The REBEL with a Cause

Dodge's Ram Rebel Review in SCORE Journal Magazine ISSUE No. 8

You have to forgive yourself.


Just, let it go, dude.

Get over it.

You’re not the only one who expected Dodge to unleash an extreme Off-Road factory truck when you first heard the news and rumors about its impending release.

Most everyone who has Baja sand and grit in their blood expected the same thing.

Dodge’s Rebel Ram was nothing at all like we expected it would be.

But as the staff of SJ soon learned, Dodge actually had something else entirely in mind all along.

The Rebel proves to be just what its name implies it is.

Dodge defied convention, expectation, and the Off-Road standard – on purpose. The result: as SJ discovered, the Rebel didn’t fail to live up to expectations. Instead, the Rebel ventured further off the beaten path than you could probably have ever imagined. In the process, on second look, the Dodge Ram Rebel is carving an entirely new path and is, arguably, competing in a class all by itself now.

Check it out!