US Waiver Information –

US Waiver Information

Team Wristbands are required for all persons at US races who will be in the pit areas (and are not banded racers). Waivers can be signed before hand and turned in at registration for corresponding bands with team numbers on them.

Wristbands will be given to team representatives for a driver or codriver ONLY if they have a fully signed and initialed form, notarized, and ONLY for racers who are pre-registered through RegOnline. If you are signing up your race entry ONSITE you MUST attend registration in person. The waivers for drivers/codrivers posted on the SCORE International website only need be filled out by racers who cannot attend registration in person.

All waivers submitted in absentia in return for a race wristband MUST be notarized.

Please note that for the 2015 race season there will be NO race-day registrations; registration times will be published in the schedule and firmly adhered to. 

Print US Waivers Here:   

IV 250 Driver & Co-Driver Waivers

 IV 250 Minor Waivers

IV 250 Team Waivers