CONQUEST – The Co-Drivers of Terrible Herbst –

CONQUEST – The Co-Drivers of Terrible Herbst


In this behind-the-scenes episode of CONQUEST, we interview John Tondro, Todd Gorsuch and Wade Weaver, the co-drivers for Tim and Troy Herbst, Ryan Arciero and Larry Roeseler of Terrible Herbst Motorsport. From roll overs and cactus crashes to winning seven championships in the famous “Landshark”, we get the inside scoop on what’s it like to navigate and co-drive for one of the most famous and successful teams in the history of SCORE Baja racing. This is CONQUEST featuring the Co-Drivers of Terrible Herbst Motorsport.

En este episodio de detrás de las cámaras de CONQUEST, entrevistamos a John Tondro, Todd Gorsuch, y Wade Weaver, los copilotos de Tim y Troy Herbst, Ryan Arciero, y Larry Roeseler de Terrible Herbst Motorsport.