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WARRIOR – Lalo Laguna


On this week’s episode of GUERRERO it has a new exclusive interview with 2015 champion Bud Light SCORE Baja 500 Lalo South Laguna. Over the past 10 years, Lalo risen from a young conductor “pedal to the metal” to become part of the elite team of RPM Motorsports with drivers Trophy Trucks. Hear him talk about his upbringing, their careers, and their dream of beating his idol Rob MacCachren. With new video of his victory in the Baja Sur 500, this program full of action may be the start of something BIG! This is GUERRERO – with Lalo Laguna.

WARRIOR – Episode (7) – Lalo Laguna
This week’s episode of GUERRERO features a brand new, exclusive Interview with Bud Light 2015 SCORE Baja 500 champion Lalo South Laguna. Over the last 10 years, Lalo