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Many of the components such as boxed steel A-arms are hand welded

Full race chassis are also hand welded and kept to high standards for racing

Brenthel Racing Shop Tour

Baja Kits and Brenthal Racing Make Most Everything In House

Dan Sanchez

Brothers Jordan and Jonathan Brenthel decided one day to quit their jobs and have their own race car company. Both went to school at night to learn Solidworks, machining, welding, etc., and began working at low-level shops for the experience. It took them five to seven years to learn how to build vehicles until they were confident enough to open their own shop called Brenthel Industries.

Off-road racing is what led the two brothers to search out ways to improve upon the modern race vehicle, and wanted to adhere to the principles of design for manufacturability. This meant they had to manufacture almost all of the components that go into a race vehicle to maintain strict standards of both the process and control. Everything at Brenthel Industries is modeled in 3D CAD software and from their racing experiences, they created parts that were meant to be subjected to the extreme stresses of racing. This includes their “Arrive and Drive” program which handles all of the logistics, race prep, and chase support for racers, along with vehicle tuning sessions and driver training programs. The program also allows racers to rent or buy a new or used truck for any given race, or an entire season. This idea of concept-to-competition is what sets Brenthel Industries apart.

With the company’s dedication to manufacturing almost all of the components that go into a race vehicle, they adapted that ability to their design and production of Baja Kits products, off-road racing-inspired suspension systems for enthusiasts wanting to build anything from a full pre-runner type vehicle to upgrading a daily-driver with superior off-road capabilities.

The attention to detail extends to these products as well, using high-quality materials the company has tested on its race vehicles, to ensure customers end up with the only off-road suspension system they will ever need.

Over the years, Brenthel has added more vehicles they can build from their latest Gen 3 Trophy Truck, Trophy Truck Spec, Class 10, Sandcars, and a variety of Pre-runner vehicles. From the Baja Kits aftermarket side, the company offers enthusiasts everything from complete mid-range and long-travel suspension systems for a wide variety of popular 2WD and 4WD trucks, as well as complimenting them with other high-performance accessories they have available such as Alcon Brake systems, King Shocks, and Method Race wheels, allowing customers to build a complete vehicle with off-road racing proven components. 

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