ROOST! Episode (20) – Ox Motorsports –

ROOST! Episode (20) – Ox Motorsports

Since the beginning of 2015, SCORE Pro Moto superstar Colton Udall has led his Ox Motorsports team on a mission to recapture the 1x plate. Running two bikes throughout the year, the 3x and 5x racked up first and second place podium finishes at the San Felipe 250, the Baja Sur 500 and the Imperial Valley 250. They knew that it would all come down to the Baja 1000 again! With Colton Udall and Justin Jones on one bike, and Brian Adams, Ray Dalsoglio and Daymon Stokie on the other – and of course with Mark Samuels logging miles on BOTH bikes – the team was able to bring home the win and return the 1x plate to Ox Motorsports! Congratulations on their stellar 2015 performance – this is ROOST! featuring Colton Udall, Mark Samuels and