up the whoops and put us up front. Unfortunately we had some issues shortly after the midway, including a couple of leaky tires and a belt. But it was a great race, hats off to Matthew Burroughs. It’s also to be back here racing. I didn’t think this race was going to happen, so thank you SCORE.
WAYNE MATLOCK, No. 2971 (Third in class, drove solo.) –- We had a good day going. We requested a rear start and worked our way up to the front at about mile 180. We kept the pace going, but had a problem with our upper-control arm. We had to pull over and my wife (Kristen Matlock, No. 1954) was the first one to pass me and she took over the lead and kept it to the finish line, so it was a good day for us. We’re just happy to be back racing at the SCORE Baja 500 again.
JUSTIN ELENBURG, No. 2977 (Fourth in class. Justin Elenburg started and drove to race mile 157. Michael York drove race mile 157 to race mile 280. Justin Elenburg drove race mile 280 to the finish.) –- We had a really good day and a really good run. We didn’t make any mistakes, did all the stops in a great way. The car was just fantastic and fun. It was hot out there and we had to pull the car back a little bit while crossing the dry lake bed to keep the temperature under control and it did fantastic. We had a little fire issue, but the guys were on top of it and put it out immediately. It was an amazing roller coaster ride and it’s awesome to have the SCORE Baja 500 here in San Felipe because the whoops were gnarly. Our BFGoodrich tires were unbelievable too, we never had to get out of the car because of them.
ERICK KORZIN, No. 2940 (Fifth in class. Erick Korzin started and drove to race mile 310. Elias Jana drove race mile 310 to the finish.) –- CO-DRIVER ELIAS JANA said: We had some issues with the front of the car shortly after I got it, but our team did a great job in putting it together. We were ninth at that point and ended up pushing for a podium finish at the end, so it was a good progress. We didn’t have any other issues and it was very sandy and hot out there. This SCORE Baja 500 is the roughest race I’ve ever been at here in San Felipe.

  SCORE LITES (VW-powered, Limited single-1776cc-or two-seaters-1835cc)
GUSTAVO PINUELAS, No. 1218 (First in class. Cesar Castillo started and drove to race mile 160. Jose Robles drove race mile 160 to race mile 310. Gustavo Pinuelas drove race mile 310 to the finish.) –- We had to handle two flat tires in the first part of the course, at miles 19 and 80. We also noticed the suspension front arm was broken near the end and had to fix it, but luckily the car held it really well until the end. We’re very happy to have finished the SCORE Baja 500 and that’s a tribute to my dad.
WES MCKENZIE, No. 1247 (Second in class. Wes McKenzie started and drove to race mile 160. Rick Boyer drove race mile 160 to race mile 325. Ramon Martinez drove race mile 325 to the finish.) –- CO-DRIVER RAMON MARTINEZ said: The SCORE Baja 500 had this new course here in San Felipe and the most difficult thing was the weather. We were out the entire day and it was difficult to handle the high temperatures at times. It got better near the end as it got fresher. There was a lot of sand and it was complicated for the smaller cars to make it through some areas after the larger cars had been there.

  PRO UTV NA (two-seat Normally Aspirated, OEM engine UTVs)
KRISTEN MATLOCK, No. 1954 (First in class, drove solo.) –- I started at the very back of the class and ended up passing all the UTVs, including my husband (Wayne Matlock, No. 2971). He was leading the race for the majority of the day until mile 395. The last hundred miles is when I knew I had the overall lead and therefore I decided to take it a little bit easier, but every time I slow down it throws me off my rhythm a little bit, so I was still pushing it, but being careful to make sure I would finish. It was an awesome day, we didn’t have any trouble and nailed all of the lines we wanted to nail. I’m stoked, I can’t even express it in words. I was really nervous when I heard the SCORE Baja 500 would be in San Felipe just because of the whoops and I know that training down here is pretty rough, so I was concerned about the vehicle. It was definitely trying at times, but we pushed as hard as we could, we took care of the car and our bodies and it all worked out well in the end.
KADEN WELLS, No. 1995 (Second in class, drove solo.) –- We were doing well until race mile 170, when we ended up losing a trail arm, the shock and the axle and then our exhaust fell apart too. We got that all changed, but at race mile 280 we had to change another axle. But other than that, we had a pretty good day. My crew did great, we wouldn’t have been able to have fixed everything without them.

  PRO UTV STOCK (Stock UTV’s, FI or NA)
MIKE CAFRO, No. 3955 (First in class, drove solo.) –- It could have gone better, for sure. We had some shock issues right off the bat and also later in the race. We ended up changing a lot of shocks and because of that we lost a bunch of time. We were hoping to be closer to the overall, but we’re happy to win the class, for sure. We’re happy to put the car at the top of the podium, but a little disappointed overall. The course is brutal and very fun.

  CLASS 7 (unlimited, six-cylinder, production appearing trucks or SUVs)
JEFF PROCTOR, No. 709 (First in class. Jeff Proctor started and drove to race mile 360. Pat Dailey drove race mile 360 to the finish.) –- SCORE Baja racing is so tough. It’s always a battle in the course and here in San Felipe it’s so rough. The course favored our truck, we like the speed and we like the rough. The truck held together like it always does and we had an uneventful day, which is good. We just drove the wheels off of it. It’s so exciting to come away with a win after all the effort our entire team puts on so we can race at this level. CO-DRIVER PAT DAILEY said: The course was a typical SCORE Baja San Felipe course. It was very rough, but very fast. This truck handled it perfectly and the Fox Shocks just soaked up the million and millions of whoops out there. This truck was running on rails all-day long, it never got hot and was perfect. Jeff did a great job in getting a huge lead over the other trucks on our class and all I had to do was cruise it to the finish line. It’s impossible to drive this truck slow.
DANIEL CHAMLEE, No. 700 (Second in class, drove solo.) –- We made some miscalculations and ran out of gas at the lake bed and that costed us a lot of time. We got some gas from the Herbst’s truck, kept moving and got out at the next pit. Thanks to them for that. It was a long day, but we’re here and that’s what matters. Tires did great, they hooked up really well.

  PRO UTV UNLTD (two-seat unlimited UTV open-displacement)
MIKE LESLE, No. 1869 (First in class.  Dustin Miller started and drove to race mile 280. Mike Lesle drove race mile 280 to the finish.) –- Dustin did a great job all day. He took the lead around mile 100 and we never lost it. Our team that helped me preparing the car did a great job and we wouldn’t have done it without them. San Felipe is also rough, last year we had the SCORE Baja 250 here and in the end I drove 350 miles. This year I wanted somebody to help me drive and Dustin did a great job.
ELIOTT WATSON, No. 1893 (Second in class.  Eliott Watson started and drove to race mile 240. Ben Ward drove race mile 240 to race mile 360. Eliott Watson drove race mile 360 to the finish.) –- We had a pretty flawless day, we just took on a very conservative pace and kept moving forward. We had one little mishap that we had to stop and change a couple of parts, but besides that, the car went great all day. I’m super stoked we made it to the finish line for our first-ever finish in Baja.

  CLASS 5 (Unlimited Baja Bugs, VW concept engines allowed)
TREY HERNQUIST, No. 501 (First in class.  Trey Hernquist started and drove to race mile 280. Bill Hernquist drove race mile 280 to the finish.) –- I had my birthday a few days ago and it’s great to be here having a good time. It was a really rocky and rough course, we just wanted to make sure we’d make it through everything. There’s a very interesting section right before mile 280 which I hadn’t run before and I really enjoyed that. CO-DRIVER BILL HERNQUIST said: It was technical, rocky and rough as we always expect. Going after the SCORE Trophy Trucks made it more complicated this time because there were boulders and rocks and stuff everywhere. But we had no real issues, no drama. It was rough, but fun. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


    PRO MOTO UNLIMITED (400cc or more)
MARK SAMUELS, No. 1x (First in class, first overall motorcycle. Mark Samuels started and quickly switched to Justin Morgan. Justin Morgan rode to race mile 236. Mark Samuels rode race mile 236 to race mile to 395. Justin Jones rode race mile 395 to race mile 459. Mark Samuels rode race mile 459 to the finish.) — That was a really brutal SCORE Baja 500. The heat, how hard it is on your bike and everything connected to it, it was really, really tough. There was a great turnout, spectators were everywhere (except at start/finish). It was awesome to see that, we weren’t sure how the turnover would be, but there was a ton of spectators cheering us on and it felt great.
SANTIAGO CREEL, No. 66x (Second in class. Santiago Creel started and rode to race mile 40. Eric Yorba rode race mile 40 to race mile to 280. Brandon Prieto rode race mile 280 to the finish.) – CO-RIDER BRANDON PRIETO said: The course was really good, but really demanding as well. But it was the same for everyone. It was a tough course for all racers, but I liked it. Everything went well.
COLTON UDALL, No. 5x (Third in class. Colton Udall started and rode to race mile 80. Nic Garvin rode race mile 80 to race mile to 275. Colton Udall rode race mile 275 to race mile 365. Derek Ausserbauer rode race mile 365 to the finish.) –- CO-RIDER DEREK AUSSERBAUER said: We had a good day. We just kept it together and rode it back home. We had some stuff going on in the morning before the sun came on, but we got everything going again and got a good pace. It was very fun. Everyone is safe and we had a great time. The course is pretty gnarly, but it was really fun, there were a lot of turns and the washes were really fun. Big thanks to SCORE for putting on events this hard and doing it right now with the coronavirus is even more difficult, so we’re all realty grateful to the people that made this happen and the people of Baja.

    PRO MOTO 30 (Riders over 30 years old)
FRANCISCO SEPTIEN, No. 370x (First in class. Shane Esposito started and rode to race mile 80. Francisco Septien rode race mile 80 to race mile to 240. Shane Esposito rode race mile 240 to race mile 350. Roberto Villalobos rode race mile 350 to the finish.) –- CO-RIDER ROBERTO VILLALOBOS said: This race was more demanding than in previous years. It’s San Felipe, so the rocks and the washes were difficult. And the heat also had a major impact. But we were really well-organized and everything came out well. Francisco had a fall, the bike is a little damaged, but he’s fine.

    PRO MOTO 50 (Riders over 50 years old)
VANCE KENNEDY, No. 522x (First in class. Dennis Belingheri started and rode to race mile 80. Dave Mayer rode race mile 80 to race mile to 160. Vance Kennedy rode race mile 160 to race mile 280. Dave Mayer rode race mile 280 to race mile 350. Dennis Belingheri rode race mile 350 to race mile 460. Vance Kennedy rode race mile 460 to the finish.) –- The course was great. We’ll be in better shape next time. We tried to remain in shape while the schedule was being adjusted because of the pandemic and we couldn’t practice recently because of the smoke. We had to stiff up the suspension when we did a rider swap, so I noticed that when I first got on the bike and I was casing the whole way. It was grueling, I was totally trashed. We’re stiffing everything up and we did better after that, so it’s just adjustments you have to make so you can work with the rocks out there and the whoops. We appreciate that with everything that’s going on SCORE was still able to put on the race. Not only for doing it, but doing it in this manner. We didn’t have spectators, but it was still great, so we really appreciate it, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.

    PRO MOTO IRONMAN (Solo Riders)
JUAN CARLOS SALVATIERRA, No. 725x (First in class, rode solo.) –- This is the toughest race I’ve ever been on my career. Not only for the course, but also for the weather and the physical demand that comes with it. It’s amazing how fast races can run here in Baja. I’m very grateful that during the entire race I didn’t have any falls or any issues with my motorcycle. I’m blessed to have finished it. I didn’t arrive in San Felipe as early as I had hoped, so I was only able to pre-run 150 miles of the course because I wanted to preserve my body for the race. The sand was heavy and it was demanding a lot from the motorcycles and the riders.


   PRO QUAD (Open engine displacement)
JAVIER ROBLES JR., No. 10a (First in class. Jose Meza started and rode to race mile 40. Felipe Velez rode race mile 40 to race mile to 80. Said Sanchez rode race mile 80 to race mile 155. Javier Robles Jr. rode race mile155 to race mile 235. Jose Meza rode race mile 235 to race mile 277. Javier Robles Jr. rode race mile 277 to race mile 330. Jose Meza rode race mile 330 to race mile 350. Christopher Avalos rode race mile 350 to race mile 395. Felipe Velez rode race mile 395 to race mile 460. Javier Robles Jr. rode race mile 460 to the finish.) –- The course was exhausting, especially because of the hot weather. It was a long day for all of us. Fortunately we didn’t have any problems and only had to stop to switch drivers and refill.