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Brad Wilson, the 27-year-old Long Beach, California native and leader of Class 1 Unlimited heading into this year's SCORE BAJA 1000, is a perfect example of how SCORE World Championship Desert Racing is infused in one's DNA. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE... See More . . .

SCORE Racer Mark Luhtala passes away in San Diego hospital

SCORE is extremely saddened to announce the death of SCORE racer Mark Luhtala as the result of a heart attack suffered on Wednesday (Nov. 23) while recovering from the amputation of a portion of his left leg at the University of California San Diego Medical Center (UCSD). Luhtala, 48, was inju... See More . . .

#BAJA1000 BJ Baldwin: 100 to ZERO – Really Quick

Comments from Ballistic BJ Baldwin talking about his “really bad” crash with a “30-ton” that knocked him out of the 49th Annual SCORE BAJA 1000. Baldwin calls it “the worst thing I’ve ever hit – yet.” We’re glad you’re okay, BJ. Please follow and like us:

#BAJA1000 Update: Ampudias Have Bad RollOver

(CORRECTION: While the original post on Saturday was correct, the photo was a mismatch. The Ampudia's did experience a rollover that ended their race on Saturday, however, the original photo on this story was of Truck 203, Dion Podgurny (F-1 Firearms) at RM15 . . . Thank you, Dion, for emailing ... See More . . .

Robby Gordon Out of 2016 SCORE BAJA 1000

By all accounts, Robby Gordon was literally burning up the course on Friday in the first 150-plus miles of the Baja 1000. After overcoming a brief flat tire, Gordon was back at it until he blew an engine at about mile 200. Before hooking up to the tow strap, Gordon took time to pose for pics with fans while other racers sped by them. Bottom Line: Robby Gordon’s out of the 49th SCORE BAJA 1000 early on . . . Please follow and like us:

#Baja1000 – Robby Gordon Tearing Down The Beach

Robby Gordon on Friday during the 49th Annual SCORE Baja 1000 tearing down the beach a few minutes after he had to stop briefly for a tire change and a few minutes before Gordon blew an engine and ended his race at about mile 200. Please follow and like us: