Baja Desert Championship: Origins –
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Tonight, 9P ET @ElReyNetwork, PREMIERE of BAJA DESERT CHAMPIONSHIP: ORIGINS. #Baja #Baja500 #ElReyNetwork #Origins.

The FIRST Episode in the 2017 SCORE World Desert Championship television series will be BAJA Desert Championship – ORIGINS. This 1-Hour Special will feature interviews with many of SCORE’s top drivers – talking about Baja, what it means to them, and what it takes to conquer “The Baja”. MARK your Calendar and SET your DVRs for WEDNESDAY Night, May 31st at 9 p.m. ET on El Rey Network for this incredible premier documentary episode! Featuring interviews and highlights with Rob MacCachren, Bryce Menzies, Brandon Walsh, Cameron Steele, Heidi Steele, Tavo Vildosola Racing, Wayne Matlock, Kristen Matlock, Mark McMillin Racing, Luke McMillin, Dan McMillin and a special guest interview with Steve McQueen’s son Chad