Post Race Finish Line Quotes–34th SCORE San Felipe 250 –

Post Race Finish Line Quotes–34th SCORE San Felipe 250


BFGoodrich Tires 34th SCORE San Felipe 250, Presented by Ford
April 17- 18, 2021- 280.2 miles – San Felipe,  Mexico

Post-Race Finish Line Quotes
(Finish line – interviewed by Paul Hanson, Jose Vazquez; transcribed by Cindy Clark)
Pro Cars, Trucks & UTVs

SCORE TROPHY TRUCK (Unlimited CustomTrucks)
BRYCE MENZIESNo. 7 (First overall. First in class. Bryce Menzies drove solo.) – – We qualified P1 and started out front. It’s tough leading the whole race with those guys chasing you down. About race mile sixty, Andy (McMillin) flatted which let Luke (McMillin) by, and he made up that minute gap in between so the whole race he was only thirty seconds back, so I was pushing as hard as I could towards the finish. When I turned the corner on that last bit, it was really rough and I pushed as hard as I could, and turning that last corner they said I had twelve seconds on Luke. 280 miles and we were only separated by twelve seconds. Unbelievable race. This course was the funnest race course I have ever been on in San Felipe – all the washes were amazing, so many spectators out there, I’m just so glad to be back in Baja.

LUKE McMILLIN, No. 1 (Second overall. Second in class. Luke McMillin drove solo.) – – What a great course. It was a really fun day. We took off at the line and we pushed really hard right away. I think the first 75 miles, the top three was all within twenty seconds of each other, so that was really fun. And then we made a right and went up a wash and my cousin (Andy McMillin) pulled over with a flat tire so we picked him off. And then turned right to go into Watamote and that’s where we got the call that we were in second place and that’s how we went for the rest of the day. We were relentless all day, we drove as hard as we could. We are in a two-wheel drive, small block motor which is a great truck – eight podiums in a row – so I’m super proud of that, super proud of the team, but it’s tough to keep up with those all-wheel drives. In these big sand whoops and sandy sections, they are very quick. Looking forward to ours – we are having one built. It was a great day, we are on the podium, there is nothing to be mad about. Super stoked. Good position to start the SCORE Baja 500.

ANDY McMILLIN, No. 31 (Third overall. Third in class. Andy McMillin drove solo.) – – That was a rough course, but fast. I see the average speed of 62mph for me and I know Bryce (Menzies) and Luke (McMillin) were faster than that, but it was a lot of fun. A really fast race course. I started really good, but unfortunately I hit a huge rock in a wash chasing right behind Bryce. I could see his dust cloud right in front of me and I got a little over anxious a little too early in the race. I got a flat tire, bent my sector shaft and my power steering box really bad and from there it kind of went downhill. We tried to fight our way back, but it was too little, too late. Too much downtime early on. But the truck ran good for the most part My co-rider and head car chief, Johnny, prepped an amazing truck. We will be back to give them hell at the SCORE Baja 500.

ALAN AMPUDIA, No. 10 (Fourth overall. Fourth in class. Alan Ampudia drove solo.) – – It started out good.  But then I hit a g-out pretty good and clipped a very big rock and got a flat tire. So unfortunately we had to stop right off the bat and make a tire change. (Ryan) Arciero and Robby (Gordon)got by us so that cost us the fight at the end for the win. By the time we got by Tavo and Robby, the top three were over ten minutes ahead of us. We put our heads down and pushed and made us some time but these guys run so fast there is only so much I can do. At the end, by the dry lake bed, the truck was heating up a little bit so we decided to just bring it home and get the top-five finish, giving us a good starting position for the SCORE Baja 500, which is what our main objective was. And here we are, a top four or five, definitely not where we want to be, we want to be further up front, but we will get our revenge at the SCORE Baja 500 in our hometown of Ensenada.

JAX REDLINENo. 22 (Fifth overall. Fifth in class. Jax Redline drove solo.) – – This is my first SCORE San Felipe 250. Definitely different a different pace than a longer race, like the SCORE Baja 1000, so we were pretty much as fast as we could go for pretty much the whole race. We kept the truck in one piece, but we tore a piece of the body off. It was super rough; I was just plowing the whoops the whole time. I’m excited to see all the videos people took. We are here at the finish now, curious to see where we finish. We will see where this ends us up for points. We are going to do the whole season.

ROB MACCACHREN, No. 11 (Sixth in class. Rob Mac Cachren drove solo.) – It went OK. We qualified twentieth, so we had dust for the first seventy laps. Once we broke free of the dust we had a good run all the way to the finish. This race was a sprint race. We ran hard and pushed hard. We didn’t have any problems. I have to thank GFGoodrich, Vision Wheels, Fox Shocks, KC Lights, MotoGear, everyone that supports us on this truck – all the crew, the Baja fools for our fuel stop and everyone that came down here to chase. The spectators were all over, there were tons in some places. It was good to see everyone get out and about again; it reminds me of the old days.

TIM HERBST, No. 19 (Seventh in class. Pat Dean started and drove to race mile 150. Tim Herbst drove from race mile 150 to the finish.) – – We had a pretty good race, pretty good clip. We got behind a truck that kicked up a lot of dust and that held us back a little on a fast section. Other than that the truck ran well and the course was challenging as ever. We are looking forward to a good starting position for the SCORE Baja 500.

JOHN T. LENNON, No. 73 (Eighth in class. A.J. Jones started and drove a majority of the race.  John Lennon drove to the finish.) – – Austin (A.J. Jones) drove a majority of the race. We have an awesome co-pilot, Brent Bauman.  It’s a team effort. Thank you very much to SCORE and everyone. This is a first class event and we are blessed to be down here. Thank you. CO-PILOT BRENT BAUMAN said: We had two flats at mile 50, slow-leakers. Apdaly got by us then. Then we got back by him. We caught Tim Herbst and got another flat at race mile 170. Got that changed and caught up with Tim’s dust again. Went through Dan McMillin’s dust and Robby Gordon’s dust.  This was A.J.s first race in a SCORE Trophy Truck and he did phenomenal. Pretty impressive for his first time out.

STEVE OLLIGES, No. 51 (Tenth in class. Steve Olliges started and drove to mile marker 158. Mark Newhan drove from mile marker 158 to the finish) – – CO-DRIVER MARK NEWHAM SAID: The course got rough, but this truck is so fast and with our Fox shocks and BFGoodrich tires and our big engine, it equalizes it. We pre-ran about 480 miles worth of the 250 miles and the last time we were on the course was Wednesday and the course was different and rougher.  There were a lot of spectators, made it a little treacherous in a few spots.

LARRY ROESELER, No. 43 (Eleventh in class. Larry Roeseler drove solo.) – – All in all it went well. We struggled a little with some transmission temperatures and engine temperature that we had to manage, but no major issues. No flat tires. It was a tough course, like always. The guys ran a good pace. Made a couple good passes, made a couple of mistakes. We had a solid run. We started outside the top twenty to finish here is a good day. We are grateful to be here.

ROBBY GORDONNo. 77 (Twelfth in class. Robby Gordon drove solo.) – – It was fun. It was a lot faster than I thought it was going to be. We bashed it down through the bumps. I had two flats. One was a wheel and the other one was my fault. So we find ourselves sitting here in ninth.  That is kind of disappointing but at the end of the day, I’ll take it.

CAMERON STEELE, No. 2 (Thirteenth in class. Cameron Steele drove solo.) – –  It went good. Unfortunately our truck barely goes over 100mph. It’s tough to race. We were more on the racetrack than racing, so to speak. We had a good time. We did it in memory of my good friend Pistol Pete (Sohren) and ran the number 2. Unfortunately our primary race truck had sand in the oil so we couldn’t race it so we raced the prerunner. This truck had 1500 miles on it before we raced it so it’s been around the track at least five times so it’s really cool. Thanks to the whole Desert Assassins team; I’m just so stoked on everyone’s effort. Thanks to the fans of Baja. Everyone had a smile for us; it’s just so awesome.

MICHAEL LAWRENCE No. 85 (Fourteenth in class. Michael Lawrence drove solo.) – – It was Baja; it was rough. I loved it; it was a great course. That’s why we come down here – for the toughest, fastest stuff.  Loved it. Unfortunately we had two flats; it was super rocky out there. I had an underdrive going out so we limped it in.  Just a nice fun drive around San Felipe. I’ve been racing down here for over ten years and the spectators are a fun part of it.  Loved it.

*SCORE TT LEGEND (Unlimited Production Trucks, Drivers over 50 years old)—
NICK VANDERWEY, No. 5L (Second in class. Nick Vanderwey drove solo. DOR Clyde Stacy) – – Well, we started out pretty good and we were on a good pace. We qualified middle of the pack and we were going with it, but we had a little problem with the front end. But we got it fixed and kept going.  We hit a rock that we knew was there, was marked on our GPS, was called out and I even commented in pre-running that that was a bad rock. And yes that was a bad rock. I hit it with the left rear so John changed it right away. Ran good, just a little off the pace here.

  CLASS 1 (Unlimited open-wheel single or two-seaters)–
SHELBY REID, No. 168 (First in class. Cody Reid started and drover to mile marker 158. Shelby Reid drove from mile marker 158 to the finish.) – – We had no problems. Brand new car, very first race, we had nothing go wrong. We did have some GPS problems, but nothing with the car. But my air conditioning froze up, which sucked.  It was a perfect race. You couldn’t ask for anything better.  We don’t have a lot of seat time in it, it is an all-wheel drive and I’ve never driven an all-wheel drive before, so it took a little bit, but then we got in our groove.

MATT CULLEN, No. 105 (Second in class. Mason Cullen started and drove to race mile 157. Matt Cullen drove from race mile 157 to the finish.) – – We had a miss in the engine the entire race so we were kind of fighting that and the suspension went away a little bit on us but we got a solid second place here in San Felipe. Had a couple flats; other than that it was a nice clean race. Stoked to start off in second at the SCORE Baja 500.

CODY PARKHOUSE, No. 100 (Fifth in class. Brian Parkhouse started and drove to mile marker 136. Cody Parkhouse drove from mile marker 136 to the finish) – – We had a decent qualifying run and started third. We are having some sort of problem where we are getting terrible gas mileage and we ran out of gas. We went down a couple hours out there trying to get him gas. Luckily we made it here. Unfortunately you can’t always be perfect, but we made it to the finish.

  TROPHY TRUCK SPEC (unlimited Truck/SUV, stock, sealed engines)
JASON COLEMAN, No. 292 (First in class. Jason Coleman drove solo.) – – What a great day. We just charged right from the start and began picking the guys off pretty early and one by one and all of a sudden, towards the end, we were second truck on the road. No issues, no flats, BFGoodrich tires were solid all day. We just kept pushing; it was great.

RYAN HANCOCK, No. 228 (Second in class. Brock Heger started and drove to race mile 157. Ryan Hancock drove from race mile 157 to the finish.) – – We had a super flawless day. We were in fourth and the top four, we were going for it.  I knew it was going to be a long, dusty day. We made our way through the washes and ended up getting the lead around race mile 195. We were the first truck on the road and never looked back from there.

KYLE JERGENSEN, No. 227 (Third in class. Kyle Jergensen drove solo.) – – We started and qualified first. It’s a Brenthal truck and it is very fast, but we made a gearing mistake and it bit us. It’s geared to do 160mph but the motor can’t do that, can’t pull that so it has a negative effect and the fastest we went today was 80 mph. These guys are geared to do 100mph and they could actually do 100mph and they just walked all over us. We held on what we could. We had some electrical issues at the end and eventually just limp-moded our way in. It just wasn’t our day.

JAMES SCULLY, No. 246 (Fourth in class. James Scully drove solo.) – – It was an OK day. We had some mechanical stuff, the engine let go a little bit. Other than that, everything was good. We had one flat tire; I didn’t think we deserved that one. And then we just couldn’t make pace in the washes with the engine the way that it was. But we are happy. We stuck to a game plan and brought it home.

PIERCE HERBST, No. 264 (Fifth in class. Pierce Herbst started the race and drove to race mile 134. Thor Herbst drove from race mile 134 to the finish.) – – CO-DRIVER THOR HERBST said: We ran a really good race. At some point we hit the driveline so there was a good vibration on those long straightaways, so we didn’t feel comfortable going above 90 mph. We got one flat around mile 250. Other than that, it was a great race.

JASON MCNEIL, No. 234 (Sixth in class. Jason McNeil drove solo.) – – We got out in front by about race mile 15 and were going at a good pace ended up hitting a tree and had to take the hood off because it was flopping around in the front. From there it went downhill, the tranny started spiking with temperatures because of the hot air off the motor so we had to baby the transmission a couple of times. Ended getting four flats. That is really what ended up killing our day, those four flats. Other than that, it was a great event. SCORE put on a great event. A lot of really good competition. I’m really thankful that they did qualifying. I am looking forward to the SCORE Baja 500.

ELIJAH KIGER, No. 238 (Seventh in class. Elijah Kiger started and drove to race mile 157. Sean Bogdan drove from race mile 157 to the finish.) – – CO-DRIVER SEAN BOGDAN said: I got in at race mile 157 and I think we were in eighth place. We had no mechanical or tire issues. Overall a great day. All the pre-running paid off; we hit all our lines. Smooth race, beautiful day. This is our first SCORE San Felipe 250. We are going to do the whole series this year, so this is a good way to start off. Excited to be down here. It was a good time.

BRAD LOVELL, No. 244 (Eighth in class. Brad Lovell drove solo.) – – We started in the back of the field because we broke a bolt in qualifying. We were pushing through traffic early on, there was a lot of dust out there. Around race mile 175 we started to lose the steering and fought that the whole way. It kept getting worse and worse. We had some body panels fall off, we took a couple of chances out there and pushed through the field. Not upset with where we finished, just wish we had more clear air out there.  The whoops are so cupped and its so harsh.  And it’s always so unbelievable to me how much the course is so different than when we pre-run. It’s something else to be racing down here in San Felipe. It’s so rough and the things that we get to go out here and do and have spectators and enjoy and have our team and families come down here. Really happy to be racing SCORE.

ANDREW MYERS, No. 296 (Ninth in class. Andrew Myers drove solo.) – – It was great. No flat tires. Fun day. At mile 190 we lost the throttle sensor pickup on the motor for 20 minutes, so we sat there dead in the water after running third, having a great day. Can’t say enough for KMC wheels and BFGoodrich tires and VP fuel. Thanks to Julio Contero, my navigator, for a flawless run. We had a great race.

CLAY LAWRENCE, No. 285 (Tenth in class. Clay Lawrence drove solo.) – – Haas Factory Tooling and BF Goodrich.  I’m really thankful to be down here after a tough SCORE Baja 500 where I got hurt last year. Thankful to be here. To all the support staff, the people that provide safety, because when you need them and they are there for you, there is nothing more important than that and to get home safe. I am messed some fenders probably more in qualifying but I probably didn’t do it any good on the course.  Hey, it’s San Felipe, baby. That’s why the SCORE 250 is here; it’s the hardest 250 in Mexico. Stoked to be back. Great to see SCORE having such a great race and such a great turnout. We would love nothing more than to have lots of competition and lots of people down here. It’s a blessed place down here in Mexico and I’m really thankful for the opportunity to race down here.

VINCENT MUNOZ, No. 294 (Eleventh in class. Vincent Munoz drove solo.) – – We had one flat tire around race mile 240. Other than that we had a flawless day, no problems, everything ran great. It was dusty and fast and silty and sandy. Good day today for us.

  CLASS 10 (Limited, sealed engine, single or two-seaters)
CHASE WARREN, No. 1088 (First in class. Chase Warren drove solo.) – – We started twelfth and made our way up to first on road at about 45-50 miles in the race. Unfortunately we got a flat pretty soon thereafter. And then we worked our way back up to first on road and with about 60 miles to go we got another flat. Got out and changed it real quick that and did everything we could to make up time to the finish. We finished right behind the guys that finished physically in first. No damage; a pretty clean run.

HIRAM DURAM, No. 1016 (Second in class. Hiram Duran started and drove to race mile 140. Eric Duran drove from race mile 140 to the finish.) – – We had no flat fires. We ran GFGoodrich tires and Method wheels and we had no problems. We are happy to finish in physically first place.

ALBERTO MENDEZ, No. 1019 (Third in class. Alberto Mendez drove solo.) – – It was a very difficult pace. San Felipe is known for being difficult. For us, it’s our first race but we come down here a lot as a spectator. This particular course was more difficult than usual, lots of rocks and lots of dust and a lot of people stuck in bottle necks around mile marker 180. We almost got stuck ourselves. We lost a little bit of time because of that. Thanks to God, we made it.

MATT WINSLOW, No. 1081 (Fourth in class. Matt Winslow started and drove to race mile 140.  Todd Winslow drove to the finish.) – – CO-DRIVER TODD WINSLOW said: Matt had trouble at the start with a steering pump issue so we started dead last and then from mile marker 15 to about 140 they probably passed a hundred vehicles to hand it off to me. We had a flawless run. We passed a few people; no one passed us. I think we are in the top five in our class. For the championship that is a good day.  You are only as good as your worst day and we salvaged a bad day. It was a great event, a lot of fun. We are hoping for a good start in the SCORE Baja 500 because we are going for the Championship. We were class champions in 2018, didn’t race in 2019, then 2020 hit, so we are hungry and coming for it.

  CLASS 7 (unlimited, six-cylinder, production appearing trucks or SUVs)
JEFF PROCTOR, No. 709 (First in class. Jeff Proctor drove solo.) – – My co-driver Even navigated a flawless race. We had some pretty good lines in the sand washes and it was one of those days that everything just clicked, didn’t really have any issues.  We did have a couple earned flats but for the most part it was a pretty good day for us. We are taking home the win and couldn’t be more excited to kick this 2021 SCORE Season with a ‘W’. To get through all those nasty, sharp-edged rocks, all the square-edged whoops that San Felipe is known for, we are just stoked to be here at the finish line.

HAMMOND MEREDITH, No. 727 (Second in class. Rhys Millen started and drove to race mile 105.  Hammond Meredith drove from race mile 105 to race mile 190. Millen drove to the finish.) – – DOR RHYS MILLEN said: We had an incredible run. The chassis worked really well. This is a unique four-wheel drive truck. Its powered by a production-based 2.3L Ford four-cylinder with eco-boost. We have won with this before. This course pushes suspension and drivelines. In a way we are still developing this car, so to put it on the podium in Baja California and at the SCORE San Felipe 250 I guess you can say that four wheel drive is awesome. We got no flats, for the record. An incredible job to Tensor for helping me develop this tire. We are even running electric power steering with no issues and four lug nuts. But its proven; the car gets better and better. The course was rough but that’s what SCORE Trophy Trucks do to San Felipe and San Felipe is notorious for already being rough. An amazing job by my entire crew who built this vehicle. We designed it in-house. How satisfying it was to finish such a rough course.

DAN CHAMLEE, No. 700 (Third in class. Dan Chamlee drove solo) – – The course was very soft and we ate a lot of fuel. From the time we pre-ran to the race the whoops doubled in size. These BFGoodrich tires really helped a lot. It was fun out there. We felt good about our time.

  PRO UTV FI (two-seat Forced Induction, OEM engine UTVs)
BRANDON SCHUELER, No. 2919 (First in class. Brandon Schueler shared driving duties with Kaden MacCachren.) – – We had one flat and we ended up running out of fuel but we were really close to the pit stop. It was a pretty flawless day. It was a good time.

AUSTIN WEILAND, No. 2954. (Second in class. Austin Weiland drove solo.) – We had a good day out there. We had lost front-wheel drive with about 20 miles to go and had our hands full trying to make it to the finish line. Garrett called a good race. We had a lot of fun pre-running, we had a lot of good lines. We did all we could to get it here; we will see where we are at. I got to thank Can-Am, Weiland Associates, Evolution Power Sports, Raceline wheels, BFGoodrich tires and more.

WES MILLER, No. 2989. (Third in class. Wes Miller drove solo.) – – We started twentieth and they said we finished fourth.  Fingers crossed for a podium finish. There were 36 guys out there today. It’s super competitive. I felt like we had the pace and the speed to run up front. We just had a few issues we had to deal with that cost us some time. We didn’t have a perfect day. But if on a bad day you are a top five, that’s pretty good. The course is fast but rough. It’s a testament to the tough components we run. Us and Jagged X and Blurton and Burnett traded places a couple of time. At the end of the day we had some issues that cost us some time. Looking forward to the BAJA SCORE 500.

PHIL BLURTON, No. 2944. (Fourth in class. Phil Blurton drove solo.) – – This is our first SCORE race, so we can down here and had some fun and hopefully get some experience so we can race the SCORE Baja 1000 this year. We took it a little bit easy for the first two hundred miles, then started racing towards the end. We should have turned it up a little bit sooner, but we made it to the finish.

MIKE CAFRO, No. 2975. (Fifth in class. Mike Cafro started and drove to mile marker one. Jamie Kirkpatrick drove to the finish.) – – CO-DRIVER JAMIE KIRKPATRICK said: It was a super fun, fast course, probably the funnest SCORE San Felipe 250 I have done.  We had a few issues that kept us off the podium, but overall it was a good day. I thought it was an excellent course, probably my favorite so far.

KOLTON HUSTED, No. 2938. (Seventh in class. Kolton Husted drove solo.) – – We had our regular Baja issues – a couple of flats and a belt issue. We were running first on corrected time and then two miles from the finish we ran out of gas. It was a total bummer to have the win slip out of our hands, but it is completely out of my control. We may come back for the SCORE Baja 500.

  SCORE LITES (VW-powered, Limited single-1776cc-or two-seaters-1835cc)
SCOTT WISDOM, No. 1221 (First in class. Scott Wisdom started and drove to race mile 157. Brady Wisdom drove from mile marker 157 to the finish.) – – CO-DRIVER BRADY WISDOM said: It was typical San Felipe – rough. Luckily the car suspension was working really well. We pushed hard through the whoops. Even down on horsepower, we hurt the motor, we were able to pull it off. We are happy for that. We are going for the SCORE Championship.

MATT FERRATO, No. 1216 (Second in class. Matt drove solo.) – – We really enjoyed all the washes. As usual, some cross-grain was brutal. The 40inch tires really tear the course up. By the time the buggies roll through the ruts are really deep and makes it virtually impossible for the Class 11’s to finish, but I guess that’s the evolution of the sport.

  PRO UTV (two-seat Normally Aspirated, OEM engine UTVs)
KRISTEN MATLOCK, No. 1954 (First in class. Kristen Matlock drove solo.) – –  It was good. It was a lot rougher than I anticipated after pre-running all week. We thought it was going to be a fast, smooth, easy-going run but after those SCORE Trophy trucks got out there and tore it up a bit, it gave us a little bit of a challenge. They turned up some rocks for us. So we had to dodge some bullets.  We didn’t quite get the overall we were hoping for; I had some minor clutch issues, but we got those fixed.

DODGE POELMAN, No. 1962 (Second in class. Dodge Poelman started and drove to race mile 343.Trent Backus drove from race mile 343 to the finish) – – Today was super rough. But I couldn’t be more happy with our day. Our belt temperatures were a little high so we ditched our clutch cover at mile 40. Then we didn’t have any more heating issues. We just drove our race. The course was super rough from the cars that went before us, the holes were big, the ruts were bigger and at the end of the day we were just trying to chase down Kristen Matlock. I think we put a few minutes on her but she was just too quick for us to keep up with. We blew a belt and a tire but other than that we had a clean race and we are super happy to be here at the finish line.

KADEN WELLS, No. 1995 (Third in class. Kaden Wells drove solo.) – – It was a rough day. We started fourth and pulled into the lead until about race mile 105 and we had to change two axles. We made it to race mile 205 and changed two more axles and then at about race mile 250 we lost a belt because the front differential is starting to go out. We were fighting problems all day but it was fun.

  CLASS 1/2-1600 (VW-powered, single or two-seaters to 1600cc)
KEVIN SANCHEZ, No. 1621 (First in class. Kevin Sanchez started and drove to race mile 136. Fernie Padilla drove from race mile 136 to the finish.) – – FERNIE PADILLA said: Kevin Sanchez the car owner, prepped the car in Ensenada. I got the car in third place. I had some carburetor issues but we got it fixed and were able to pass the lead car and put some time on him. I can’t complain. It was an awesome day. I must have hit every rock but didn’t get a single flat. Once I heard I had a 40-mile lead, I cruised to the finish to save the car.  We decided to do the first SCORE race to see how it goes and if it goes well we will keep going. What better place than first so we will see you at the SCORE Baja 500.

  PRO UTV OPEN (two-seat unlimited UTV open-displacement)
JUSTIN ELENBURG, No. 1870 (First in class. Mike York started the race and drove to race mile 139. Justin Elenburg drove from race mile 139 to the finish) – – This Can-Am drove amazing. It was a fun ride. We might have hit a couple of cactus. We had two fires – one of the boots caught on fire, we got that out. And in the back we actually had the turbo…the venting fumes hit the turbo and that caught on fire. Sometimes that happens in racing and you just have to prepare for it, but the boys got the fire extinguisher and put it out and we were back on the road in no time. We had one axle issue, one tire go out…it sounds like the other driver might have hit something…but the rest of the BFGoodrich tires held up amazingly. It was definitely “whoop nation” out there.

JOSH HERZING, No. 1877 (Second in class. Lacrecia Beurrier started and drove to race mile 140. Josh Herzing drove from race mile 140 to the finish.) – – Definitely a tough course. The last 40 miles we pre-ran is definitely different than the race. CO-DRIVER LACRECIA BEURRIER said: We did awesome. The course is rough as always – it is San Felipe but we kept up at least an average of 40 mph. The car was great and we were killing it. I did roll the car on its side for a little bit…needed a nap. But we got yanked back over. 3913 – Carolina Sanchez pulled us over so thank you to her.  Then we put Josh in the car to bring it home. And we ended up in second place.

WAYNE MATLOCK, No. 1871 (Fourth in class. Wayne Matlock drove solo.) – – The course was a lot of fun. We basically beat ourselves today. Not the results we wanted but we are going to learn from it and come back stronger and faster.  Thank you to our crew and sponsors. Everyone worked hard to get us here.

  PRO UTV STOCK (Stock UTV’s, FI or NA)
MIKE CAFRO, No. 3955 (First in class. Mike Cafro drove solo.) – – We had a pretty good day today. We would have like to have been higher up in the overall but it is what it is. It was a really fast race. We misjudged a few things on the gas today but overall it was a good day.  We are stoked for first in class. Happy for all our sponsors and us too.

NICK BRUCE, No. 3953 (Second in class. Nick Bruce drove solo.) – – It was a pretty rough course. But this car was on a show-room floor back in February. We decided to come race it and did the minimum we had to do get it SCORE legal and come on out and play. And it has done really well. The Raceline rims held up well as did the BFGoodrich tires. Overall we know a couple things we need to do for the next race.

HAMMER TRUCK UNLIMITED (Unlimited, 4-wheel drive Rock Crawler)
MIKE HALES, No. 4421 (First in class. Mike Hales drove solo.) – – We had a really good day. No trouble, no flats. It was a lot of fun. I want to thank my wife, kids, my dad, my co-driver Brian Mhoon.

  CLASS 5 (Unlimited Baja Bugs, VW concept engines allowed)
GREG SULLIVAN, No. 508 (First in class. Greg Sullivan drove solo.) – – It was rough but it was fun. The washes were a blast. The whoop-de-do’s after the trucks went through there were humongous. I think they were bigger than my car. But we had a lot of fun. We had a good challenge with Jerry Longo behind us and he rolled a little bit. We thought he was done so we slowed down and cruised a bit and don’t know when or where but he passed us somehow. When we found that out we stepped it back up, caught him and passed him when he pit. We got him beat by sixteen minutes I think. What a great day.

  CLASS 5-1600 (1600cc VW Baja Bugs)
JORGE GUTIERREZ, No. 598 (First in class. Jorge Gutierrez started and drove to race mile 160. Pedro Soto drove from race mile 160 to race mile 258. Gutierrez drove from race mile 259 to the finish.) – – The race went great. When we did the driver change, we lost our starter, so we had to push it and hope we didn’t stall. But we didn’t.  We had issues going up that hill near race mile 187 but we had somebody there with support and helped pull us up. No issues. Flawless.

BAJA CHALLENGE (Spec, Subaru-powered Baja Touring Cars equipped with BFGoodrich Tires)
TIM SPURGEON, No. BC2 (First in class. Barry Thompson started and drove to race mile 145. Tim Spurgeon drove from race mile 145 to the finish.) – – The course was pretty good. It had some challenging spots, some high-speed stuff.  It was different than the last couple years. This is our first time winning, it’s our fourth time running here. Good time. We had some problems early, had some cooling issues, but we just kept digging.  We took the lead about half way through and just took care of the car the rest of the way home. It was a lot of fun.

EDWARD MUNCEY, No. BC4 (Second in class. Carly Rob Hartman started and drove to race mile 140. Roger Norman and Edward Muncey shared driving duties from race mile 140 to race mile 230. Carly Stacy drove from race mile 230 to the finish.) – – Oh my gosh, it was incredible. We got in about race mile 140. Rob Hartman handed it off to us. This is our family car. Carly is my niece and Rob is my brother-in-law. Then the most incredible thing on this whole trip, was riding with my brother (Roger Norman) who is a former SCORE Baja 1000 Trophy Truck Champion. He was incredible. He was driving this thing off the wheels but perfectly in control, tight in the turns, knew when to put on the throttle, rocked it. It was an education. Then when I took over driving duties, I bet it’s hard as a racer to sit passenger. Then Carly took over for the last fifty miles. It was an incredible day.

  CLASS 7SX (2 or 4-wheel drive mini or mid-sized trucks)
ARMANDO DURON, No. 758 (First in class. Israel Duron started and drove to race mile 100. Armando Jr drove from race mile 100 to race mile 200. Armando Sr. drove from race mile 200 to the finish.) – – It was tough. Everyone knows the SCORE San Felipe 250 is the toughest race here in Baja. Thanks to God we did it. We made it to the finish. We beat the Baja this year.

FARRAH SOHREN, No. 3022 (First in class. Paige Sohren started and drove to race mile 40. Van Sohren drove from race mile 40 to race mile 230, Paige drove from race mile 230 to race mile 278. Farrah Sohren drove from race mile 278 to the finish.) – – The part I drove was good. My brother said his section was rough.  CO-DRIVER PAIGE SOHREN said: It was phenomenal. It was really, really fun. We did a really, really good job and it was amazing to be out there with all my siblings. It was an absolute honor.

  PRO MOTO UNLIMITED (400cc or more)
DEREK AUSSERBAUER, No. 5x (First in overall motorcycle, and first in class. Ausserbauer rode solo.) – – The course was really fun. The layout was bitchin. It was traditional San Felipe of pounding huge whoops and taking a gnarly beating, there was a lot of sand washes. There were really gnarly rocks but the majority of it was fun and flowing. Then we crossed over the mountains and crossed the dry lakes. We kept it steady. I can’t even control my emotions. I worked really, really hard to get here. And we did it.

SHANE REDLINE, No. 22x  (Second in class. Chris Phillips started and rode to race mile 47. Justin Strong rode from race mile 47 to race mile 100. Aldo Muller rode from race mile 100 to race mile 140. Kevin Gravett rode from race mile 140 to race mile 180. John Clark rode from race mile 180 to race mile 240. Phillips rode to the finish) – – The course was fast and it was gnarly, dangerous. We did great. I don’t think we ever dropped the bike and that was our goal. Our goal was to get through the course clean and have a solid run.

  PRO MOTO LIMITED (less than 400cc)
FERNANDO BELTRAN, NO. 100x (First in class. Fernando Beltran started and rode to race mile 15.  Luis Flores rode from race mile 15 to race mile 40. Michael Valenzuela rode from race mile 40 to race mile 113. Flores rode from race mile 113 to race mile 157. Estabon rode from race mile 157 to race mile 190. Radolfo Patron rode from race mile 190 to race mile 250. Flores rode from race mile 250 to the finish.) – –  CO-RIDER LUIS FLORES said: I was called at the last minute to race and I didn’t get to pre-run and they gave me the most difficult portions of the race. We went all out. It was fun but dangerous. There were a lot of lines and you don’t know which ones to take if you didn’t pre-run it.

JORGE RAMIREZ, No. 106x  (Second in class. Sergio Garza started the race. Manuel Gomez also rode a portion. Jorge Ramirez rode to the finish) – – We had a few close calls. I crashed once but nothing crazy. We did a really good job. The course is so sketchy with a lot of rocks and whoops and sand. I’m just glad that we are safe. We did a good job. We were last off the line and we got all the way up here. CO-RIDER SERGIO GARZA said: It was a nice day, not too hot. Pretty brutal, full of whoops and rocks.  But it was an awesome day. One of our teammates had a pretty bad wreck but he will be OK.

PRO MOTO 40 (Riders over 40 years old)
RYAN LIEBELT, No. 408x (First in class. Steve Tichenor started and rode to race mile 158. Brendan Wright rode from race mile 158 to race mile 230. Ryan Liebelt rode from race mile 230 to the finish.) – – The course was rough. Those guys (Steve and Brendan) had the worst of the two sections; I had the last hundred miles. I guess Brendan went down at mile marker 180 going fast, a couple of things bent, but nothing too bad.

  PRO MOTO 30 (Riders over 30 years old)
JANO MONTOYA, No. 325x (First in class. Jano Montoya started and rode to race mile 40. Bryce Stavron rode from race mile 40 to race mile 140. Shane Esposito rode from race mile 140 to race mile 200. Alberto Ruiz rode from race mile 200 to race mile 240. Esposito rode from race mile 240 to race mile 260. Stavron rode from race mile 260 to the finish.) – – We changed riders a lot to keep everybody fresh. There were more spectators than we expected, that was fun.  We want to take the Championship this year. We have the right team. CO-RIDER BRYCE STAVRON said: First and foremost, a shout out to Jesus Christ. I definitely spent a lot of time with him before this race. Without him I wouldn’t have met all these people and be able to come back to Baja. I’m super grateful to be back racing in Baja. This was a good race. We had a couple things that happened that we can learn from.

EDGAR COTA, No. 723x (First in class) – – It was rough. The track is really, really beat up, but all you have to do is get a flow.  Everytime you get to a wash, you get some breathing time. You know the whoops are coming right after. We kept a cool head and enjoyed the ride.  Perfect race.

JUAN CARLOS SALVATIERRA, No. 725x. (Second in class) – – It went pretty good. I think I’m in second. I was looking for the victory but I’m super happy and proud of myself with this second place. The first half of the race I had some stomach issues and had to stop a couple times, but I recovered and finished strong. No crashes, no issues with the bike. I want to thank God for taking care of me and my country, Bolivia, for the support.

FABRICO FUENTES, No. 785x (Fourth in class) – – It was good. I am very happy. I am very thankful to God that I finished the race. I did have mechanical problems but I’m still happy that I finished. I did fall twice, there was too much dust and rocks, but I’m OK.

RISTO NIEMI, No. 771x (Fifth in class) – – It was pretty good. Half way through the race the heat really got me, but was able to recover with a little bit of food and water, so back to race mode after that. The last hour was tough. I was anxious to get to the finish. I had a clean run.

  PRO MOTO 50 (Riders over 50 years old)
GIOVANNI SPINALI, No. 510x (First in class. Troy Pierce started and rode to race mile 50.  Giiovanni Spinali rode from race mile 50 to race mile 140. Pierce rode from race mile 140 to race mile 193. Jim O’Neal rode from race mile 193 to race mile 224.  Spinali rode from race mile 224 to the finish.) – – I got the bike at race mile 50 ahead by one minute.  Then one of our guys got hurt and we went down about five minutes. I got the bike back at race mile 224, caught him, passed him and then we battled to the finish. I maybe finished ten second ahead of him. It was a great race, a great battle, we had fun.

  PRO MOTO 60 (Riders over 60 years old)
SCOTT MCINTOSH, No. 628x (First in class. Scott McIntosh started and rode to mile marker 40. John Johnson rode from race mile 40 to race mile 137. Sergio Campo rode from mile marker 137 to mile marker 190. Mike McIntosh rode from 190 to 232. Mike McIntosh rode from mile marker 232 to mile marker 260. Don Whittington rode from mile marker 260 to the finish.) – – This is the second time I ran down here.  I drove a buggy a few years ago. A bunch of trucks went by. You can’t hear them well on the bike but they were very courteous. CO-RIDER SERGIO CAMPO said: San Felipe is the worst. It is the most technical of all of the SCORE Baja races. I’ve been riding and pre-running for years and the SCORE San Felipe 250 is short and brutal.


   PRO QUAD (Open engine displacement)
RICARDO VILLAFANA, No. 37a (First in class.  Ricardo Villafana started and rode to race mile 40. Carlos Napoles rode from race mile 40 to race mile 100. Oscar Rojas rode from race mile 100 to race mile 150. Fernando Gomez rode from race mile 150 to race mile 180. Pablo and Luis Villafana also shared riding duties.) – –  It was tough out there. I got the start and something happened to my arms. I didn’t do anything to them, I think I was just stressed, excited, but I made it to race mile 20, so I switched with my brother. He got in an accident. It was his first race so he was not familiar. He got hit in the back by a Trophy Spec. Other than that we got a flat tire and we lost the seat and the battery so we didn’t have any lights. I want to make a special thanks to Marco Moreno from M&M race preparation. He told us we would make it to the finish line and we did. I want to thank God first and my family and friends and people that support us. We made it. It’s our first race.