Video Gone Viral: BAJA Fever Running High . . . 2005 SCORE BAJA 500 –

Video Gone Viral: BAJA Fever Running High . . . 2005 SCORE BAJA 500

From the SCORE International archives, this classic video has gone viral in basically no time since posted on the SCORE Official Fan Page just last night as part of the “FlashBack Friday.


Must Be True!

BAJA Fever is reaching epidemic proportions . . . #AreYouReady?

Promise, though, it will be okay.

After all, the 48th SCORE BAJA 500 is only about a month away (June 1-5).

No help, huh?

Still too far away?

Fever’s ratcheting up, higher and higher. A steady climb.

Well . . . If it makes you feel any better, we know how you feel.

Hey, here’s one: prerunning – which the SCORE BAJA 500 is famous for, too – is getting underway before you know it.

In the meantime, here’s the deal:

Our archives are full – almost 50 years worth of the best of the best doing their baddest (which also means “very/usage best” in this sense of the word “bad”) . . .  The deal is we’ll keep pulling good stuff out of the vault and serving it up right here at – you know, sharing it with you.

You? . . . Well, you keep coming back here. Watching the videos and reading any interesting stories and tidbits, as well as stats, and seeing all of the cool old photos from BAJA 500 days gone by. And, then, you share them.

It’s a great prescription. For your BAJA Fever, which, by the way, starts reaching a pitch in the next few weeks. Historically speaking, that is.

So . . . what do you say? Deal?

It’s not like you have a better one on the table now, do you? And, any way, it’s Doctor’s Orders.