GPS Files, 2018 Baja 500

GPS Files – The below files start at race mile 39.30. The files for the first 39.3 miles will be released on Wednesday, May 30th. Pre-running of the first 39.30 miles begins on Thursday, May 31st and is only allowed in an outbound direction.

Special Course Shortcut - A section of the course has been eliminated for all Sportsman and Vintage classes and Class 11 vehicles to provide a better chance of finishing the Baja 500. The shortcut begins at Check #1 at Rm 174.20 and re-enters the main course at Rm 243.44. Shortcut distance on Hwy 3 is ± 8 miles and eliminates the 69.24 loop north of Hwy 3. Other classes may utilize this shortcut if all entrants in a class agree to request the shortcut. Contact Jose G. or Christine W. to place a request.

GPX Files

KML Files