SCORE Lites 2013 –

SCORE Lites 2013

SCORE LITES – Type 1 VW Engine Option:

DISCLAIMER – If SCORE at anytime during the racing season determines that any engine
has an advantage, we may equalize that engine by any means including, but not restricted to:
reduction in cc, venturi size restriction, the use of a restrictor, etc.

DISPLACEMENT – Seat vehicles maximum displace 2020cc. Two seat vehicles maximum displace 2120cc. Any bore/stroke combination is allowed.

CARBURETORS & MANIFOLDS – Individual runner manifolds only, no balance tube. 1.750 inch (1 3/4″) OD maximum runner size. No Plenum Manifolds allowed. VW OE End Castings only allowed, with any modifications allowed. Maximum of 1 carburetor allowed. Weber 44IDF & EMPI HPMX 44 carburetor only allowed. Maximum venturi size is 34mm.

PISTON – Open.


COMPRESSION RATIO – Maximum compression ratio limited to 9.0:1.

CYLINDER HEADS AND VALVES – Any manufacture cylinder head. Any valve retainers are allowed. Any valves or valve size allowed. Valve springs are open.

CAMSHAFT & ROCKER ARMS – Only 1.1:1 & 1.25:1 rocker arms allowed. No roller tip rockers allowed. Any rocker shaft allowed. Any camshaft and lifter allowed. Any timing gears allowed.

FAN SHROUD – Aftermarket VW type fan shrouds allowed. Must be upright type 1 VW shroud. No Porsche 911 shrouds allowed.

OIL PUMP & OIL SYSTEM – Any oil pump is allowed. Dry sump, deep sump, and accusump systems allowed.