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Andres "Lechero" Rodriguez is the head mechanic at Vildosola racing and is a 3x SCORE Mechanic OTY

Vildosola Racing makes many of its own parts and has CNC Machines that create billet trailing arms and more

Vildosola Racing Shop Tour

A quick tour of Vildosola Racing in San Diego, CA

Dan Sanchez

We stopped by Vildosola Racing's facility to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes as the team prepares for the next race.  Both Gus Vildosola and Tavo Vildosola's AWD SCORE Trophy Trucks were being worked on and we also got to say hi to Javi Valenzuela (Tavo's navigator) and 3x SCORE Mechanic of the Year Andres “Lechero” Rodriguez. 

The shop is as you would expect, immaculate and headed by manager Steve Lewis. The members of the team were preparing vehicles for the next SCORE race and also had other projects in the shop, including a 1600 race car, a custom Land Rover with an LS V8 engine in it, as well as the team's pre-runner vehicles, and a custom Ford Bronco race/pre-runner vehicle that will be featured in SCORE Journal Magazine.