Steve Olliges - SCORE Trophy Truck

Steve Olliges

Las Vegas, NV - #51

Vehicle Specifications:

Make: Ford  Model: Raptor  Engine: Ford  Engine Builder: Dougans Racing Engines Chassis: Geiser  Transmission: Rancho Drivetrain Engineering

Team Ford Steve Olliges on Dirt Live Off-Road Racing Show! Tune in Every Tuesday at 7PM on DIRT LIVEHD GUESTS... With the show on the air for 30 weeks, special racer guests have included Jim Anderson, R.J. Anderson, Ryan Arciero, B.J. Baldwin, Robby Bell, Johnny Buss, Johnny Campbell, Kurt Caselli, Martin Christensen, Sean Cook, Justin Davis, Pat Dean, Colin Edwards, Steven Eugenio, T.J. Flores, Doug Fortin, Robby Gordon, Peter Hajas, Rod Hall, Shelby Hall, Elias Hanna, Steve Hengeveld, Jerry Herbst, Tim Herbst, Troy Herbst, Mike Julson, Erek Kudla, Harley Letner, Matt Loiodice, Brad Lovell, Rob McCachren, Daniel McMillin, Luke McMillin, Mark McMillin, Andrew Myers, Steve Olliges, Adam Pfankuch, Ivan Ramirez, Jay Reichert, Brett Robinson, Larry Roeseler, Armin Schwarz, Fred Sobke, Cameron Steele, Ivan Stewart, Colton Udall, Gus Vildosola Sr, Gus Vildosola Jr, Kellon Walch and Tim Weigand. DIRT LIVEHD CREW Desert racing public address announcer and former racer George Antill is the co-host of all Dirt LiveHD programming along with co-host Diana Dahlgren, a Monster Energy Supercross TV commentator, fitness competitor, body builder and Ms. Monster Energy Supercross. One of the regular elements of the show os a SCORE social media interchange, allowing fans and racers to comment and ask questions through the SCORE Facebook and SCORE Twitter platforms. Another special segment each week is Tech Tips with SCORE Tech co-directors Jake Velasco or Art Savedra or SCORE Trophy

Sponsored by:

Pro Eagle Jacks, Team Ford, Howe Performance, KC Hilites, RDE, Geiser Brothers, Dougans Racing Engines, VP Racing Fuels, KMC Wheels, BFGoodrich Tires, Fox Shocks,  

SCORE Race Results | 2017-Present

2023 BFGoodrich SCORE Baja 500

#11 Overall and #6 in SCORE Trophy Truck

2023 King Shocks SCORE San Felipe 250 Presented by Baja Vida

#6 Overall and #6 in SCORE Trophy Truck

2021 BFGoodrich Tires SCORE San Felipe 250 Presented by Ford

#10 Overall and #10 in SCORE Trophy Truck

2018 SCORE 32nd San Felipe 250

#15 Overall and #12 in SCORE Trophy Truck