The WORLD of SCORE – Chase Team Safety –

The WORLD of SCORE – Chase Team Safety

In this new episode of The WORLD of SCORE, we hear from some of the top race team owners, managers and crew chiefs about how they manage and coordinate their Chase Team activities on the course. From planning and logistics to safety and movement, these are critical things that EVERY Chase Team needs to know to get the job done safely! SCORE Baja Chase Team work is difficult and dangerous – so take the advice of the pros who know! This is Chase Team Safety, from The WORLD OF SCORE!
En este nuevo episodio de El MUNDO de SCORE, hablamos con algunos de los propietarios, directores y jefes de la tripulación de los mejores equipos de carreras acerca de como ellos coordinan y manejan las actividades de sus Equipos de Persecucion en el