Tanner Janesky - Pro Moto Ironman

Tanner Janesky

Middlebury, CT - #775X

Vehicle Specifications:

Make: Honda  Model: CRF450X  Engine: Honda  Engine Builder: Honda Chassis: Honda  Transmission: Honda

In SCORE Journal

An Exhausting Ride | October 2020 Issue

The Pro Moto 50 class had the 2019 Class Champion team of Giovanni Spinali on the 500x bike return to race in this event. The team of co-riders included Troy Pierce, John Griffin, and Jim O'Neil, who holds the record for the most SCORE class wins on two-wheels. These guys were up against the 514x team of Lawrence Janesky, who has competed in SCORE's Pro Moto Ironman class in the past with his son Tanner Janesky. Tanner won the Ironman class at the 2019 SCORE Baja 500. At this year's race, Janesky teamed up with Oscar Hale Jr and James Sones for a chance for a class win. Read More

Determined Not To Quit | August 2020 Issue

Larry Janesky is a successful businessman from Connecticut who started riding dirt bikes late at age 32 with his brother. When his son Tanner turned five, Larry got him on a dirt-bike and the two have been riding together ever since. Years later, after touring in Utah, South Africa, and Columbia, the two decided to tour with Chris Haines Baja Motorcycle Adventure Tours where they first learned about the SCORE Baja 1000. The two later teamed up with Haines and raced their first SCORE Baja 1000 in 2015, winning the Sportsman Class. Read More

A First Timer Wins Pro Moto Ironman | December 2019 Issue

Truly one of the toughest classes in all of SCORE Baja racing is the Pro Moto Ironman class. Requiring highly skilled riding combined with an athletic capability and most importantly, the mental capacity to stay focused, it was surprising to witness a first-time Ironman competitor win the class. Read More


Tanner Janesky

SCORE Race Results | 2017-Present

2019 BFGoodrich Tires SCORE 52nd Baja 1000 Presented by 4 Wheel Parts

#77 Overall and #2 in Pro Moto Ironman

2019 BFGoodrich Tires SCORE 51st Baja 500

#68 Overall and #1 in Pro Moto Ironman

2018 BFGoodrich Tires SCORE 50th Baja 500

#97 Overall and #4 in Pro Moto Ironman

2017 BFGoodrich Tires SCORE 50th Baja 1000

DNF in Pro Moto Ironman