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    Turbo UTVs in SCORE Desert Racing Powering Monster Innovations

    More and more teams are racing UTVs in Baja and manufacturers like #Polaris #Can-Am #Yamaha, #ArcticCat are taking full advantage of the most extreme conditions in the world by transforming SCORE’s classes 19 and 20 into real-world Research and Development Labs.

    UTVShiftInPowerHeadsmHave you seen the climbing Horsepower numbers the UTVs in Baja are putting up these days? Constant HP increases alone are translating into blessings for Class 19 and 20 SCORE UTV race teams. But the buck doesn’t stop there.

    Find out how, how it’s happening and why it matters so much, not just to the skyrocketing popularity of UTV racing at the highest levels of desert racing in the SCORE Baja series, get a load of how these rapid fire innovations are translating to the overall UTV market, in this month’s SCORE Journal.