Filiberto Garcia - Sportsmans Moto

Filiberto Garcia

Los Angelas, CA - #245X

Vehicle Specifications:

Make: Honda  Model: CRF 450X  Engine: Honda  Engine Builder: Honda Chassis: Honda  Transmission: Honda

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Making it to the finish | May 2022 Issue

Without the threat of Juan Carlos Salvatierra riding in the SCORE Pro Moto Ironman class, it was open for any of the ten competitors who came to challenge the 277-mile course. Among the riders was Fabricio Fuentes, KTM Bolivia's teammate to Salvatierra who finished second last year, along with veteran SCORE Baja 1000 Ironman racer Larry Janesky. But it was Brandon Wright in the 750x Husqvarna FE501 who crossed the finish line in 7:21:20 to win the class. Read More

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DNF in Sportsmans Moto