Vehicle Number Policy –

Vehicle Number Policy

Numbers rules outlined;

1) Numbers are assigned as ‘permanent’ each racing season, and as long as you exercise that number once a year it will remain yours.

2) One full season of not racing puts your number back in the general pool. So, if you race the 2013 Baja 1000, you will need to race ONE race in 2014 to keep your number. For example, if you race the SF250 in 2014, you have until the 2015 Baja 1000 to run your number and keep it in use. WE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO NOTIFY YOU OF YOUR NUMBER’S ‘EXPIRATION,’ IF YOU DO NOT RACE FOR A YEAR WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REASSIGN AN INACTIVE NUMBER IF IT IS REQUESTED.

3) Reserving numbers for any classes EXCEPT Trophy Truck requires a current SCORE Membership. HOWEVER, reserving a Trophy Truck number requires a deposit (100% goes towards your first race entry) or a paid in full entry into the current race.

4) The exceptions for #s in the TT class are that a deposit or entry (not just a membership) is required to hold a number, and that the low numbers are reserved for VERY active racers. We have a six-race season this year, and those numbers are in incredibly high demand.

These rules are to allow people to keep the same marketing materials, branding, etc. while also being fair to new racers. As much as we want racers to be able to identify with their numbers and utilize them to best advantage, it is NOT practical for us to make separate rules for certain racers who want to keep numbers outside of our policy.

At the end of the 2013 Baja 1000, we had less than a handful of TT numbers ‘available.’ However, PLENTY of them have not raced SCORE for more than a year(or YEARS). The high-demand/low-availability holds especially true for the lower TT numbers, #1-#12. I have been making calls and emails to determine who is still actively racing, and who is holding a number but has no plans to race. In the future, at the end of every season we will ‘clear’ the vehicle list in the same way.