2022 Baja 1000 – Nov. 15-20, 2022

Satellitephonestore.com, the official satellite communications sponsor of SCORE International has put together the following to options to help with safety and communications in Baja.

Iridium ICOM PTT Radios:

Rent or Purchase Iridium ICOM radios and have the ability to join the new Weatherman Talk Group.

- This is a Public talk group with coverage over LA, San Diego, and all of Baja Peninsula.

- The Talk Group is open year-round but is not monitored outside of SCORE Races.

- Single Radios can also join but cannot use as a comms channel during races.

- Teams will need to buy an extra talk group to pair with the Weatherman Talk group so that it’s not used for team communications.

- Use the same radio rules and etiquette as Weatherman Radio: https://www.pciraceradios.com/.../weatherman-relay-etiquette

- Access to the Talk Group can be restricted if abused

Access Charge:

$10/month for subscribers + plus need to have a primary race channel

$10/week add on for rental customers

Click the following link to rent or purchase online:


SCORE Baja 1000 Racer Only Rental Package:

-This discounted satellite phone rental is for registered Score Baja 1000 racers only.
-Chase and Team members will need to place separate orders at regular rates.
-You can take the 2 Day shipping with FedEx that is preselected or save money by selecting Pickup and going into our San Diego, CA office to collect your order.
-If you need a return shipping label please select that option.
-You can change the rental dates if needed, we provide a 3 day grace period for returning the satellite equipment.
- This is being offered only to registered Baja 1000 racers because radio and cellular communications will be very limited in the Penisula race and we want to promote safety and security with Score.

Direct link: