Michael Coleman - Class 7

Michael Coleman

La Jolla, CA - #721

Vehicle Specifications:

Make: Ford  Model: Raptor  Engine: Ford  Engine Builder: Ford Chassis: Custom  Transmission: Culhane

Sponsored by:

H.M. Coleman Inc., Boom Cloud 360, Baja Designs, Ford, BFGoodrich Tires, , Carrasco Racing, Too Much Fun promotions, 7-Eleven, Baja Bound insurance, SHOT Race Gear, TCX Boots, HJC Helmets, Cti Knee Braces, SEL instrument, Dunlop Tires, Flowvision Goggles, Thrill Seekers Colleciton, Laird Superfoods, Fezzari Bicycles, 4 Arm Strong, Island Deodorant.,  

SCORE Race Results | 2017-Present

2019 SCORE 33rd San Felipe 250

#56 Overall and #1 in Class 7

2018 SCORE 32nd San Felipe 250

#36 Overall and #1 in Class 7

2017 SCORE 31st San Felipe 250

DNF in Class 7