Guerrero VHCTeam 040,716 LKD –

Guerrero VHCTeam 040,716 LKD

Coming off their Class 5 SCORE Championship in 2015, Victor Cesena and VHC Motorsports are back again with their sights set on another championship in 2016. In this new episode of CONQUEST, the team talks about last year’s challenges, and how they intend to improve in 2016. Since VHC makes their home in the Baja Sur, they have to travel many miles and many days to prepare for the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 races in Ensenada – their commitment to the sport is huge. This is Conquest featuring VHC Motorsports.

Saliendo de su reciente campeonato en Clase 5 de SCORE, Victor Cesena y VHC Motorsports estan de vuelta con la mira en otro campeonato en el 2016. En este nuevo episodio de CONQUEST, el equipo habla sobre los desafíos de el año