Final field set for Saturday’s 29th Bud Light SCORE San Felipe 250, season opener of the five-race SCORE World Desert Championship |
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    January 23, 2015

    Entries from 18 states, six countries to challenge 257.2-mile course
    Live vehicle tracking at
    race to be televised on CBS Sports Network;

        SAN FELIPE, Mexico—Entries from around the world have journeyed to Mexico to launch the 2015 desert racing calendar at Saturday’s 29th Bud Light SCORE San Felipe 250.  The season-opener of the internationally-televised five-race 2015 SCORE World Desert Championship will once again start and finish adjacent to the famed San Felipe Arches on the outskirts of the quaint Mexican fishing village located 125 miles south of the U.S. Border at Calexico, Calif. in Baja California.
    In 2015, four rounds of the SCORE World Desert Championship will be held on Mexico’s magnificent Baja California peninsula and one in the United States.
    A total of 155 entries in Pro and Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and Quads are part of the popular season-opening race. The starting grid includes 23 entries in SCORE Trophy Truck, the marquee racing division for hi-tech, 850-horsepower unlimited production trucks.
    Motorcycles and Quads will begin taking the green flag Saturday morning at 6:23 a.m. in the elapsed-time race on a rugged 257.2-mile course. The car, truck and UTV classes will begin starting at approximately 10:30 a.m. with at least a three-and one-half hour gap after the last Sportsman quad leaves the start line.
    All classes will have an 11-hour time limit to become an official finisher in the elapsed time race. The fastest finishers are expected to complete the course in approximately four hours, 15 minutes.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Following is the final pre-race number/name entry list for Saturday’s season-opening 29th Annual Bud Light SCORE San Felipe 250 being held in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Live vehicle tracking will be available at

    29th Bud Light SCORE San Felipe 250
    Jan. 24, 2015—257.2 miles
    San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico
    Total Entries: 152 (as of 1/23/15)
    (from 18 U.S. States and Austria, Finland, Germany, Mexico)
    (By starting order within class)
    Pro Cars & Trucks

    5 Clyde Stacy
    11 Rob MacCachren
    16 Cameron Steele
    1 Steven Eugenio
    50 Zak Langley
    45 Gary Magness
    38 Eric Hustead
    48 Jimmy Nuckles
    2 Jason McNeil
    10 Taylor Mills
    72 Robert Acer
    52 Gonzalo Pirron
    59 Craig Potts
    44 Kyle Jergensen
    21 Gus Vildosola Jr
    17 Eduardo Laguna
    97 B.J. Baldwin
    40 Chris Miller
    36 Glen Greer
    84 Nick Vanderwey
    88 Sergio Salgado
    85 Justin Davis-2nd RS
    25 Brian Ostrom-1st RS

    CLASS 1 (13)
    180 Jim Anderson
    199 Mike Thurlow
    131 George Peters
    159 Dennis Boyle
    109 Tony Murray
    172 Jonathan Brenthel
    104 Rob Archibald
    155 Mike Boone
    142 Steven Sells
    168 Shelby Reid
    190 Sandy Hall
    175 Jaime Huerta Jr
    160 Victor Barreda-1st RS

    CLASS 1/2-1600 (13)
    1661 Mike Lichtenfeld
    1644 Cesar Fiscal
    1636 Aaron Ampudia
    1606 Ruben Sanudo
    1605 Raul Rodrizuez
    1625 Eric Sheetz
    1697 Jorge Sampietro
    1610 J.J. Schnarr
    1699 Hector Olmos
    1626 Martin Rangel
    1688 Rodrigo Elorduy
    1691 David Jones-2nd RS
    1609 J. David Ruvalcaba-1st RS

    CLASS 3 (2)
    366 Don Hatch
    300 Donald Moss

    CLASS 5 (3)
    528 Victor Cesena
    501 Kevin Carr
    500 Jose Lopez-1st RS

    CLASS 5-1600 (4)
    552 Carlos Rivera
    553 Armando Garcia
    557 Michael King
    597 Enrique Zazueta Jr-1st RS

    CLASS 7 (7)
    717 Pat Sims
    701 Brandon Walsh
    700 Dan Chamlee
    705 Carlos Diaz
    722 Pete Sohren
    721 Jon Anderson-2nd RS
    726 Greydon Fauvre-1st RS

    CLASS 8 (5)
    818 Brent Downing
    811 James Burman
    808 Rick Sanchez
    802 Tim Gabbert
    848 Miles Wyatt

    CLASS 10 (12)
    1000 Cody Reid
    1061 Todd Winslow
    1002 Mark Lawrence
    1006 Mike Lawrence
    1089 Arnoldo Gutierrez Jr
    1009 Rafael Navarro IV
    1011 Morgan Langley
    1016 Cody Robinson
    1033 Miguel Tornel Sr
    1058 Clay Lawrence
    1050 John Langley
    1075 Eliseo Garcia-1st RS

    1209 Rafael Navarro III
    1205 Hector Perez
    1207 Michael Crichton-1st RS

    STOCK FULL (1)
    8125 John Gonzales

    CLASS 3000 (4)
    3048 Dewey Clark
    3030 Chad Broghton
    3050 Bill Young
    3043 Ben Phillips

    846 Jose Gomez
    852 Russell Buehler
    871 Larry Connor
    872 Jordan Brenthel

    8013 Jorge Rivera

    CLASS 19 (14)
    1915 Thomas Graves
    1921 Johnny Angal
    1900 Marc Burnett
    1942 Scott McFarland
    1917 Derek Murray
    1904 Cory Sappington
    1949 Alonso Lopez
    1930 Sean Cook
    1924 Raul Gonzalez
    1932 Matt Parks
    1918 Michael Cafro
    1927 Ben Wilson
    1946 Jose Juarez
    1903 Jaime Romero-1st RS

    Pro Motorcycles
    OPEN M/C (7)
    35x Nicholas Gust
    14x Raul Hernandez
    9x Arnulfo Verdugo
    26x Nick Owens
    5x Colton Udall
    3x Mark Samuels
    1x Ricky Brabec

    LIMITED M/C (1)
    122x Ruben Alamo

    CLASS 30 (1)
    300x Mark Winkelman

    CLASS 40 (7)
    444x Kyle Abney
    403x Oscar Fazz
    404x Jano Montoya
    424x Jeff Powell
    408x Dave Callagy
    411x Collie Potter
    400x Paul Thomas

    CLASS 50 (1)
    501x Marc Prince

    700x Tony Gera
    706x Kevin Daniels
    799x Jason Miller
    703x Donald Lewis-3rd RS
    707x Juan Rodriguez-2nd RS
    741x Jason Babcock-1st RS

    Pro Quads
    Pro Quad (6)
    12a Oscar Ruiz
    7a Francisco Vera
    17a Said Sanchez
    1a Javier Robles Jr
    16a Juan Saldez
    49a Gustavo Ameca-1st RS

    SPT BUGGY (2)
    1515 Derek Fletcher-1st RS
    1588 Jeff Cepielik-2nd RS

    1494 Vincent Munoz
    1449 Jorge Rivas
    1460 Ismael Reyes
    1424 William  Wolfard-1st RS

    SPT M/C (7)
    230x Eric Saltzer
    272x William Johnson
    202x Risto Niemi
    282x Jason Lulis
    264x Alejandro Quintero
    222x Kenneth Skillern-2nd RS
    218x Gabe Willitts-1st RS

    SPT QUAD (4)
    107a Jesus Ramirez
    109a Juan Dominguez
    120a Cristina Anaya
    124a Jose Perez

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