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Is a SCORE BAJA-style Off-Road endurance race composed of a course that tracks, at least part of the way, along the 4,000 miles of the Great Wall of China itself coming to the SCORE World Desert Racing Championship Series in the near future?

Every indication is that something like that is in at least the formative stages.

SCORE-International President and owner Roger Norman was pictured in social media posts this week posing with several Chinese associates standing next to the Great Wall of China. The posts appeared on SCORE-International’s Official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Stated purpose of the trip, according to the photos’ accompanying single post: “Roger Norman and SCORE doing early planning on the first race to be held in CHINA!”

First thought, 太好了;太棒了 – which, in case you are not up on your Chinese, means “AWESOME!”

This started the wheels turning and the research hopping. Translation: we started doing a lot premature creative brainstorming of what such a race could be called. Also, of course, we started scouting out the location ourselves via Google Earth and so forth.

Obviously, a ton of logistics and some massive amounts of coordination will have to be executed to pull something like a “SCORE Beijing Baja-style 4000,” or “The Kung Pao SCORE Oriental Extreme 4000” (we just made those names up ourselves) can actually happen.

One thing seems clear at the moment, SCORE is seriously looking into how to make this happen. How long that will take to become a reality remains to be seen.

At any rate, the original Facebook post is right here, along with a few very interesting “snapshots” of the potential race course terrain near the Great Wall of China.

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