CONQUEST – Swift Racing –

CONQUEST – Swift Racing

Pete Swift has been racing in Baja since the 1980s. But now, Swift Racing is a father-son team! His son Ben joined the racing family and now their #525 Class 5 Bug joins the ranks of other great father-son teams that are calling SCORE their home. Last year, they brought home a Baja 500 2nd place finish in Class 5. This year, they’re back for more. Still running the classic Type 1 VW engine, Pete and Ben are all about the “family vacation” experience that SCORE racing in Baja provides to the entire family! This is CONQUEST featuring the Class 5 Swift Racing team.

Pete Swift a estado corriendo en Baja desde los 80s. Pero ahora, Swift Racing es un equipo de Padre e hijo! Su hijo Ben se unió a la familia y ahora su Bug #525 de