This week in Mexico Expanded entry list now at 125 starting race week for Rosarito Beach 20th SCORE Desert Challenge –

This week in Mexico Expanded entry list now at 125 starting race week for Rosarito Beach 20th SCORE Desert Challenge


September 12, 2016

Multi-lap, multi day race on 32.1-mile loop course first in Rosarito Beach;
for Round 3 of four-race 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship
to be televised on CBS Sports Network; real time vehicle tracking,
live streaming from start/finish, vehicle tracking at

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ROSARITO BEACH, Baja California, Mexico – With late entries accepted during on-site racer registration on Thursday, a total of 125 teams are officially entered as of tonight for this week’s Rosarito Beach 20th SCORE Desert Challenge. Round 3 of the four-race 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship is being held in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico, 19 miles south of the U.S. Border at San Diego.
With a special race format, Round 3 of the four-race 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship will be held Thursday through Sunday in Mexico’s Baja California. The actual start/finish area, hot pits and primary spectator area will be at Los Manantiales off of old Highway 1 south of central Rosarito.
Unique for SCORE, the 20th time using this race format will see all classes racing a total of four laps over a surprisingly rugged 32.1-mile race course (128.4 total miles) split into two, two-lap sessions.
Nearly 150 total entries are expected at the start line with entries from 17 U.S. States and five countries anticipated. Classes for cars, trucks and UTVs will be divided into four groups, running their first two laps on Friday and their final two laps on Saturday.
The motorcycle and quad classes will run as one large group, running all of their laps on Sunday, their first two in the morning and the final two in the afternoon following a break.
Racing for the cars, trucks and UTVs will start at 6:20 a.m. PT on Friday and Saturday and the course will close each day at 6 p.m. PT.
The featured SCORE Trophy Truck division for high-tech, 850-horsepower unlimited production trucks will start their laps along with the Trophy Truck spec class each day at 12:40 p.m. PT followed by the group including the unlimited Class 1, Class 10 and SCORE Lites and 3:20 p.m. PT as the final race of each day.
On Sunday, motorcycles and quads will start their first two laps at 10:30 a.m. PT and their final two laps starting at 2 p.m. PT with their course closing at 3:55 p.m.
The start order for the second session for all classes will be an invert of the start order from the first session.
Here is the official entry list at the start of race week, by starting order within each class…
Rosarito Beach 20th SCORE Desert Challenge
Sept. 15-18 – Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico
Round 3 of four-race 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship
(128.4 miles, four total laps of 32.1-mile course, split into two sessions)
Official Entries – 125 (as of 9/12/16)
(from 17 U.S. States, Guatemala, Mexico)
(By starting order within Class)

Pro Cars, Trucks & UTVs
SCORE TROPHY TRUCK (Unlimited Production Trucks)–
45 Gary Magness, Denver/Devin Housh, Desert Hot Springs, Calif., Ford F-150
18 Juan C. Lopez, Tecate, Mexico, Ford F-150
15 Billy Wilson, Corpus Christi, Texas, Chevy Silverado
6 Steven Eugenio, Carlsbad, Calif./Larry Connor, Miamisburg, Ohio, Mason-Chevy
1 Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez, Tecate, Mexico, Chevy Rally Truck
CLASS 1 (Unlimited single or two-seaters)–
169 Otoniel Huerta, Calexico, Calif., Jimco-Chevy
172 Jamie Galles, Albuquerque, N.M./Lance Jergensen, Brenthel-Chevy
125 Scott Rueschenberg, Phoenix/Mike Bryant, Tatum-Chevy
138 Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Brian Wilson, Lakewood, Calif./John Herder, Tucson, Jimco-Chevy
106 Eduardo ‘Lalo’ Laguna, Mexicali, Mexico (DOR-Derek Fletcher), Tatum-Chevy
114 Al Torres, Lake Forest, Calif., Jimco-Chevy
153 Brad Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Kyle Quinn, Irvine, Calif., Jimco-Chevy
175 Jaime Huerta Jr, Calexico, Calif./Chetin Saldana, TagHuer-Chevy
104 Robert Archibald, Lakeside, Calif./Judyta Katona, Jimco-Chevy
TROPHY TRUCK SPEC (unlimted Truck/SUV, stock, sealed V8s)–
200 Larry Connor, Miamisburg, Ohio/Steven Eugenio, Carlsbad, Calif., Mason-Chevy
274 Elias Hanna, Ensenada, Mexico, Chevy 1500
227 Jonathan Brenthel, Newport Beach, Calif., Brenthel-Chevy
202 Chad Broughton, Scotts Valley, Calif./Paul Broughton, Scotts Valley, Calif., BajaLite-Chevy
201 Russell Buehler, Liberty, Mo./Neil Buehler, Jimco-Chevy
211 Joe DeLucie, Las Vegas (DOR-Pat Sims), Brenthel-Chevy
273 Jordan Brenthel, Newport Beach, Calif., Brenthel-Chevy
252 Gonzalo Pirron, Lancaster, Calif., Chevy Silverado
CLASS 10 (Single or two-seaters to 1650cc)–
1002 Clay Lawrence, Murrieta, Calif./Sal Pelayo, LMS-Chevy
1018 Miguel Tornel Sr, Chula Vista, Calif., Jimco-Chevy
1091 David Jones, Clovis, Calif., Curry-Chevy
1005 Eliat Cabrales, Ensenada, Mexico/Alfredo Balbuena, Ensenada, Mexico, Barajas-Chevy
1081 Todd Winslow, Clovis, Calif./Matt Winslow, Clovis, Calif., Alumi Craft-Chevy
1058 Mike Lawrence, Murrieta, Calif./Louis Meyers, LMS-Chevy
1060 Armando Boehme, Royce City, Texas/Kai Boehme, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico/Juan Cota, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
1088 Sergio Salgado, Mexicali, Mexico/Joel Serna, Mexicali, Mexico, Jimco-Honda
1009 Rafael Navarro IV, Temecula, Calif., Alumi Craft-Chevy
1098 David Sanchez Jr, Hesperia, Calif./David Sanchez Sr, Hesperia, Calif., Custom-Chevy
1048 Kevin Price, Fremont, Calif./Adam Ferris, Berkeley, Calif., Tatum-Chevy
CLASS 8 (Full-sized two-wheel drive trucks)–
836 Alan Ampudia, Ensenada, Mexico, Ford F-150
849 Gabriel Arce, Tijuana, Mexico, Ford F-100
CLASS 1/2-1600 (VW-powered, single or two-seaters to 1600cc)–
1697 Jorge Sampietro, Ensenada, Mexico/Misael Arambula, Ensenada, Mexico, Romo
1624 Rob Archibald, Lakeside, Calif., Mirage
1644 Cesar Fiscal, Chula Vista, Calif., Romo
1603 Oscar Alvarez, McAllen, Texas/Fernando Alvarez, Romo
1606 Ruben Sanudo, Mexicali, Mexico/Roberto Romo, Mexicali, Mexico, Romo
1689 Marco Venegas, Fillmore, Calif./Christian Venegas, Fillmore, Calif., JFK
1632 Fernie Padilla, Henderson, Nev., Romo
1616 Ramon Bio, Spring Valley, Calif./Cisco Bio, Spring Valley, Calif./Pancho Bio, Spring Valley, Calif., TubularDesign
1605 Miguel Cortez, San Diego/Cesar Quirarte, Romo,
1607 Horacio Lora Fernandez, Coronado, Calif./Jose Fernandez, Coronado, Calif. Juan Fernandez III, Carlsbad, Calif. Javier Fernandez, Chula Vista, Calif., Lothringer
1610 Kevin Price, Fremont, Calif./Michelle Falzon/Jonathan Brand, Custom
SCORE LITES (VW-powered, Limited single-1776cc-or two-seaters-1835cc)–
1204 Gustavo Pinuelas, Calexico, Calif./Cesar Dela Torre, Jimco
1240 Miguel Bonilla, Hermosillo, Mexico/Fernando Mayoral, Jimco
1218 Miguel Tornel Jr, Chula Vista, Calif., Penhall
1229 Raul Rodriguez, Ensenada, Mexico, Custom
1274 Mike Aguilar, San Diego/Adolfo Aguilar Jr, San Diego, Curry
1212 Martin Lizarraga, Tijuana, Mexico/Jesse Lopez, Chula Vista, Calif., Venegas
1202 Matias Arjona IV, Ensenada, Mexico, Mirage
1203 Oliver Flemate, Ensenada, Mexico/J. David Ruvalcaba, Ensenada, Mexico, Custom
1244 Eric Palacios, Las Vegas, Nev./Neri Sanchez, Chenowth
CLASS 5 (Unlimited VW Baja Bugs)–
500 Victor Cesena, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico/Gerardo Iribe, Santa Ana, Calif.
509 Jose Lopez, Mexicali, Mexico
524 Ben Swift, San Diego/Pete Swift, San Diego
549 Ruben Hernandez, Tijuana, Mexico/Ivan Vega, Tijuana, Mexico
CLASS 7 (Open, production mini trucks)–
706 Brandon Walsh, Encinitas, Calif./Travis Freedman, Toyota Tacoma
700 Dan Chamlee, Santa Barbara, Calif., Ford Ranger
725 JT Holmes, Reno, Nev., Reno, Nev., Ford Ranger
727 James Ryan, Moab, Utah/Rick Lee, Ford Ranger
701 Brandon Walsh, Encinitas, Calif./Travis Freedman, Toyota Tacoma
704 Aaron Celiceo, San Diego/Gustavo Vargas, Chula Vista, Calif., Toyota Tacoma
PRO UTV FI (Forced Induction, 4-wheel Utility Vehicle)–
2921 Johnny Angal, Mesa, Ariz., Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo
2904 Cory Sappington, Peoria, Ariz./Scott Sappington, Glendale, Ariz. Can-Am Maverick Max Turbo
2905 Marc Burnett, Lakeside, Calif., Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo
2910 Scott Trafton, Santee, Calif./Marc Behnke, Lakeside, Calif., Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo
2975 Mike Cafro, Fallbrook, Calif./Jamie Kirkpatrick, Olympia, Wash., Polaris RZR XP1000
2916 Cody Rahders, Alpine, Calif./Kevin Sullivan/Fernando Ramirez, Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo
2917 Derek Murray/Jason Murray, Eastvale, Calif., Can-Am Maverick X3-1000
2919 Brandon Schueler, Phoenix/Chad Hummer, Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo
PRO UTV (Naturally Aspirated, Stock 4-wheel Utility Vehicle)–
1949 Alonzo Lopez, Murrieta, Calif., Polaris RZR XP1000
1901 Greg Row, Alpine, Calif./Josh Row, El Cajon, Calif./Brad Meyer, Polaris RZR XP1000
1915 Thomas Graves, El Cajon, Calif./Arturo Vasquez, Polaris RZR900
1909 Roberto Balderrama Jr, Chihuahua, Mexico/Alejandro Vasquez, Polaris RZR XP1000
1907 Daniel Parker, Glendale, Ariz./Fausto Prince, Polaris RZR XP1000
CLASS 5-1600 (1600cc VW Baja Bugs)–
557 Mario Ledezma, Sun City, Calif./Ruben Ledezma/Justin Ledezma
569 Donald Harper, Palmdale, Calif.
577 Larry Negrete, San Diego (DOR-Ernie Negrete)
599 Hector Hurtado, Tijuana, Mexico/Sergio Lopez, Tijuana, Mexico
595 Stu Hersey, San Diego/Rick Ponce/Eric Dollente
5XX Juan Larios
CLASS 7SX (Modified, stock mini-trucks)–
747 Nathan Edelstein, Ramona, Calif./Brittany Tagg, Ford Ranger
CLASS 11 (stock VW sedan)–
1121 Dennis Hollenbeck, Ensenada, Mexico/Armando Salazar, Ensenada, Mexico/David Forest, Costa Mesa, Calif.
1103 Noe Gutierrez, Ensenada, Mexico/Jorge Maldonado, Ensenada, Mexico/Sergio Fabela, Ensenada, Mexico
1149 Victor Esparza, Mexicali, Mexico/Adrian Esparza, Mexicali, Mexico/Luis Verdusco
1109 Mauro Diaz, Robins, Iowa/Armando Ventura/Mauro Diaz Jr, Robins, Iowa
PRO MOTO UNLIMITED (450cc or more)–
1x Colton Udall, Yucca Valley, Calif./Mark Samuels, Yucca Valley, Calif., Honda CRF450X
3x Ray Dal Soglio, Scottsdale, Ariz./Nic Garvin, Ladera Ranch, Calif., Honda CRF450X
37x Kevin Murphy, Fresno, Calif./Morgan Crawford, Fresno, Calif./Jordan Brandt, Fresno, Calif., Husqvarna FE501
45x Shane Esposito, Menifee, Calif. (ROR-Francisco Arredondo, Guatemala), Honda CRF450X
47x Trey Vansourt, Valencia, Calif./Jeremy Newton, Honda CRF450X
15x Larry Serna, Chula Vista, Calif./Rodolfo Patron, Tijuana, Mexico/Forest Minchinton, Huntington Beach, Calif., KTM XCW450
XXx Max Eddy, Barstow, Calif., Honda CRF450X
PRO MOTO 30 (Riders over 30 years old)–
301x Christopher Schultz, Kamuela, Hawaii/Geoff Hill/Ryan Leibelt/Greg Bardonnex, Yamaha YZ450FX
PRO MOTO 40 (Riders over 40 years old)–
437x Craig Thompson, Fresno, Calif./Jeff Vogt, Fresno, Calif./Jeff Evans, San Jose, Calif., Husqvarna FE501
400x Colie Potter, Las Vegas/Sterlyn Rigsby, Temecula, Calif./Dave Glass, Menifee, Calif./Rick Pratt/Lendon Smith/Robert Lightfeldt, Hemet, Calif./Steve Herstad, Honda CRF450X
404x Jano Montoya, Winter Garden, Fla./Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico/Gerardo Rojas, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico Kirk Russell, KTM 450XCW
455x Mike Johnson, El Paso, Texas/Rex Cameron, Albuquerque, N.M./Jason Trubey/Tim Morton, Honda CRF450X
403x Oscar Fazz, Yuma Ariz./Paul Lopez, Kawasaki LX450F
PRO MOTO LIMITED (449cc or less)–
101x Mark Winkelman, Cedar Hill, Texas/Rene Nagana/Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif./Austin Miller/Grant Stanley, Husqvarna 350
100x Emanuel Verdugo, Ensenada, Mexico (ROR-Fernando Beltran, Ensenada, Mexico), Yamaha YZ250F
115x Mo Martinez, San Ysidro, Calif./Alexis Velarde, Pedro Tellez, Honda CRF250X
Mexico, KTM 350XCF
106x Garrett Poucher, Valencia, Calif./Michel Valenzuela, Tijuana, Mexico, KTM 350XCF
PRO MOTO 50 (Riders over 50 years old)–
507x Mark Winkelman, Cedar Hill, Texas/Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif./Rene Nagana, Husqvarna 350
540x Michael Garvin, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif./Bill Sekkers, Agua Dulce, Calif., Honda CRF450X
729x Michael Skurkis, Henderson, Nev., KTM 450XCW
716x Ryan Gutile, Madera, Calif., Yamaha WR450
PRO MOTO 60 (Riders over 60 years old)–
625x Mark Hawley, Anaheim, Calif., Honda CRF450X
PRO QUAD (450cc or more)–
1a Javier Robles Jr, Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico/Josh Row, El Cajon, Calif./Felipe Velez, San Felipe, Mexico/Jose Meza Velez, San Felipe, Mexico, Honda TRX450R
18a Andres Amaya, San Diego/Rafael Marquez, Honda TRX450R
7a Said Sanchez, Ensenada, Mexico/Adolfo Arellano, Ensenada, Mexico, Honda TRX450R
1581 Zach Summers, Clovis, Calif./Cody Merkord, Clovis, Calif./Kyle Kirkorian, Fresno, Calif., VW Baja Bug
230x Kristopher Harvey, Yuma, Ariz./Eric Saltzer, Somerton, Ariz., Honda CRF450X
203x Mario Castro, Ensenada, Mexico/Omar Bojorquez, Ensenada, Mexico, Yamaha YZ450F
235x Fernando Barbosa, Miami/Fernando Ferreyra/Alberto Ruiz, Honda CRF450X
277x Stephen Gholson, Richland, N.C./Justin Santariga, Honda CRF450X
283x Miguel Pena, Tijuana, Mexico/Jose Luevano/Manuel Perez/Misael Barrios, Honda CRF450X
226x Martin Sierra/Francisco Sierra
169a Lupita Ramirez, San Ysidro, Calif., Honda TRX450R
110a Danny Magdaleno, Acton, Calif./Jorge Lopez, San Felipe, Mexico, Honda TRX450R
117a Erik Ruiz, Tijuana, Mexico/Jesus Zains, Tijuana, Mexico/Joaquin Rodriguez, Tijuana, Mexico, Honda CRF450X
122a Leyla Odisea, San Diego, Calif./Jorge Martinez, Rosarito Beach, Mexico, Honda TRX450R